nubia Red Magic 6 review

09 April 2021

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  • Anonymous

Who would have thought that GSMARENA considers 165Hz as a con.
I would love to know what if it was a Samsung smartphone.

Red or Black? I see.

  • MrDong

Looks cool and flashy, but overall also seems to be a pointless phone. I have seen the ROG Phone 3 myself and it appears to be the better phone. As for gaming, if you play triple A games with high graphics (like Genshin) this is for you, but there are only few titles anyway. For PUBG and COD Mobile, the iPhone with just 60Hz refresh rate and 120Hz touch sampling rate reigns supreme and even many livestreamers still use the iPhone/iPad. The iPhone is also the phone that is used in many offline tournaments in PUBG Mobile...even Xs Max oven phone won #1 in Asia tournament 😉

  • Anonymous

I just find funny how much they praise the asus rog phone, but there are very two important things to know that we're not mentioned above,
1. Asus just sucks for software updates (late and rare one of the worst among mobile device brands)
2. The latest rog phone is NOT solid, google the durability test from jerryrigeverything, the phone breaks (shattered glass, stops working completely) during the bend test (which the vast majority of phones survive without even cracking)

Regarding the redmagic, they mention it having a fan / being the only phone with one but that's because the fan approche is bad, since it's a moving part, it requires power which cuts into the battery life and it concentrates the heat in one place (near the exhaust) in any case the fan didn't really work for the last redmagic with users/reviewers claiming it got so hot after 30+ mins that they had to stop playing and put it down.

The black shark seems to be the best option of the 3, it may not have the best screen or the largest battery but it holds it's own quite well compared to the others while also having physical triggers, not costing an arm and a leg but most importantly in my opinion, no major issues like the other 2 phones here.

Side note: I did my research last year and came to a similar conclusion which lead me to buy the black shark 3 pro and I can say that I haven't had any issues with it, the physical triggers are really awesome for games and I do not regret buying it at all.

It improved...just not on the LTE/5G band front. We can barely use the 5G with the global variant of this phone.

MagicMonkeyBoy, 09 Apr 2021Get this. And you win every game. Not if your connection and the phones antenna aren't any better than others. Rog has the antenna flaw, and therefore gives you ping spikes.

Could you try lol wild Rift on it? With everything on max. Probably the only game I've seen above 120fps.

  • Starsplash

I've been reading extended reviews else where, unfortunately the red magic 6 is plagued with software issues, as I thought to myself I was going to buy the 6 Pro. No thanks...

However, there are a few goofy software bugs that make the phone a little annoying to use. For one, the word ‘charging’ is misspelled in the notification that pops up when you plug the phone in. Audio from games can continue to play even when you’ve closed the game down, and we also found one of the games we use to test mobiles just wouldn’t open, despite us uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Give you some advice keep away from the Nubia Red Magic 6 until software issues have been fixed!... LOL

  • cyber

another gaming phone from brand who has nothing to do with playing games business and the trash can is already full of lenovo and asus garbage🙈,also seems a good quality phone beyond apple and samsung ones doesnt even exist

  • Starsplash

There is one issue that gsmarena didn't mention in the review, that already other reviewers on different tech websites have mentioned a software bug with the red magic 6, from the app drawer you can't move app icons to the home screen, when moving to the home screen they disappear. It's a software bug. Just remember how realible are Nubia with software updates as many of you are aware, zero updates LOL

  • Anonymous

Why not manually adjust the exposure one notch on the 8k mode?

The data rete options matter. If they put in effort to increase it, a better image may result in meager 8k video modes.

Finally I am first to comment And Man this phone is awesome just tried it my dad is a Salesman for this company and I met had s boss

Get this. And you win every game.