Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G review

29 May 2021

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  • Ayub
  • 6sE
  • 09 Jan 2022

Does this phone support usb otg ?

    The 90Hz mode is laggy and unresponsive due to a software issue on MIUI. This is very irritating as we do not get to use the features we payed for and expect.

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      • Robbinson
      • 7k3
      • 11 Dec 2021

      At first while buying my redmi note 10 I had split screen option (MIUI 12.0.3) It was in form of shortcut key and I have set as pressing long time in recents button it will work but as soon MIUI 12.5 update got my phone , nothing happened it worked with split screen until MIUI 12.5.2 then the split screen shortcut disappeared from settings , I have tried sending as a feedback to mi , but no responses , a very important option was missing in this stupid ui , pixel experience is better than this rom

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        • Curious
        • tZ0
        • 10 Nov 2021

        Sol, 23 Sep 2021Lituania strongly advises his citizen not to use Xiaomi bec... moreIt's Lithuania, bud. Also you should read more news that the decision is politically-motivated. Well, the issue died down faster than anyone can remember.

          Well, there are a lot of positive reviews about the Xiamoi phones. There is no doubt that this phone will have a great review as well. Based on the specs listed, it defies all the other mainstream phones.

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            • Sol
            • xJP
            • 23 Sep 2021

            Lituania strongly advises his citizen not to use Xiaomi because of serious censorship and data breach. Check the news.

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              • MH
              • 7Mq
              • 19 Sep 2021

              Can, anyone confirm if the gnss GPS e5 l5 is supported? Mediatek dimension 700 specification says it is but the Xiaomi specs only show gnss e1 l1?

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                • Farfromtheworld
                • v{u
                • 04 Sep 2021

                REAL All-Rounder
                In cell FHD+ Display 48MP Camera finger print 5000mhz battery, fast charger (c type port)
                expandable storage - (some phone doesn't have)
                Ir blaster- (some phone doesn't have)
                FM radio- (some phone doesn't have)
                3.5mm headphone jack- (some phone doesn't have)
                NFC - (MANY PHONE DOESN'T HAVE)
                5G - (MANY PHONE DOESN'T HAVE)

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                  • fx6
                  • 28 Aug 2021

                  I love this statement Below about ingress and not advertising it...I have had a Note 5 and only today upgraded to the 10. My 5 accidentally went for a swim with me 2 years ago and still works, and I mean a full swim underwater for 5 minutes...the reason I upgraded is because I dropped it one too many times and the screen shattered (but is still works and I actually have used my 5 to make this post 😜

                  "There is only one thing we would have improved if we could - the build should have been splash resistant. Knowing Xiaomi, this could very well be the case, but maybe they don't advertise it"

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                    • Suk
                    • dQi
                    • 24 Aug 2021

                    I have issues with this phone bought it from Vodafone on PAYG at £140 online about 2 months ago ...well at first yeah I was impressed with it but after that I have been using the phone to take videos and a lot of times it feels it has issues that , it looked like the video was and is not taking the true colour of whatever you are taking , like say you are cooking and you want to take a video or it , it won't show true colours, when you take any photos again it doesn't take true colours ... It does have issues with operating the phone sometimes keyboard issues and so on . Thanks very much

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                      • Vaxel
                      • 9aB
                      • 11 Aug 2021

                      Aamir, 04 Aug 2021Hi I've purchased redmi note 10 5 g, I'm vary mu... moreme too. Is that error?I don't know how to get it
                      I really want dual option. Help me if u can

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                        • Aamir
                        • uZa
                        • 04 Aug 2021

                        Hi I've purchased redmi note 10 5 g, I'm vary much worried because it does not support dual app option

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                          • Raahy
                          • SYx
                          • 28 Jul 2021

                          Huawei not va se 5G best then this phone

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                            • AP
                            • XWe
                            • 20 Jul 2021

                            How Many 5 G bands in This Phone???

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                              • Daz
                              • n5Y
                              • 15 Jul 2021

                              Which is the better phone, this one or Realme 7 5G?

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                                • Anonymous
                                • PxW
                                • 13 Jul 2021

                                Oliver Smith, 18 Jun 2021It's a good smartphone and especially in the mid-range... moreGood hardware with worst software experience.

                                  Thinking of buying this phone for my brother!

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                                    • John
                                    • 3Vv
                                    • 02 Jul 2021

                                    Which will be better to buy, this or Moto g 5G ???

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                                      • Oliver Smith
                                      • 7k0
                                      • 18 Jun 2021

                                      It's a good smartphone and especially in the mid-range price segment a Dimensity powered 5G phone is a great option to go for

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • fm%
                                        • 07 Jun 2021

                                        I started using these redmi phone this month and it's features needs improvement especially the selfie, and slow download.