Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G review

12 April 2021

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  • Khani
  • HId
  • 03 May 2024

I've had this phone for almost 2 years now. I've had a lot of other phones from iphone to Samsung to Huawei and.... sometimes you buy a product that everything is perfect and this phone that I originally was my second phone became my main quickly. originally beside the lack of 3.5 jack which later became usual on all phones using usb c headsets this phone has everything in it. from the looks to powerful hardware to excellent display to nice cameras and battery. by far this is the best phone i got for the money i paid.

    Bobgodpur, 30 Jan 2023Bought for my son on his birthday. With the microphone hole... moreThat's clearly your own fault and a dumb one. How can you put it into a mic hole, when the sim tray literally has an outline displaying where it is.

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      • Bobgodpur
      • XT3
      • 30 Jan 2023

      Bought for my son on his birthday. With the microphone hole just beside the SIM tray is confusing. I pushed the opener pin in the mic hole thinking its the hole for taking out the SIM tray. Whoever designed this device must be an amateur. Though the device is in use but damaging a new phone because of its lousy craftsmanship is really disappointing.

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        • Kicha
        • rJq
        • 26 Dec 2022

        Everything is fine they must have added 129hz with dolby atoms for sound.... But they Cas do it with software update for dolby atoms buy not 120hz like they did got note 10 pro bringing atmos after updating... Macro I should get ready for competition also... 11 lite 5g 5mp tele macro is unbeatable

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          • Anonymous
          • avp
          • 04 Jul 2022

          same person that posted about having screen issues righr before. I didn't realize that I was writing for 5G model, not 5G NE. I'm using the newer Lite 5G NE model.

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            • Anonymous
            • avp
            • 04 Jul 2022

            I love this phone aside from the camera lacking OIS, which I knew already while switching but still hurts a bit, but it can't be helped since it's a budget-ish phone.

            I only have couple software issues though, which I've learned to accept that it's just MIUI being MIUI since I used Note 7 in the past too.

            My issue is that whenever I restart my phone, the backgrounds flicker between gray and black (turned off). I can only fix it by going back to light mode, then switch to dark again. Another issue is that sometimes while playing back YouTube videos with a black background, the background isn't black and it's a blocky purple-tinted mess. It temporarily goes away when I play with the volume (as long as there is a system pop-up on the screen). Anyone else have the same issues or is it just me?

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              • bhebh
              • gN}
              • 07 Jun 2022

              I am using xiaomi products smartphones from last many years since when they launched redmi 2 prime 16gb (very nice phone).
              Recently i bought a MI 11 lite ne 5G (8/128) lovely phone, punchy camera, sleek phone, wow design & Amoled screen**
              Now i am having problem in summer it gets Hot, phone's showing warning the device is overheating. I live in india here normal temprature is 40°C.
              In phone, Nothing works in hot temperature, fastly battery drain, i keep connected my charging but phone doesn't accept it.
              So in my opinion this phone is not worth it.

                David78, 19 Nov 2021Use Activity Launcher app. At first, refresh rate will be r... moreSearch for "Anti-flicker mode" in Activity Launcher app and enable it from there

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                  • Jahangir
                  • 7P0
                  • 21 Feb 2022

                  This mobile xiaomi Mi 11 lite has issue when I sending any video through WhatsApp I hearing the repeat beeps tell to sending video and the same issue when i take a backup I listening the beep tell to finish the backup

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                    • Stefano
                    • 6r2
                    • 28 Jan 2022

                    Hello, I've been using the mi 11lite 5g for about 3 months and i have noticed a small issue with my phone. It happens once a week, when I turn on my phone in the morning, that it doesn't read my sd card. I need to reboot the phone. Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks

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                      • pk@
                      • 06 Jan 2022

                      Anonymous, 03 Jan 2022Honest advice please. Which is better and future proof ... moreMI 11 lite 5g. It's not even close.

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                        • AnonD-792345
                        • T75
                        • 03 Jan 2022

                        The KING OF THE BUDGET PHONES
                        Forget about the POCO lineup being a Flagship Killer with their 800 series SD chipset.
                        Mi 11Lite with 780G 5G chipset is the top dog of the 700 series, with great download speed at 3.3 GBps but most importantly 3.6 GBps upload speed compared to 888 chipset upload speed 3.0GBps. if you upload lots of videos of pics, this chipset is the one to go. This phone is 5G and with a chipset like this, it is literally future-proof. I have used Mi Note 10 and Mi 10 Ultra and Xiaomi have been very consistent with Android updates.
                        Think of the camera MP as the load you have to carry, if the load is heavier than the horsepower of the engine of your car, you probably cannot go too fast does no matter how hard you floor the gas. The chipset is very capable of running everything so efficiently on this phone. The combination of the chipset of this phone with a camera, battery, and connectivity to me is pure genius on Xiaomi's part.
                        Xiaomi Mi11 Lite 5G is a true diamond in the rough. You can pick the 8GB/128GB model up for $329 on eBAY.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • hy4
                          • 03 Jan 2022

                          Honest advice please.

                          Which is better and future proof for at least 2 years, Poco x3 pro or Mi 11 lite 5g with sd780g? 5g connectivity isn't important for me but as a whole which phone is better. For me performance comes 1st but still. Cheers

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                            • Mohammad Ahatsham
                            • Dkk
                            • 01 Jan 2022

                            Main camera is 64 megapixel not 16 megapixel as u mentioned in your video (at 5:45/8:20).

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                              • Anonymous
                              • nuD
                              • 30 Dec 2021

                              David78, 08 Nov 2021After 2 months of intensive use (Mi 11 lite 5G, 8 GB RAM) h... morenow my dude, consider that this phone also goes often foe 300 euro and second hand/open box for 200 even less

                                Itzo, 18 Dec 2021It comes with pre-installed Screen protector that is plasti... moreJust replace it with a tempered glass one, pretty simple lol

                                  Buying this phone with such a price of Rs.26999/- is a mistake which I did. The phone is built of plastic. The overall built quality is not good as compared to other phones with same price range like One plus nord. The phone is no doubt lite in weight but I am sure it is because they have used plastic only. Edges of the screen are not smooth, sound output during video playback is also not good. Screen and battery performance is great and charging offcourse, those are the plus point for this device. Overall if you are getting some really good offer then you should go for it otherwise Oneplus is definite choice in this price band.

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                                    • 25 Dec 2021

                                    Itzo, 18 Dec 2021It comes with pre-installed Screen protector that is plasti... moreLol? Its an offer...

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                                      • nTd
                                      • 18 Dec 2021

                                      aleide, 22 Oct 2021Specification wise, this is a great phone and loving it so ... moreIt comes with pre-installed Screen protector that is plastic, so easily scratchable. LOL

                                        David78, 19 Nov 2021AOD od so important to you or it is just excuse to smear a ... moreof course AoD is very important for me, and no, it haven't... it last 10 seconds and for me 10 seconds are less than "always"