Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G review

12 April 2021

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  • LuxFerre

The full specs page says it has IP53 splash protection, the review says it doesn't. Which is it?

  • Paracorp Kidder

Android-Authority, 20 Apr 20218bit, 10 bit has to do with color reproduction. 10bit is o... moreI actually prefer the 90hz.
Many reviewers say they have to Step back their display to 60hz because 120hz is a battery killer. I haven't heard anyone mentioning the ability to step back from 120hz to 90hz.
So IMHO, I'd rather have the 90hz which, in real life, is probably a balanced tradeoff for most non hard core gamers (who should really be on a games console or PC anyway, IMHO).
TBH, I have never really had a problem with... (Shudder)... 60hz.
My displays are responsive to touch and scroll. And they play videos good enough, my problem has always been with processor power.
For HI fidelity viewing and gaming, this might really surprise you, I use a 65" 4k TV.
I highly recommend it.

  • Gmk2311

There are definitely a couple of quandries about this "upgrade" from the 10T lite.
Since USA, apparently, stopped providing 4G service Overnight! I HAVE to upgrade my Redmi 6 lite 4G. I was already thinking about it but Dang! Just disconnect a service I'm paying for with no warning ??
I was trying to decide between the 10T and the 11. So far I think the 10T is winning
- My initial hesitation on the 11 was just looking at gsmarena Spec sheet comparison.
It just says "NO 3.5MM JACK" for the 11. It would be so helpful, since this is kind of a new thing, if they could
"comes with USB 3.5mm headphone jack"
"USB headphone 3.5mm headphone jack SUPPORTED" if its not included.
It's nice that xiaomi includes the adapter... (I wager Samsung charges you Xtra.)
- But I also notice the 11 has a smaller screen and a smaller battery and I see a lot of complaints about battery life.
Apparently that huge leap from 8nm to 6nm chip didn't conserve much power after all.
- My next curiosity was...
why no SD card slot??
It shouldn't be for waterproofing my Samsung S5 is waterproof and has SD card (as well as 3.5mm jack).
256GB memory is a JOKE. I just ordered a 2TB drive for my PS4 console cause I filled up the 850GB... PS4 doesn't even take videos!
So why delete SD card on the 11??
Is there also a USB to external hard drive adapter that I didn't hear about??
- Finally my BIG QUESTION...
Until I get the latest Quantum Powered All-Wireless Interdimensional Vehicle...
Is there a way to use the 3.5mm jack Adapter AND CHARGE THE PHONE THRU USB AT THE SAME Time???
Thanks for your attention.
P. S.
- GSMarena should really write an article and dedicated that page to the USB headphone adapter to discuss the implications of this new trend and answer these types of questions.
- As well as... What to do when you don't have an SD memory card and run out of space??
Assuming there's a solution other than "Delete Apps" or "Backup all the information you want to keep in your phone to another device".

  • Alin

Hi, is it worth switching from Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro to Xiaomi mi 11 lite 5G?

Tanjir, 27 May 2021Is Mi 11 lite5G Battery performance to week No, 2 days of battery use.

  • Tanjir

Is Mi 11 lite5G Battery performance to week

  • greek guy

anyone knows how to make native call recording available in this phone with eu rom (either at google phone or with native miui phone app)? Please provide reliable answers. I really need the function. Please.

  • Anonymous

sinam2934, 27 Apr 2021My previous phone was Xperia XZ and since I used to carry i... moreIs having a thin phone, a negatif thing for you ??
If you think like that then no one should buy iphones or phones like mi 9 or s10
Because they are thin ?

  • Anonymous

drmido, 08 May 2021hello everyone, please xiaomi mi 10t pro 5G 256 or mi 11 l... moreIf you don't care about having a super light and thin phone
And you don't care about the best display, surely go for the mi 10t pro
If you don't care about the best performance or the best cameras go for the mi 11 lite 5g

  • Anonymous

drmido, 08 May 2021hello everyone, please xiaomi mi 10t pro 5G 256 or mi 11 l... moreMi 10t pro : better soc wich is 865 and better cameras by a margin
Mi 11 lite 5g : an soc that is equal to sd 855 but worse than sd 865
Much lighter and thinner, but a better display

Mi 11 lite 5g can play nearly every single game on very high and takes very good photos

So if you want to play games on max setting instead of very high or you want one of the best cameras instead of"just very good cameras" go for the mi 10t pro

Otherwise if you don't need the best cameras and you can bear playing any game "just in very high graphics" or if you love watching youtube, and you want sleek thin phone go for the mi 11 lite 5g

  • G

drmido, 08 May 2021hello everyone, please xiaomi mi 10t pro 5G 256 or mi 11 l... moreMi 10t pro will be slightly more powerful, but it's very heavy at 216 grams and bulky, its a thick phone, and with the case xiaomi provides it feels awkward to handle. Your hand will hurt, trust me. I have sold my mi 10t and bought mi 11 lite 5g for that reason. Its only 159 grams.

hello everyone, please
xiaomi mi 10t pro 5G 256 or mi 11 lite 5G 128 ?????

  • Anonymous

hello gsmarena against pixel 4a in photo what do you think?

  • sinam2934

My previous phone was Xperia XZ and since I used to carry it a lot in my pocket it started bending and LCD lifted from the chassis.

Since this phone is quite thin, I'm worried about this issue whenever I'm considering buying it.

I would be delighted to hear your opinion about this matter.

  • Anonymous

Android-Authority, 20 Apr 20218bit, 10 bit has to do with color reproduction. 10bit is o... moreSurely, very resonable comment
I will surely buy the a poco f3 brand new
Or a second hand Mi 11
Next year
But now I still have the mi 9 and it still rocksss, amazing phone, I bought it second hand for about 230 euro wich is I think about 290 dollars
I am the one who spoke with you before about the game booster and you said that you used a black shark or something, I don't really remember the conversation correctly
I don't cares at all about cameras, or photography phones like s21 ultra exynos :( or the iphone 12 pro max with 60hz :(
The poco f3 have the best flat display and everything is as good as any ultra flagship phones (except the cameras wich are not necessary at all for me, just a regular single camera with the same sensor as the pixel 3 is good enough) no need to pay 1400 or 1500€ for photography phones
Gaming phones are also very good for me just like the poco f3 they are very suitable for me, I don't play games A Loooot, I surely play high end games but also listen to youtube and browse and root the phone... I also like miui, And I love how I can customise the themes
These 2 themes are amazing for people who like one ui or ios : SN20 V11 and Ios 14x pro
Gaming phones have top display, charging speed, battery, build and soc and speakers, and some of them is only 400euro, the only inconvient is the weight, the triggers are good addition, when I want to play sometime
But I prefer lightweight, I also don't like Thiccc phones with giant camera bump also they increase the weight and the price increase a lot
This may seem strange because A lot of people like photography phones, and because a lot of phone are camera centric
But still this is what I love
If they can use a single great enough camera that's good
And if they can use a single camera that can change distance like having a telephoto and normal x1 zoom in a single not heavy and not expensive camera that would be better, especially for photography lovers, even tho cameras as I said has very low importance, soc, battery, charging speed build, display and speakers are the most important for me, and poco f3 is one of the best phones in the world at those specs
Sorry for this long comment and I respect and understand others taste, mine is maybe different form others, not only in cameras but also in miui, I really love miui with its ios like system and all the themes and features and the fact that I can disable app drawer and I can root or install gcam, I also don't like stock android I tried a lot of custom rom in the mi 6 and redmi note 4 including Aosp and pixel expérience but they seems very boring after just a short time
Xiaomi is the best company for me, samsung and apples are expensive,
For example the s21 ultra is a great flagship but has compromise in one of the most important part of me, the soc wich is exynos, also its very expensive but still exellent for most people and exynos this year is not very very bad like last year and years before last year
The iphone 12 pro max is also very expensive and the refresh rate is 60hz, I read from gizmochina and other site that the k40 aka poco f3 has the best flat display and the iphone 12 pro max has a flat display, so I don't except the ip 12 pro max display to be better, atleast not by much and 60hz is bad in 2021 especially after 3 years of use, also the ios is so retstrictive and this is a a bad thing
Wich means even tho they are "ultra flagships" they have critical inconvients for me, the soc, the 60 hz, being restrictive and the expensive price are very big inconvénients,
Surely the poco f3 have one inconvénient like the résolution is not quad hd, I don't care about ip rating at all,
Respect to everyone

  • Anonymous

Rm, 25 Apr 2021I think Poco X3 pro is great deal for the price. LCD panels... moreThis is mi not poco, mi is not meant for the best value phone

i0S.- Never.- Again, 25 Apr 2021Can you guys furnish the software version/number in every d... moreUsually, the photo in the performance section shows the software version. I'll ask the other reviewers, maybe we'll start mentioning this in software somewhere.

  • Rm

I think Poco X3 pro is great deal for the price. LCD panels are more durable though.... IMX 582/586 provide great results with Google camera application... MI 10lite looks sleek but may not be durable being so thin and plastic frame... Sd780 is on par with sd860 in raw processing power.. it's €150 expensive for Amoled Display, and 5nm chip... not really worth the price...

May be after 1 year when it's down to "€300

Kaloyan, 24 Apr 2021Because we don't have results from other benchmarks. F... moreCan you guys furnish the software version/number in every device review?

I want to buy this phone.. But, not reachable in my country...