vivo X60 Pro+ review

20 April 2021

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  • TakTak

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021Too many missing features for its asking price even if the ... moreAnd besides, not flying nor driving

Literally the x60 pro plus are some of the best smartphones but they are not widely available. Such a mis opportunity for vivo. They should have released in more countries

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021Too many missing features for its asking price even if the ... moreWireless charging is good for flagship but no deal breaker. Qhd waste battery life and its not particurly difference with fhd when viewing from a bit far. And u shouldn't rlly go that close ot phone either. Stereo speaker is only good if u are music listener and regular person won't need it. Ip rating is overrated and won't actually protect your phone from dying as it can't protect other liquids from phone and no brand cover water damage warranty

The photo quality is amazing.
It's near perfect, although I don't even know why they chose to downgraded the periscope camera from last years.

this device is still hella great, its camera setup is honestly perfect and its overall much better than the camera setup of the mi 11 ultra. although the build quality is okay, but not premium

Looking back at the photos from this phone, I really can't see any oversharpening effect at all, even when viewing the photos at 100% full-res zoom. I did see some noise reduction effect going on in the process, but it's not as pronounced as what Samsung did with the S21/S21+ and S21 Ultra.

  • RemoG

The camera of the Vivo 60 Pro+ blows *every* other flagship phone out of the water (I am talking about comparing it to latest flagship models from Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone, Oppo and OnePlus, as of June 6th, 2021.

Forget ALL the test in the reviews and just focus on checking out the actual footage of the Vivo. It either clicks, or it does not. You will either "get it" and love it, or you do not. In wich case you can just as well pick any other flagship that might have bells and whistles that matter more to you. In case you have not figured this out by now, this phone has a laser sharp focus on an amazing camera system, and beside that, has beefy specs on the side (12 GB RAM! Work laptop still got only 8 GB - crazy).

If you have seen pictures and videos taken by the Vivo, you feel like you just opened your eyes for the first time. So much light!

This is the first time I can take DSLR level pictures and videos with a smartphone. Finally able to sell my clunky Sony Alpha DSLR and still able to take marvelous pics/vids of my 18 mt old daughter!

This camera system is a masterpiece. The pictures look professional level *by default*, you could publish them in a magazine with no photoshopping/postprocessing whatsoever. So much light! It looks like you combine a DSLR combined with lighting equipment in countless (especially HDR) scenarios (Indoor/Outdoor/Day/Night/Dark Background/Bright Background/Sunlight).

Never been so excited about a technology product ever since my first HTC phone with Windows CE, anno 2003. And no, in the case of the latter, not because of the camera :)

And then, finally, the tactile, human touch and aesthetics aspect. This is another reason, why there is no middle ground with this phone, which makes your buying decision easier. You either love it, or you hate it. Cannot tell about orange, but the blue version looks and feels incredibly unique. I love the protein leather, gives it the "human touch" with good grip.

If you are from Europe, but it directly from Ali Express, I got mine from Lanshan Store (no affiliation) for 894$. Took 15 days to Switzerland, worth the wait. Do not go with shady Drop shipping resellers that state "in stock", while in fact they order it from China only when you order and then keep telling you it takes longer due to "payment clearing issues" (beware, is such a company, just check out their terrible ratings on Trustpilot). Others do have them in stock but are prohibitively expensive.

This device is hella great for its price.
Cameras are overall spectacular, software is great and its screen is one of a kind, aswell as its charging and design.

However a few changes to this device to be much more fitting in the flagship category:

Ceramic back, or glass back with Gorilla Glass Victus is hundred times better than a plastic leather back.
A 1440p+ screen (3200x1440 or anything that matches the aspect ratio of this phone with 1440p resolution), it's already needed in a flagship, or even a 1200p screen will still pass the flagship mark.
A much better battery, with better battery optimization (5000mAh and major changes to how the software works with the battery), though the fast 55W charging could make up for that.
Bring back the 13MP 5x periscope from the original X50 Pro+.
A gimbal-stabilized GN1, as Vivo already has been using the GN1 for quite sometime now, they should already have experienced with this.

I could say much bigger suggestions to the X70 Pro+, and here they are:

Using the GN2 sensor with 1/1.12" size. With aperture of f/1.6 or f/1.7
A 5000mAh battery, either Li-Polymer or Li-Ion
Glass back, or ceramic back
Much faster 120W charging (carried from the Vivo IQOO 7 Chinese Version)
A camera setup that goes like this:

50MP ISOCELL GN2 1/1.12" with f/1.6 or f/1.7 aperture
48MP IMX598 ultrawide with gimbal-stabilization, with f/1.8, or f/1.7 aperture, or 50MP ISOCELL GN1 ultrawide, without gimbal-stabilization, but with super steady video
32MP ISOCELL GD1 with 50mm telephoto lens for 2x optical zoom
13MP ISOCELL sensor with 125mm lens for 5x optical zoom, or 240mm lens for 10x optical zoom
With Triple-LED Flash, or Dual-LED Flash

I'm guessing they'll upgrade it again on the X70 Pro+, with much better camera specs, screen, battery and build.

this device is actually really good
it can be put side to side with the mi 11 ultra

however, its drawbacks are its software, funtouchos 11 is still much immature compared to the miui

however its cameras are more impressive than the ones on the mi 11 ultra

if you put gcam on both devices, then you have yourself a mini dslr on your pockets, and i recommend doing that if you ever buy either of those two phones as they have much better hardware than google's pixel series which heavily rely on software, with poor hardware.

pairing the vivo x60 pro+'s 50mp gn1, 48mp imx598, 32mp gd1, and 8mp ov08a, with google's processing (gcam), then you have the best cameraphones out there, million times better than huawei's which also has the best hardware with also one of the best software (leica powered processing)

same goes towards mi 11 ultra's 50mp gn2, 2x 48mp imx586 with gcam (google's processing), it's unmatched, even the iphone 12 pro max and s21 ultra can't match it, and it already comparable to a flagship compact camera (comparing the mi 11 ultra's hardware with google's software to a premium compact camera, it's already comparable)

so gcam is a must, if you really want the best cameraphone and a flagship at the same time.

  • Charles

plz someone suggest me a good phone which have good camera quality

  • Anonymous

Too many missing features for its asking price even if the camera is great. No wireless charging, no stereo sound, no QHD display and no water resistance rating.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 May 2021Note that Vivo uses worse periscope hardware than the Huawe... moreAlso note that the Huawei P30 Pro and the Vivo X60 Pro+ don't give you a lossless "5.0x" zoom setting. That's just marketing.
The first reason is the low 8 megapixel count, which will rather give you the angular resolution of a 12 megapixel "4x" camera.
The second reason is that the effective diameter of the lens needs to be 5x as large as the effective diameter of the "1x" camera in order to deliver 100% lossless zoom. Otherwise, details can be reduced due to noise and diffraction. Due to diffraction, the Vivo X60 Pro+ periscope camera should produce slightly softer results than the P30 Pro periscope camera despite the same megapixel count.

  • Anonymous

Note that Vivo uses worse periscope hardware than the Huawei P30 Pro. The P30 Pro uses a periscope lens with an effective diameter of focal length/f-number = 4.25mm, whereas the Vivo X60 Pro+ periscope lens has an effective diameter of 3.47mm.
Therefore, the P30 Pro periscope hardware captures 50% more light per time from objects. An alternative way of explaining this is that the P30 Pro has a 12mm² sensor at 125mm, whereas the Vivo X60 Pro+ has an 8mm² sensor and same f-number at 125mm.

Hey, unfortunately no, haptics aren't that good
E.g, my iphone XR has double the haptic effect than this

Though, I would like to add , when I play call of duty and enabled 4d vibrations, it was pretty good for the game

  • AnonD-986036

JerryRigEverything, 27 Apr 2021I never said that!!Fake jerry

  • AnonD-986036

Are the haptics and vibration motor good? I haven't found any trusted reviews about the vibration motor. The vibration motor on the X60 Pro is terrible. I wonder about the Plus model since i really care haptics

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2021He never told to not buy any phones that bend.. With the ro... moreYes

JerryRigEverything, 27 Apr 2021I never said that!!Sir, yes you never said that, I am hypothetically playing sarcasm. Forgive me for using your name. I thoroughly enjoy your videos.

  • Anonymous

aknsreddy, 26 Apr 2021Jerry rig told us not to buy asus Rog phonesHe never told to not buy any phones that bend.. With the rog 5 he said to put it in a case and it won't bend. Same for Lenovo phone

  • JerryRigEverything

aknsreddy, 26 Apr 2021Jerry rig told us not to buy asus Rog phonesI never said that!!