ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G review

27 May 2021

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I bought the Advance L5 last month and have had nothing but issues with it. Not only is it slow as molasses but texts aren't sending or receiving. The phone types on its own. Plus when I'm in any of the apps already in the phone it is alway either going to a blank screen or shuts off. VERY DISAPPOINTED. EVEN AFTER doing a factory reset its doing the same things. PLEASE HELP by fixing the issues or replace the phone or refund... thanks for your time, Traci (foxymama)

Anonymous, 28 May 2021While true, most phones don't have that large batterie... moreMy OnePlus 7 have a 3700 mAh battery and scored 102h on GSM Arena's endurance rating.
It didn't have 5G, HRR etc
I'd still pick a SD 888 phone, I don't believe 100% what people are saying over the internet, I do my own analysis.

davefgranger, 02 Jun 2021Looking at it I thought xenon flashes were making a comebac... moreDon't expect to see Xenon flash to make a comeback any sooner because of the multiple camera setup.

"One more of those GW3s is employed for what ZTE calls the Portrait camera. It has a 35mm equivalent lens, a loved (and also hated) focal length."

If ZTE utilizes that second GW3 sensor as a 3x zoom telephoto sensor with 78mm equivalent focal length, that would make much more sense to call it a Portrait camera. The ideal starting focal length for portrait photography is 50mm. At 35mm, there would be face distortion.

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davefgranger, 02 Jun 2021Looking at it I thought xenon flashes were making a comebac... moreIt's dual flash, not xenon, with CarlZeiss optics, what a disgrace.

Looking at it I thought xenon flashes were making a comeback. Shame.

  • Guzzi

Loudness and audio quality of loudspeakers in smartphones are of equal importance to customers.

  • sayabosanhidup

Anonymous, 28 May 2021While true, most phones don't have that large batterie... morethx for ur info as i was planning to buy d zte nubia z30&
i ll b skipping this series n wait for d 100x zoom as well

The ui looks like a miui 12 rip-off. Especially the about page and notification center

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Note20 look a like.
Love the clean minimalist plain boxy sharp edges, unlike ugly curves like Samsung S series Vs Note series.

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Noise in daylight photos for an $900 phone is unacceptable. A Samsung S10e will get you noise-free daylight shots. Even some Xiaomi and Vivo/Oppo mid-range phones offer that for around $400. Pixel 4a including.

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Shadocx, 28 May 2021Depends what you call 'high batteries', the ROG P... moreWhile true, most phones don't have that large batteries.

My phone has a 855 and a battery under 4000mah, and I get around 100 hours.

888 is too power hungry, and 870 I don't consider worth upgrading to if you have anything 855/865, unless you must upgrade and the price is right.

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IpsDisplay, 28 May 2021So another snap dragon 888 with under 100hr battery enduran... moreThe more I see how power hungry the 888 is the more I am happy my 855 phone easily lasts longer than these phones, and that with a smaller battery.

A friend of mine got a 888 phone and complains about short battery life vs battery size, I will admit that 888 is fast, but for me maybe too much of a overkill, my 855 phone still plays my games fine and is fast enough in daily tasks.

I skip this gen, while usualy I would get a new phone around this time, 888 is not worth the poor battery life, let's hope next gen fixes that.

So another snap dragon 888 with under 100hr battery endurance

And they are making an overclocked "pro" version to this disgrace of a processor

  • Angakuei

Missing North America 5G bands (Canada and US) . Band 71 and Band 66.
will be a waste of Money for anyone in America.

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Anonymous, 28 May 2021can't believe they just sell the same Chinese version ... moreI guess this is a silly mistake made by their web-dev!
This is listed on zteusa.com website:

5G: n1/n3/n28/n41/n78;
FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/17/18/19/20/26/28;
TDD: B34/38/39/40/41;
UMTS: B1/2/4/5/8;
GSM: B2/3/5/8;
LTE: B41/1/3

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KondriX, 27 May 2021Almost all phones with Snapdragon 888 (if not all), scores ... moreI won't say its coincidence.
Basically all current chips with 5G capability are like the older days of chips when 4G was announced and yet found that power efficiency produce.

So for now, as long as u are getting any 5G capable phones, its a norm across.