Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G review

29 May 2021

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  • Chocolate
  • vx6
  • 10 Sep 2023

AP, 20 Jul 2021How Many 5 G bands in This Phone???15

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    • surpriserose
    • FMY
    • 06 Aug 2023

    Unfortunately, I have to flash custom ROM on my Redmi Note 10 5G due to heavy throttling (UI lag and skipping frames on gaming) and device heating.

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      • Anonymous
      • x{6
      • 06 Jun 2023

      Anonymous, 01 May 2023Is redmi note 10 5g has a game turbo?Yeah.. search it in the settings search bar Game Turbo should show up..

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        • Anonymous
        • sxs
        • 01 May 2023

        Is redmi note 10 5g has a game turbo?

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          • Zieg
          • x{6
          • 09 Apr 2023

          Is the Split screen option not available for this RedMi Note 10 5g model? ..

          Is there a way to include it in an already upgraded mid to almost high end model Android Smartphone being already a 5G class mobile Celfon?

          While is there a way to make an Add Call for a merge call to build a conference call?

          Thrberror message Appears for both "Add Call" and "Hold", shows "Can't Hold Call", while Xiaomi phones such as Xiaomi 11T and while I missed that Merge Call to Conference call with my vintage RedMi Note 2.

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            • Sahil
            • U{B
            • 30 Mar 2023

            Please made aod for redmi note 10t 5g

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              • Atul
              • CbE
              • 25 Mar 2023

              Sky mode effect not working redmi note 10t 5g

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                • Anonymous
                • pma
                • 23 Dec 2022

                The camera is slightly blury, it shuts off whenever it wants to even when the phone is on 50% or more and the phone can
                just not react while buttons on screen are clicked fast

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                  • Shahedul Hoque
                  • XQ8
                  • 14 Nov 2022

                  My Phone now sound problem
                  My small brother he dont know just press update, but update complete finish now sound problem anyone call me. I received but no sound same problem me anyone call same Sound problem, last 18 days, i am coming my country Bangladesh & going service centre say sorry sir, Bangladesh not possible becoz Bangladesh not lounge 5G redmi not 10, now what i do, becoz long time my vaciton after 5 month waiting, can you say something sir

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                    • Stef
                    • 7$w
                    • 11 Jul 2022

                    Is this phone supposed to have gorilla glass?? The spec says it does but you only mention the LCD and from owning the phone it doesn't seem like gorilla glass, I need to know whether I can get my cracked screen fixed with the warranty or not as if it is supposed to be gorilla glass then mine is faulty as it broke too easily by simply sliding off my knee. Hopefully someone can help please 🙏

                      Incredible camera, that can take nice picture, and also game run smooth without any problem.no overheat, nice phone....

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Sec
                        • 31 May 2022

                        Worst phone I ever had, too chunky with a basic LCD screen

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                          • MarDXB
                          • pRB
                          • 06 May 2022

                          Worst Phone ever , once you reboot your mobile for software update it never restarts and only possible way is to wipe your all data to make it work again , there is no other option , better don't buy this phone at all.

                            Screen had zero Scratch Resistance.....very Bad and disapointing

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                              • Jaggu
                              • Dk$
                              • 27 Mar 2022

                              This mobile is no more different with other phones in this range and only single sim uses

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                                • Audrey
                                • THI
                                • 18 Mar 2022

                                This phone is amazing the storage space 128 is amazing, I can't complain 💯👍

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                                  • Ren
                                  • sxr
                                  • 05 Mar 2022

                                  Redmi Note 10 5G user for a week now. 128 memory, 8G RAM. This is my first time using Xioami. So, far so good. Have not experienced any delay. I appreciate that I only charge once every 24hrs, without turning off data/WiFi connection. I am not using it for gaming but I do use it for online transactions (both work and personal). I love the special feature of a separate space (heightened phone security). The only thing that bothers me is the inability to modify front camera's option to capture image (mirror or as is). Other than that, I think this is a good enough phone to purchase and use if you're always on the go and need to transact virtually. I'd rate it 4 of 5 stars. I could say, an upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy Note5.

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                                    • Dorman
                                    • XPE
                                    • 17 Feb 2022

                                    Worst phone and waste of money. Bought 128/6 but it's slower than compare to other brands 4gb ram. Annoying random ads on few system apps like downloads, files and few others. Connectivity is worse, have to download third party apps to connect to 4G networks. Display is not good either.

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                                      • Xiaomi Official
                                      • t7W
                                      • 20 Jan 2022

                                      Ayub, 09 Jan 2022Does this phone support usb otg ?yep

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                                        • azzazel6percent
                                        • KiN
                                        • 15 Jan 2022

                                        How big it's charging cable output?