ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G review

27 May 2021

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KondriX, 27 May 2021Almost all phones with Snapdragon 888 (if not all), scores ... moreI won't say its coincidence.
Basically all current chips with 5G capability are like the older days of chips when 4G was announced and yet found that power efficiency produce.

So for now, as long as u are getting any 5G capable phones, its a norm across.

Kumar, 27 May 2021Nice but samsung model copySoooo what!

  • Anonymous

can't believe they just sell the same Chinese version of the phone without changing the supported bands for different regions. Do they expect their buyers to just use it as a toy?

Mikeromeoz, 27 May 2021No mention of this one not having wireless charging? Bt... moreYeah, actually the results from these cheap 0.7um 64mp sensors like the gw3 or OV64b is actually not too bad with decent software processing. The mi10 lite 5g got a very positive camera evaluation here for the main sensor which uses the GW3. Likewise the Edge s got a fairly positive camera review with OV64b which has more or less the same specs as the GW3. These sensors are bound to struggle in lowlight though

KondriX, 27 May 2021Almost all phones with Snapdragon 888 (if not all), scores ... moreDepends what you call 'high batteries', the ROG Phone 5 did 110h with it's 6000 mAh battery.

The OS is copying so much MIUI, even the name MyOS is similar, and the camera app too.

Anonymous, 27 May 2021It has the worst 125mm periscope hardware specs on the mark... moreELT for me, thanks

> The most prominent ZTE interventions are in the quick toggles area, where the initial swipe will get you 4 large bubbles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and flashlight (of all things), plus a large brightness slider with an Auto toggle. You can't change the four bubbles, but you can rearrange the regular-sized toggles that appear on the second swipe."

😬 OOF, this is not good. Not only have they basically integrated Android 12 "big button style" change already, but they made it locked and reduced the number of toggles to 4.

This is a huge software mistake that they need to rectify yesterday. For example, I don't have ANY bluetooth devices except my car. What good does it do me to have a bluetooth toggle always front and center!? This is the same issue with streaming device remotes that have dedicated buttons for services that users may not subscribe to.

Almost all phones with Snapdragon 888 (if not all), scores under 100h on battery test, even with high batteries.. Coincidence? Looks like Snapdragon 888 is a real power-hog...

Could as well leave raw photos, would look way better than some prisma app style(which is great, but only if you can choose).

  • rash

you forgot the biggest issue, pretty much non existent software updates, at least samsung guarantee 2 major android versions

  • Anonymous


No mention of this one not having wireless charging?

Btw, this is kinda off-topic, but I think the reason Samsung made their 0.7um series sensors is to allow OEMs to have big megapixel numbers on the cheap. Since, you know, more is better on the specsheets. Look at the ones inside this phone, the GW3s, it's only a teensy bit bigger than your average 48MPs.
But hey, if the results turn out to be good, what's there to blame? Same thing allowed midrangers to have 108MP, and it's better than I'd expected.

  • Anonymous

It has the worst 125mm periscope hardware specs on the market.
Only an effective diameter of focal length/f-number = 3.41mm.
The Vivo X60 Pro Plus has 3.47mm, the Huawei P30 Pro and P40 Pro have 4.25mm, the Xiaomi 11 Ultra has 5.37mm, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has 5.43mm and the Sony Xperia 1 III will also have roughly 5.3mm. And when it comes to 240mm equivalent cameras, the P40 Pro Plus has 6.4mm and the Galaxy S21 Ultra has 6.24mm.
The larger the effective diameter, the more light per time can be captured from distant objects. Also, the larger the effective diameter, the higher the maximum theoretical angular resolution regarding diffraction, if the camera has enough pixels per angle. That's why the future "Extremely Large Telescope" will have an effective diameter of 39.3 meters. So theoretically, the 125mm results should be softer and noisier than the results from competitors. 5.4mm captures 2.5 times as much light per time from objects and also allows theoretically for 5.4/3.41 = 1.58 times more zoom with the same quality, if there are enough pixels per angle.

  • Ibrahim

The camera system of the phone is totally gimmick

  • Kumar

Nice but samsung model copy

Eh...average...nothing special. Better than Vivo's offering (maybe even OnePlus and Oppo) but it doesn't spark my interest. Good try ZTE.

  • Anonymous

Most flaws can be fixed by software. Hopefully, ZTE can keep refining it.