Xiaomi Mi 11 review

17 February 2021

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Where did you get the deltaE value of 0.7 from? Gsmarena me... moreEgypt

I must say... i useca samsung m51. All i can say. Nothing left to be desired. Forget those expensive phones. Mostvof you will never notice the difference. M51 i csntvthinkbof a better phone.

  • MrDong

Android-Authority, 18 Feb 2021Both Galaxy S20 FE 5g and Galaxy S21 have no cooling inside... moreSounds like you watch Golden Reviewer Youtube videos and literally takes anything he finds to your statement. I don’t get people returning a phone just because it doesn’t run well in that game.

My phone is using Snapdragon 865 and not Exynos 990. Benchmarks do not necessarily translate to gaming performance. I also checked Gary Explains A14 throtttling and this contradicts your statement. A14 almost doesn’t throttle but still gets very warm due to the lack of cooling and small size (regular iPhone 12).

You should inform me what adventure rank you are in the game and the characters you own, otherwise I will dismiss your statement as false news. I remembered the statement that you hyped the S21 Ultra so much just because it was rumoured to score 800k in Antutu.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021650 nits is dim? LOL ... I wonder how people could use p... moreWhere did you get the deltaE value of 0.7 from? Gsmarena measures at best 2.0.

By the way, which country are you from? You are still able to buy Sony phones there?

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021650 nits is dim? LOL ... I wonder how people could use p... moreTop of the line panels are going beyond 1000 nits.
Sony is surely cutting corners by giving such a dim panel on their flagship.

"Any $1 bowl made in China has better plastic than S21"

Then go and buy a phone from that China Bowl company.
You seriously need help man, your hatred for Samsung and Chinese brands is out of control.
Never seen you say good things about them, which confirms your status on this site as a hater.

  • James

A sad day for the never settle crowd? Using a 12gb ram OnePlus 8 and glad I didn't get a Xiaomi. You seen how fast their value drops? They're not bad phones but it certainly isn't a sad day..not just yet

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Keep you Sony-Jabroni to yourself. People aren't payin... more650 nits is dim? LOL ...
I wonder how people could use phones few years ago, almost all them could not even reach 600.

Wish samsung users knew how oled works. Would spare me from explaining.

1ii = delta 0.7
S21 Ultra = cant even reach 1.0

Any $1 bowl made in China has better plastic than S21.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Samsung using plastic to make it lighter? LMAO .... S20... moreKeep you Sony-Jabroni to yourself. People aren't paying 1200€ for dim 4k panel.
They will happily pay 1250€ for S21 Ultra with the best screen on the market.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021ROG 3 With last year's Snapdragon 865+ giving stable 5... moreROG 3 is the best. Nothing beats it in gaming. Apple with single core score of 1600 loses to ROG 3 with single core score of 970

  • Blackkk Mamba

wongwatt, 18 Feb 2021My OnePlus 8 Pro did the same in Maps - I returned it.Who uses Waze. Most people use Google maps

  • Blackkk Mamba

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Samsung using plastic to make it lighter? LMAO .... S20... moreYou guys want wireless charging, multiple cameras, big battery, all the components that increase weight, then add glass on top of it? When they do put glass on back like Galaxy S21 Ultra, then you complain how heavy the phone is. Just Pick your poison.

dubsmachine, 18 Feb 2021My Mi 10 Pro overheated several times using Waze for naviga... moreMy OnePlus 8 Pro did the same in Maps - I returned it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Samsung using plastic to make it lighter? LMAO .... S20... morePeople still trust Samsung over third class Sony which has been wiped out of the market.
They are the ones selling third class Sony Xperia 10 II at 385 Euros.
Galaxy A series much better than that garbage.

Nick Tegrataker, 18 Feb 2021Nope, most likely Xiaomi couldn't have done anything a... moreThere's no point in die shrinking if you use it to increase power, if companies would stop chasing the extra 5-10% speed and concentrate on efficiency instead each die generation would give us cooler devices and lighter battery use.
Unfortunately it's the "faster...bigger...more" mentality that prevails in industry and among consumers and that leads us to here. There's only so much you can do to reduce the temperature in what is a sealed, passively cooled device that spends most of its operation time held in a warm hand.
It's like the Intel GHz war all over again...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Just stop it with your BS. Plastic is used to keep the phon... moreSamsung using plastic to make it lighter? LMAO ....

S20 = 163g
S21 = 169g (sub 6), 171g (mmWave)

Plastic here is nothing but attempt to increase profits per unit.
Samsung just saw S20 FE sold more than expected, besides the downgrades compared to S20 (FHD screen, ddr4x ram, plastic back).

Now they are doing again. Removing sd card and headphone jack. No accessories in the box they sell for more than $35 (the 25W charger) and pack it inside a huge box, huge enough you can have an ipad pro inside.

Look at A series few years ago.
Gorilla 5 on both sides, IP68 and even OIS.
Now plastic back and gorilla 3 on $450 phones like A51.

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021This phone seriously throttles in games like Genshin Impact... moreYes it does, it is getting 40-45fps average while Snapdragon version gets around 55fps.
The Exynos gpu throttling issue that was present on last year's chip still hasn't been fixed.

MrDong, 18 Feb 2021I don’t get with people using that single game to benchmark... moreBoth Galaxy S20 FE 5g and Galaxy S21 have no cooling inside like other manufacturers offer.
I used Galaxy S21 with Exynos 2100 and it was giving 30-35fps at certain stages of the game. Returned it.

The game is more optimized for smartphones over consoles or PC. If it was that badly optimized, Snapdragon 865 phones wouldn't be getting above 50fps consistently, ROG 3 like this anonymous guy mentioned gets 58fps with last year's chip(because Asus didn't cheapen out on cooling like Apple)

The A14 scores some 7k points in Wildfire and gets 46fps while Snapdragon 888 scores around 5.5k in that same benchmark and gets 33 fps.
But these are benchmarks scores. In the real world, A14 gets 60fps only in first five minutes, after that it throttles down to 45fps with latest iOS. The Snapdragon 888 scores 55fps and above average frame rate. The iOS 14.4 update didn't do jack sh*t. No software updates or optimization will fix lack of cooling.

Shiny Dave, 18 Feb 2021It feels like all the flagship chips just overheat to littl... moreHave to agree, everything from the 855 onwards seems to suffer from (often random) overheating no matter what the device.
I remember recording video on my Huawei P30 Pro in Uganda (temperatures around 100 degrees...) for hours without it even getting warm - say what you will about Huawei but their Kirin chips were fast and cool.
I'm not sure how long my current Xperia 1 ii would last, I suspect less time than the Huawei...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Because the results would be equal or worse than s20 series. No, just lazy.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Cheap low quality plastic like iphone 5c, moto E series and... morePlastic is also more durable. That glass will break easily no matter what label you give or Victus and what not. With a broken glass... Say goodbye to IP68 rating.

Plastic might get a few scratches but that's about it. It doesn't break.