OnePlus 9 Pro review

23 March 2021

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Duck of death, 23 Mar 2021I've seen people with S21U's getting well over te... morewell said, we need more reviews to prove sd 888 is power hog or not, Oppo and oneplus is just one company and Xiaomi is not that much reliable when it come to flagship. S21 series Battery life is unbelievable good and Rog phone 5 too has ok battery life.

  • T M

More junk from OP, and now at a low price of 1k.

This company has become everything they never wanted to be. Just awful.

aknsreddy, 23 Mar 2021This year phones are half baked. Not will be like this for a while. the camera pictures hit a plateau, you can come with bigger sensors, even 1 inch sensors, but the benefits will be minimal, even in low light. look at samsung with the 108mp, they still struggle, I bet if they stayd with 12mp, the results will be the same.

No thanks, I'd take Sony IMX800 .

  • AnonD-961600

IpsDisplay, 23 Mar 2021The snap 888 is a horrible chipset in my opinion The pow... moreDon't speak for others. If you don't like it don't buy it.
Naggiabout 500mah battery .
I'd take a 9nm big power hungry powerful big v12 engine 9nm than your pots maggot v6 small engine.


  • AnonD-961600

beep bop boop, 23 Mar 2021the ultrawide is the only good thing about this camera syst... moreHardly anyone uses ultrawide.

Looks like you still ain't learned about Android command scripts and Ram management and ios Darwin pascal languages.

  • AnonD-961600

You're much better off buying S21ultra

  • max47

No OIS and no Autofocus on the Ultrawide ?? ^^

  • Anonymous

The battery life is very bad, oneplus managed and made a cell phone for garbage.

Basically a dud from OnePlus.

This year phones are half baked. Not worthy.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2021And all have bashing Dxo when 1+ didn't send the 9 se... moreThey probably sent it. But then agreed to not have it scored..

the ultrawide is the only good thing about this camera system, if anything its actually better than the main camera. dont think the phone is worth $1069, hope the 9R is good...

  • Anonymous

The best thing about this review is that you are in Fort Lauderdale. OP9Pro is not even worth your time while you are there, so many more better things to do and enjoy.

  • Anonymous

I knew the cameras would be overhyped

r33fd, 23 Mar 2021They just changed the making technology. Next year it'... moreI've seen people with S21U's getting well over ten hours screen on time and 2-3 days battery life. With 120Hz enabled. There's nothing wrong with either the SD888 or Exynos 2100. This seems to be a poor launch by one+. Seems like all the Chinese brands just rushed their stuff out this year.

They just changed the making technology.
Next year it's gonna be much better!

But I agree, totally not worth buying any sd888 phone.
It's not efficient enough, which is more important than raw power these days.

  • Anonymous

And all have bashing Dxo when 1+ didn't send the 9 series to tests. Now you have found out why. It's not in top 5

  • Anonymous

The f number is just 1.88 according to the exif data, so rather f/1.9 lens instead of f/1.8

  • T the Tinkerer

Spot on, guys. I said it before, and I'll say it again: tried and true tech will trump the latest and greatest. I'm just waiting for either a holiday sale or the S21 FE to come out so I can get an S20 FE5G at a reduced price. I'll skip this generation of SD chips, the battery draw stinks and these phones' cameras aren't all that great.