Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G review

29 May 2021

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  • Suk
  • dQi
  • 24 Aug 2021

I have issues with this phone bought it from Vodafone on PAYG at £140 online about 2 months ago ...well at first yeah I was impressed with it but after that I have been using the phone to take videos and a lot of times it feels it has issues that , it looked like the video was and is not taking the true colour of whatever you are taking , like say you are cooking and you want to take a video or it , it won't show true colours, when you take any photos again it doesn't take true colours ... It does have issues with operating the phone sometimes keyboard issues and so on . Thanks very much

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    • Vaxel
    • 9aB
    • 11 Aug 2021

    Aamir, 04 Aug 2021Hi I've purchased redmi note 10 5 g, I'm vary mu... moreme too. Is that error?I don't know how to get it
    I really want dual option. Help me if u can

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      • Aamir
      • uZa
      • 04 Aug 2021

      Hi I've purchased redmi note 10 5 g, I'm vary much worried because it does not support dual app option

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        • Raahy
        • SYx
        • 28 Jul 2021

        Huawei not va se 5G best then this phone

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          • AP
          • XWe
          • 20 Jul 2021

          How Many 5 G bands in This Phone???

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            • Daz
            • n5Y
            • 15 Jul 2021

            Which is the better phone, this one or Realme 7 5G?

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              • Anonymous
              • PxW
              • 13 Jul 2021

              Oliver Smith, 18 Jun 2021It's a good smartphone and especially in the mid-range... moreGood hardware with worst software experience.

                Thinking of buying this phone for my brother!

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                  • John
                  • 3Vv
                  • 02 Jul 2021

                  Which will be better to buy, this or Moto g 5G ???

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                    • Oliver Smith
                    • 7k0
                    • 18 Jun 2021

                    It's a good smartphone and especially in the mid-range price segment a Dimensity powered 5G phone is a great option to go for

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                      • Anonymous
                      • fm%
                      • 07 Jun 2021

                      I started using these redmi phone this month and it's features needs improvement especially the selfie, and slow download.

                        Devil24, 03 Jun 2021Poco is nothing but failed model n phone of Redmi again not... moreTrue. Mediatek processors has heating issues, but it depends on the company's fabrications. We can wait for notebook check lab test to see if this phone over heat.

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                          • Kan
                          • RxX
                          • 05 Jun 2021

                          The price quoted in article isn't right...199usd worldwide. In china, its just 140usd equivalent!

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                            • Devil24
                            • HsG
                            • 03 Jun 2021

                            AnonD-994853, 02 Jun 2021Poco X3 Pro is better than this phone in almost any way exc... morePoco is nothing but failed model n phone of Redmi again not the mainstream of Mi. Sub-quality product at a higher cost. I felt that poco is not the phone but another handy videogame with good graphics. Generally, any Dimensity processer under 1000 series is not worth it at all(Check for the benchmark). Furthermore, Redmi struggling with the heating issue right from their earlier K series.

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                              • AnonD-994853
                              • tDQ
                              • 02 Jun 2021

                              Poco X3 Pro is better than this phone in almost any way except 5G and size.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Jqr
                                • 02 Jun 2021

                                Anonymous, 01 Jun 2021How do I get this phone ?Usually, you go to the store, give then money, pay and you own the phone.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • XBA
                                  • 01 Jun 2021

                                  How do I get this phone ?

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                                    • KJK
                                    • PF5
                                    • 01 Jun 2021

                                    what 5g means here?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • p%S
                                      • 01 Jun 2021

                                      Gusta, 30 May 2021Not for MIUI. It eats so much RAM. Maybe because there'... moreMIUI 12.5 changed the the whole game it's better than OnePlus now in memory management

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                                        • bennycop
                                        • 3bm
                                        • 01 Jun 2021

                                        I think the recommendations can be disabled at the beginning of the setup