Sony Xperia 1 III review

05 July 2021

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VectorR, 06 Jul 2021Absolutely agree with it. Looking at my abysmal photo exper... moreIt's the inconsistency that killed me, for every decent photo I'd get 4 bad ones, one of which would be so awful I'd think the phone was damaged.

Fearghast, 05 Jul 2021Sadly, this is exactly what I expected :( Dim screen, poor... moreExactly my experience with a 1ii.
Bugs and disappointments were the order of the day.

786, 05 Jul 2021Common sense 120hz consumes slot off battery. Low light is... moreBecause you shouldn't have to fiddle around in manual mode on a PHONE just to get usable pictures.
Sony's auto mode is inexcusably bad.

Dometalican, 05 Jul 2021That battery life...saddens me. I'm sure dark theme an... moreYou'll regret it when the multiple bugs manifest themselves and never get fixed.
Oh, and when every third photo you take is only fit for the bin...

I've owned two recent Sony flagships and both of them were buggy messes when I got them, 6 months later nothing had changed.
Paying over £1000 for a poorly supported, bug-ridden and average camera equipped phone is insane.
I really don't understand brand fans, those brands want nothing from you but your money and should only get it if they produce products that are worth it.
Sony don't do that, arguably they never have, don't waste your money here then they just might make better phones...unlikely though, on both counts.

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335 comments!!!! That's how Sony lover, Sony haters, Ex-Sony fans, bots, etc are bashing each other on just a Sony Xperia article. This shows hoe "HYPOCRITE" they are and lots of Fake Sony fans out there!!!!

These are just rookie numbers. I have seen comments went up more than 1k in one of the article about a Sony phone 5 years ago.

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Coopere, 07 Jul 2021Would love to know what's the better value. Front faci... moreAny device of flagship range, because none of the features mentioned are exceptional. Camera is terrible, microSD useless with 128GB or more of storage, battery is below average (and the features has any other phone), 4k display useless, so what remained? Oh yes, only the four letters...
I was looking forward to having a Sony again, but with so many flaws I got myself S20 FE.

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Seems like many comments and complains here can be assumed that many people wants to buy Sony smartphone actually and hope more from sony.

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Anonymous, 08 Jul 2021honestly the phone is not that bad as described in this rev... moreIt's not a bad phone. It's a mediocre and overpriced flagship phone.

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honestly the phone is not that bad as described in this review. Its just the price of the phone that is seriously bonkers. but then again its obviously because of the low sales volume which is making them price their products higher. BBK plays on volume, same for samsung. love sony's niche phones. please somebody make them release a compact one and globally.

"4K and 120Hz in one display, but not simultaneously" - is this true?

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2021No ones referring too lens, when everyone is nagging over q... moreCorner & uneven sharpness all over the place is a lens quality issue, which is a hardware, not software.

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2021No ones referring too lens, when everyone is nagging over q... moreHe's not wrong, if there are lens issues, it's a hardware thing. Sure there lens correction in the software, but that might not be enough

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SuuperBaka, 07 Jul 2021I have no idea what he's going on about, you're a... moreNo ones referring too lens, when everyone is nagging over quality. The pro app has more .ugh features than stock camera.

And he doesn't own the phone, and he yet claims he knows. How funny.

Software firmware always corrects it.

Nick Tegrataker, 06 Jul 2021Lens quality issues cannot be resolved by any update, they ... moreI have no idea what he's going on about, you're absolutely right. I'm not even gonna involve myself in this war anymore

Nick Tegrataker, 06 Jul 2021At this point I'll just assume that you're the So... more"At this point I'll just assume that you're the Sony fan version of the usual multi-IP anonymous user"

Lmao this one got me, but holy crap, I left for a cottage for 4 days and war broke out already.

Would love to know what's the better value. Front facing stereo speakers with 360 audio, headphone jack, beautiful 21:9 uninterrupted 4k display at 120hz, micro-SD expansion, battery health features, professional grade camera app and a variable periscope lens. None of which can be found on any other smartphone. So tell me, which other device can be considered a better value?

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[deleted post]Because this phone is mediocre?

[deleted post]You have a point, this phone is not for me or not at least at the moment. I can live without all the features you mentioned, good sir. But what I looked forward to about the device is that it was advertised that thermal management will be very good.

On a regular day I'm most fond of mobile gaming when I have time to kill. This phone caught my attention because I also liked it's form factor.

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2021Not as good as the S21 Ultra or Mi 11 Ultra or Vivo X60 pro... moreIf only these phones had not curved screen, or notch, or big round corners or weird UI. A mix between the Mi11 ultra cam and everything else from this Mark III would have been a dream phone for me. Guess I'll just have to forget about getting a new phone this year or even the next one and wait for the trend to change.