Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G review

5 February 2021

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My S21+ 2100 has less on screen time than my f2 pro 865, from 1.5h to 2h. Both have aam apps, settings, ...

I am surprised to see this much lower number of comments on a flagship samsung phone

Epic fail with 8gb Ram.
This phone will not sell like the 12gb ram S205g


Only 8gb RAM
the S20+ had 12gb Ram
You're better off S20+ than this custard .
You will get better multitasking with 12gb Ram.

Mr. Anonymous, 06 Feb 2021Flat screen is a pro, not a con.Not everybody's opinion, flat screens have better usability, curved ones look better, in the end it is a matter of taste

  • Sarwar

Inside the Box there is no charger & Head Phone in this reason we could not buy.

  • Anonymous

So worried about environment.
I saw on reddit a photo of the box they send the charger if you buy online.

There is a small box with charger inside.
Then, another box where little box goes in.
This bigger box is big enough to have an ipad in there.
Charger's box do not use 1/4 of the total space.

  • Merito

No sd card, less screen resolution, less RAM, less internal memory (no 512GB)... I am not changing my S20+ 512GB Snapdragon for this,and will probably won't come back to Samsung if the trend continues

  • Anonymous

Too bad, Samsung has already stopped supplying S20 series units to its stores.

  • MrDong

Mr. Anonymous, 06 Feb 2021Flat screen is a pro, not a con.The bezels are either too thick or not uniform (like iPhones). It’s a subjective opinion I think.

  • Marvin

Just a basic question, if you are using a plastic back, why not make it removable? You gain customization options and the posibility to have removable battery as well....just think of that...0 to 100% battery in under 1 aboit quick charge

  • Jon

I think another competitor to mention is the galaxy s20 FE as the screen size is quite similar.

Flat screen is a pro, not a con.

The fact that Samsung is reusing the same camera sensors as last year's s20 plus and not using a true telephoto sensor on a 1000 dollars flagship smartphone really pissed me off.

  • Anonymous

If they are really concern about the environment, rather than ditching the charger why not produce one flagship once every 2-3 yrs so that their sheeps wont force to upgrade their phones every year for the sake of being cool...

  • MrDong

Forsi147, 05 Feb 2021Am I blind or these are awful looking muddy photos, especia... moreIf you watch TechTablets review of the S21 Ultra in YT, yes there seems to be issues with camera performance especially on the Exynos version. We’ll have to wait until Samsung addresses this issue with a software update.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]just high

  • Alex

Forsi147, 05 Feb 2021Am I blind or these are awful looking muddy photos, especia... moreYou are fine, man, it's the camera that is even worse than the basic S21 one. I wonder if Arena applied the latest update like they did for S21 and Ultra.
Anyway, night shots are totally unusable without a Night Mode on all three cameras. Meaning, users can forget about shooting dynamic scenes in low light.
And why Arena somehow couldn't see that 64MP shots have clearly worse detail level compared to the main 12MP ones.

  • hdela

I checked the plus and the ultra in a store and found the ultra to be noticeably heavier and less balanced than the plus. The plus feels much easier to hold, to the point that I probably will choose the plus over the ultra while my budget allows for the ultra

Once again, you guys are condoning the lack of MicroSD card slot. Come on guys... Samsung MAKES the dang cards...