OnePlus 9 Pro review

23 March 2021

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  • Anonymous
  • XUk
  • 05 Nov 2023

Worst phone. OnePlus should change the name to greenline plus.🤬

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    • IhateOnePlus
    • Pxu
    • 13 Feb 2023

    Phone blackout, app keep crash... U name it u got it.
    OS sucks...

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      • MannuElectronics
      • U{g
      • 23 Nov 2022

      its a good pcellphone,but....battery backup issue remains same...

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        • Tworon
        • 7Xc
        • 12 Jun 2022

        Has anyone experience the AOD is like running lights when the phone is moving around? Specially when its pitch black in the room. Also AOD is turning off even when you set it all-day. This happens when i update my 1+ 9 pro on the latest update. Hoping oneplus will fix it on the next update. 🥴

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          • Nash G
          • YTb
          • 20 May 2022

          This device has a major bug with proximity sensor, this is know issue that has not been fixed since the release of this phone. I regret the day I bought OnePlus 9 Pro and my suggestion to everyone is to stay away form them.

            Best phone ever.Camera,sound and performance just awesome, battery life little bit slow but 65w charger is enough.

              I bought the 11T pro from xiaomi as a main phone and I need a camera one.
              I originally wanted an S22 but I tried it at the store it was surprisingly sicky. How is the camera on this one? Found it on amazon for $810 today (best value in my country) and probably has no warranty.

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                • Tofy007
                • D7m
                • 12 Feb 2022

                Leonblack, 06 Jan 2022How's the low light/night performance on it? Wondering... moreI think that you must get the OnePlus 9 pro of course .
                You must be having it now. as a OnePlus 9 user , I didn't see a camera like it in low light or night except the pixel 4.

                  Banel, 04 Jan 2022Whyyyy every last phone has become EDGE ??!! this is just h... moreRelax bruh. I've had the OP 9 pro for a month and haven't had a single accidental screen touch due to the curved edge screen. By the way, i's a milder curve than what the Samsungs used to have. So that probably helps to minimize those occurrences

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                    • Leonblack
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                    • 06 Jan 2022

                    POpyca, 16 May 2021Just got it a week ago Camera performance nos definitely b... moreHow's the low light/night performance on it? Wondering if I should get this or S21. Thanks!

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                      • Banel
                      • m@8
                      • 04 Jan 2022

                      Whyyyy every last phone has become EDGE ??!! this is just horrible !!! When u wanna hold then phone in ur hand ur sides of ur fingers tap the screen and they click without willing!! This is too pain in the ass !!! There is absolutely not enough space to hold the phone with edge form !plz atleast don't make the next phones edge form! The flat ones are waaaaay better and easier to use !
                      Thank u for listening

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                        • Sachin kumar
                        • U@n
                        • 17 Oct 2021

                        Osam phone

                          limecheesecake, 09 Apr 2021DXOMark hasn't given this phone a rating? And the came... moreDX tested the camera before the last update so...

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                            • X}Q
                            • 29 Aug 2021

                            Any chance for long term review to touch on the camera and "performance" fix?

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                              • rRU
                              • 22 Aug 2021

                              Anonymous, 01 Jul 2021The name Hasselbad sounds old fashioned and shit to make it... moreWell said. Makes sense. Stick with your apple

                                Anonymous, 01 Jul 2021The name Hasselbad sounds old fashioned and shit to make it... moreHasselblad was traditionally famous for several things. One was the difficulty of loading film into the backs. Another was the price of the lenses. And the third was that they survived being dropped three feet, essential with cameras popular with wedding photographers.
                                Colour profiles in those days depended on the film you used and how it was developed. Nothing to do with Hasselblad at all.
                                Leitz at least had experience with microscope lenses and bought Minox so they knew how to do phone cameras. But many Hasselblad lenses were Zeiss.
                                Thank you for letting me get that out. Just the travesty of the Hasselblad name would stop me buying a OnePlus.

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                                  • Bala
                                  • YTF
                                  • 08 Jul 2021

                                  Hii ..Try something new , Like OnePlus pad, and Folding phone . I am use the one plus last 5 years. So I want different now ok. Thanks 👍😊

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • vap
                                    • 01 Jul 2021

                                    The name Hasselbad sounds old fashioned and shit to make it worse they spent 150 million on that brand which is not as good as Apple and Samsung+they print the name on there phone

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 3Yi
                                      • 15 Jun 2021

                                      Gsmarena iPhone 12 Pro Max peaks brightness is 1300 nits not 800 nits.

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                                        • Help please
                                        • r3a
                                        • 12 Jun 2021

                                        Can anyone help me with $100 so I can get this please