Poco F3 review

02 April 2021

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  • Facepalm

Gauron, 06 Apr 2021Everything I need, nothing I don't? I need IP rating ... moreBe my guest and go buy the S20 FE at twice the price then.

  • anony

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021Wait, it has a SD870 and yet the main cam caps at 4k@30 and... moreBecause of the sensor imx582

wongwatt, 06 Apr 2021You know that doesn't make any sense right? Why would... moreBenchmarking apps get updates like every other app out there.
With each update, the app becomes more proficient in calculating the scores of respective devices more accurately.

Antutu 9 should be used... There's no arguing this!!!

Nothing beats this except its brothers, the X3 Pro and the X3. choosing among these three is about how much gaming you do.

Are you even sure, why not ask somebody more knowledgeable? 200 nits is plenty for indoors or under a shadow, basically, 85% of the time for most users. besides, auto brightness does the job for outdoors. my Samsung has almost the same slider behaviour

"One thing we didn't like is the brightness scrubber levels - for example, 200 nits are achieved at about 85% of the slider, and the other 300+ nits are represented by the last 15% of the slider movement."

  • Gauron

Everything I need, nothing I don't? I need IP rating and Wireless charging. I don't need a flagship CPU or 5G or 120Hz screen.

What more can you really ask for at this price. High refresh rate, one of the most powerful chips you can get, duel speakers, big battery and all the accessories in the box. At this price you'd be silly not to consider it for a 2 year device.

  • Anonymous

Barry Egan, 06 Apr 2021for the price , this is a super fantastic device 😍 Yep yep yep

Android--Master, 05 Apr 2021IPhone wins in benchmarks which are clearly optimized for i... moreExactly - as I've always said.
Benchmark apps measure benchmark app performance.

  • KaiThumbsDown

David, 06 Apr 2021That's a false statement. Samsung S21 and other Samsun... moreYou don't even know what I am talking about, yet accuse me of spreading BS? The one who should read properly and do some research is you, boy. This feature is not "DC dimming" since S21 and Poco F3 don't even have DC dimming to begin with.

The feature I am talking about throttles back brightness in the event the phone reach certain high temperature. DC dimming is to control PWM in low brightness and isn't related to what I am discussing about. So, you should cast your prejudice away that only Chinese phones have brightness problems because Samsung phones have the same problem.


Anonymous, 05 Apr 2021LOL When iphones win benchmarks "benchmarks don't... moreI'm consistent, benchmarks are nonsense.
You cannot compare two devices running two entirely different OSs or even variations of the same one because the benchmark app will operate with different optimisations. You're basically testing how well the benchmarking app runs on the device not the actual real performance.
I've never bought anything based on benchmarks and they should never be the primary decider for anybody.
Chasing benchmarks is why we don't have better battery life, Huawei's Kirin SoCs have always been more efficient at the cost of raw performance, that's the better way.
Every year Qualcomm brag about a small percentage of performance improvement then claim the new fab process gets better efficiency - then it doesn't.

lok, 03 Apr 2021I did a little research and I picked up S20 fe 5g for $500.... moreYou missed the widely reported touchscreen issues during your research?

i0S.-.Never.-.Again, 03 Apr 2021No... Just No... The version 8 was a terrible representatio... moreYou know that doesn't make any sense right?
Why would a benchmarking app have to be rewritten for a newer device based on the same core architecture? There's something very, very strange about that...

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2021Thankfully, there are still new phones being released with ... moreAnd Google, they also don't like MicroSD.

for the price , this is a super fantastic device 😍

  • Kaizarus

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2021Woow not 8k, oh my god, how I can live without 24K RECORDIN... moreDidn't comment on the price seeing as I was looking at it as an upgrade path to those like myself that already have the F2.

Yeah 8k is a bit of a meme, but it illustrates how certain specs are downgrades from the F2. Coupled with the removal of the 3.5mm jack and adding a hole in the screen makes it a tough sell. Once you've had a completely notch-free screen without punch holes/cutouts of any kind it's hard to get excited for one that has one.

For someone coming from an older device, yeah it's a good buy at a good price just a little disappointing imo when you compare it to its immediate predecessor.

  • Anonymous

Kaizarus, 06 Apr 2021Just don't see it being worth the upgrade compared to ... moreWoow not 8k, oh my god, how I can live without 24K RECORDING, OH NOOOO
Wtf man, 1080p is more than sufficient, even 4k is OVEEERKILLLL,
You forgot the better soc, the much better display, the bettter stereo speakers, half the price, better vibration motor, lightweight, thinner
The poco f2 is inferior in everything and its double the price
I bet even the iphone 12 pro max don't have 8k or 6k or 12k
The poco f3 cost 280€,
All these negatives things are not negative at all, except the smallest punch hole, that they could have removed

  • David

Info, 06 Apr 2021Samsung S21 users can tell you that their display also dim ... moreThat's a false statement. Samsung S21 and other Samsung smartphones did not, I repeat "DID NOT" adapt to this new DC dimming feature for its AMOLED displays. These DC dimming features on AMOLED screens are introduced to those "China phones" including VIVO, Xiaomi and other well known chinese brands. They're the ones who are actually too lazy to do their QA check before handling their products to their customers.

Check your statements before posting BS. Do your research for christ's sake.

  • Anonymous

Mr.Polska, 05 Apr 2021With it running ChinaOS, I will skip gladly for an more exp... moreEnough good cheap non MIUI based phones.

Also like most "chinaphone" users I know you could install a ROM.

I dislike all these heavy skins especially Xiaomi uses, but that doesn't mean there are no solutions for that.

  • Anonymous

Wait, it has a SD870 and yet the main cam caps at 4k@30 and front cam at 1080p@30, while my old SD855 phone can do both at 60?

Wow what a messup...