Realme GT 5G review

25 June 2021

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  • Anonymous

But price is almost double the Realme X7 max 5G, just for mediatech 1200 processor..

Does the Realme GT now support High Refresh Rate Gaming? Also it's not mentioned here so I ask, what is this "GT Mode" being advertised?

This seems like a good option in my country because we don't have any other alternatives mentioned here.

there is, while i ran dedicated benchmarks, heavy heat and theottling, but thats no use case for daily normal work

  • alexmb

i got mine few days ago, is the first proper speed ( or so ) phone i ever had
despire the fact that all apks are non standable crap, ah well, im happy with it
i ran few benchmarks and was sometimes very upp.. thxx, peace

  • alexmb

Sadiq Usman, 02 Jul 2021Only 1 update? U sure bout that bro? mine came a few days ago, and initially there was one update, and a few days ago one more
speed is very good, only in gt mode

  • alexmb

786, 04 Jul 2021And they named this GT, Lmfao.. Gt stands for i dunno much, but i think sadly on many to all phone boards usb 2 is too standard

  • alexmb

Ramy, 08 Jul 2021could a software update bring 120fps gaming?i didnt play much, yet, but i gotta inform u that many games hard-lock at 30 fps and suches, ..

AnonD-1011875, 03 Aug 2021It has GG victus that’s even better than GG 5Are you dreaming or what? This realme using dragon tail, not CGG 5 or CGGV. Xiaomi even give CCG 5 protection for it's $180 phone! Realme sucks!

I have the RMX 2202 of 8gb 128 and snapdragon 888 but it has something bad that does not have the minimum bands for united states use t mobile and the signal is a garbage I do not have data in calls and I run out of coverage many times to the point that I have it unused there is my opinion this is the second really that I have that supposedly has the bands up to 5 g and does not lame or 4g realme doesn't care about the American market


  • Alpha

Whats good, just hyped realme, Not even closer to poco f3 gt, in term of every aspect, only plus point is sd 888, sd888+ had already arrived. Just overrated by GSM arena, I used realme x2 pro for 2 years, i have learnt many things flagship killer is just gimmick, the material used in phone cannot be compared with real flagship.

  • Gelato

oneplus 8t or realme gt?

  • AnonD-1011875

Jbern Ultra, 25 Jul 2021If you buy that don't drop it twice or thrice from 1 o... moreIt has GG victus that’s even better than GG 5

Aryan, 24 Jul 2021I just want to purchase realme gt 5g please help me give me... moreIf you buy that don't drop it twice or thrice from 1 or 2 meters it doesn't have CG Glass 5 only scratch resistant screen

  • Aryan

I just want to purchase realme gt 5g please help me give me your openion about realme gt 5g

Please 🙏

  • Anonymous

Stuuuks, 27 Jun 2021No Corning Gorilla Glass for protection? why realme!!!??? it has Dragontrail glass

  • Ramy

could a software update bring 120fps gaming?

  • Anonymous

In the review you say oneplus is a completely different company... Not exactly true... They come under BBK electronics group which is why oneplus are uniting with oppo, oneplus oppo and realme all use same technology and parts.
Notice the 4500 ma battery and 6.43 inch display and dual dolby speakers.. I wonder where ive seen this before sarcasm intended.. Also the battery is limited to 65w charging exactly the same as oppo reno and some oneplus devices. I wonder if these throttle the snapdragon 888 too like oneplus does? 🤔

  • Jack Krauzers

All Ears, 05 Jul 2021I understand it has Gorilla glass 6it's Dragontrail glass actually

  • All Ears

DanishBeacon, 03 Jul 2021That's a deal-breaker for me. Since the introduction o... moreI understand it has Gorilla glass 6