Poco X3 Pro review

22 March 2021

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  • 21 Nov 2023

BadPOCO, 03 Nov 2023Why not warn people that their motherboards will shortly di... moreDo not lie

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    • Shree dhar
    • X%q
    • 18 Nov 2023

    Very good

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      • Friesonagoldenplate
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      • 09 Nov 2023

      I've had mine for 11 months so far. Fingers crossed it won't brick itself after the warranty is over. So far no problems with it. Granted - I don't overheat it and most of the time I charge it in the range between 40-80%, as is suggested to prolong battery life. I have the global version and got late updates, long after they were released. The sudden death of many of these devices seems suspicious, but at the same time - this is a very popular model and angry users tend to be most vocal, i.e. - ones with bricked phones. Some statistics would be helpful to see how big this problem of dying phones is, but Xiaomi will probably never disclose them.

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        • BadPOCO
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        • 03 Nov 2023

        Why not warn people that their motherboards will shortly die on them? This phone is a disaster!

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          • rube
          • tEZ
          • 15 Aug 2023

          haha yea i don't recommend this phone, it worked absolutely great for exactly 1 and a half years and it just suddenly died (motherboard failed apparently).
          even the people from the service centre said that they don't recommend fixing it as it might die again. so. might want to invest in another serie.

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            • 7k8
            • 02 Jul 2023

            Rohit, 01 Mar 2023Absolutely correct.... facing the same issue.Yes me tu

              Been using poco x3 pro (vayu) for 1 year and 8 months. At first I had a problem with signal changing bands frequently. The only solution that worked was to use custom rom (havoc os), root and an app band locker (modemcaps). Since then I never had any problems with my phone. It stabilized my phone signal. Don't be afraid to root your phone if you are having same problem I had. Gaming wise, very good for it's value (smooth codm and mobile legends gaming at max settings). Camera is great aswell (using LMC 8.4), which holds up with some previous flagship phones. Speaker though loud, it vibrates alot at the back, but I have no complaints about it since I already got used to it. I guess I've been lucky with my phone, cause a lot of people are having deadboot issues. Just don't use it heavily (gaming, fb messenger video call) while charging, then I think you'll be fine. Overall the best performing phone I had.

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                • 21 Jun 2023

                Whole, 27 Jan 2023No problem for this phone, no lag, can run heavy games, and... moreNot to say that Poco is the best, but I (maybe 😂) am one of the lucky Poco owners because I have never had any issues with it for the 1 year and 7 months I have owned it. FYI I'm not a meticulous owner either. 😁 And I plan to continue using it for at least another 2 years.

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                  • 7Xv
                  • 20 Jun 2023

                  Is split screen available at version 14 update? Can't seem to find it

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                    • BCK
                    • 09 Jun 2023

                    Worst phone I've ever had . I had never gone to service center for repairing my phone but this is the first time I went . Poco X3 pro has alot of glitch .it works smoothly for 1 year but after that phone starts to become trash . It reboots itself and used to get opened . But yesterday my Poco X3 pro got automatically switched off and didn't work until I went to repair shop.when I browsed it in Google and YouTube every Poco X3 pro user is facing it and now I'm scared . My money got wasted in this trash phone . Now I just want to crash it with big stone

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                      • Leonard665
                      • Scp
                      • 01 Jun 2023

                      Worst phone I ever owned. Worked fine for about a year, then I had random ghost touch, that was fixed with miui 13 but then came the random reboots, then the motherboard failed, sent it to warranty, got it back, worked ok for about a month, now I'm getting random bootloops, had to factory reset 2 times this week, microphone failing, random blury camera ... Never buying anything from xiaomi or poco again. Somebody should sue them for how garbage the poco 3 series are.

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                        • Poco x5 is next
                        • swn
                        • 11 May 2023

                        Anonymous, 12 Apr 2023Miui 14 with Android 13 is really smooth. I agree with you miui 14 and android 13 is smooth.

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                          • LiQ
                          • 12 Apr 2023

                          Anonymous, 03 Apr 2023Just u wait 🤭 comin soon. Mine is global set . Pls Don upda... moreMiui 14 with Android 13 is really smooth.

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                            • Ke1
                            • 03 Apr 2023

                            Whole, 27 Jan 2023No problem for this phone, no lag, can run heavy games, and... moreJust u wait 🤭 comin soon. Mine is global set . Pls Don update the miui 12 is best

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                              • One of the looser
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                              • 24 Mar 2023

                              Anonymous, 29 Jan 2023I have submitted my phone at their service center 2 month b... moreWaste if it will come same issue will come again
                              So do one thing if complete repair better to do exchange that immediately. other wise you again that will dead

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                                • dev narayan tajpuriy
                                • YPe
                                • 21 Mar 2023

                                bad phone , dead issue problem max

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                                  • X3pro user
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                                  • 10 Mar 2023

                                  Whole, 27 Jan 2023No problem for this phone, no lag, can run heavy games, and... moreSame I bought it september last 2021

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                                    • Babihang
                                    • S1X
                                    • 03 Mar 2023

                                    This phone is not good it's so bad when you get update for miui 14 then don't update please if you update them it's automatically switch off time to time like within in 2 days 3 days 4 days like that and it's not open till 10 to 20 min it's so bad phone very disappointed and I am so regretting to buy this phone 😡😡

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                                      • Rohit
                                      • Dky
                                      • 01 Mar 2023

                                      Dr. Viper , 13 Feb 2023It's failed phone Xiaomi knows this phone has flawed ... moreAbsolutely correct.... facing the same issue.

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                                        • Dr. Viper
                                        • 7k3
                                        • 13 Feb 2023

                                        It's failed phone
                                        Xiaomi knows this phone has flawed mother board and will die after or before upgrade. So MI extended additional 6 months warranty. But for most this phone dies after warranty period.