Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro (Max) review

04 March 2021

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  • Cantopy

Does anyone know if it supports aptX HD and LDAC?

Yhefhe, 08 Mar 2021because it doesnt drain battery in standby modeSo you're saying S21 Ultra has a higher standby drain?

SgRepeat, 06 Mar 2021How does the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max (RN10PM) score the same ... morebecause it doesnt drain battery in standby mode

its definitely time to upgrade my Redmi 5A

It will Get android 13.
Redmi note 8 is getting android 11 and was launched with android 9.
so Redmi note 10 will definately get android 12 & 13

  • mikuni

this will be perfect replacement for my long served redmi note 4x miku which recently gt its battery changed. might even replacing my beloved poco f1 for its better features other than the raw power of sd845. thanks xiaomi. 🥰

roy10, 08 Mar 2021This phone will completely destroy galaxy A52 It's c... moreIt's IP67, not 68.

  • Cypher

And No 5G support

This phone will completely destroy galaxy A52
It's cheaper, has 120hz refresh rate vs A52 90hz, has better camera 64mp vs 108mp, has better build; glass vs plastic and even on the front gorillas glass 5 vs 3,
However A52 is going to get updated upto android 14 and note 10 Pro will get android 12 only. A52 also will probably have better ultra wide camera and waterproof ip68 rating.
I will go for the note 10 pro cos its almost 100 dollars cheaper while winning in almost all categories

George, 04 Mar 2021Totally wrong and worst way of thinking ever! Good for you ... moreI think the "something better" you'll buy later, will be expensive, or won't be the better camera phone you can get on the market. There are some devices that usually makes the most of the money you pay, but you usually gotta pay for the flagship if you want the best devices in every situation. What happens is that you may increase 50% of the money to get 10% of more quality, and that's when you gotta set your priorities.
Companies gotta cut some corners to save money. You may not know that, but software engineering means research and money, that's why they don't update budget devices that much. Believe it or not, when you pay for an iPhone, you pay for that 5 years software update. Do you think is fair to ask the same from a $300 device?

Niivelli, 04 Mar 2021Think of it this way: The Indian pro max is the global pr... moreThanks! I didn't know how confused I was.

Opinion, 04 Mar 2021You afraid that a $300 phone's display can't matc... moreThoroughly agree!

George, 04 Mar 2021That was pointless to release. There is no big change and i... moreIs this comment really useful? I don't think anyone should read all this nonsense.
First of all, let's get things clear: this is just your opinion, and in my opinion is useless, trashy, and without any valuable relation with the real world. I believe the cameras are excellent of you look at the class, the battery is good, screen is awesome, speakers (stereo system) are very welcome, acceptable SoC, and everything in a $300 budget.
Please, let's be clear in our opinions, no hatting on brands.

  • Anonymous

There is "antiflicker" option right?

  • J.J2

IpsDisplay, 04 Mar 2021I thought this display wouldn't support AOD I was w... moreThere is actually AOD

In the "Alternatives, verdicts, pros and cons" https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_redmi_note_10_pro_(max)-review-2232p6.php

In the first image, you can clearly see the display's AMOLED matrix pattern. :)

The 60Hz lower-limit could be Xiaomi's own prevention for dealing with color shifting at lower brightness, just a speculation. Samsung's new AMOLEDs are so much capable than just having two refresh rates for HRR. We'll see if custom ROMs can do some exploits.

rakesh0991, 07 Mar 2021why no super wallpaper despite being an amoled screen????co... moreSuper wallpaper lags in the X3 as reported in Reddit. The omission is due to performance issue. You can actually enable it if you have this phone (in the review) but you need to manually install the feature just search the procedure in Google.

  • Info

Lockon, 06 Mar 2021I'm planning to replace my old Nokia 6 which I have be... moreIndian version (Note 10 Pro Max) doesn't have NFC), while the global version (Note 10 Pro) does.

why no super wallpaper despite being an amoled screen????cost cutting in software!!!