Sony Xperia 1 III review

05 July 2021

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2021It makes sense that they're struggling. They're d... moreHey, even Apple had to discontinue Iphone 12 mini, because its market share was too tiny

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 06 Jul 2021I make perfect sense. Why in hell would a CinemaPro app b... more4K60 is basic for flagship phones nowadays.

  • blue.sun

[deleted post]GSMA just makes honest reviews, and that's what Sony needs the most. And if Sony fanboys can't bear it? That's their own problem...

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 06 Jul 2021You dont divide with pi for flat screens, that goes for con... moreThe tool he used was a digital lux meter that is commonly used to measure a luminous flow of ambient lighting. This indicates that you actually need to take into account the optical angle of the sensor and divide the shown figure by the scale factor of pi. You can tell something is off as none of the phones he show in his video could possibly reach the brightness levels he states, according to other websites' measurements and manufacturers' official presentations.

He should have used a proper screen luminous meter which completely covers a portion of the display for this purpose. GSMA and other websites are most likely using it for the most accurate readings. Soon Notebookcheck will receive the sample unit of Xperia 1 Mk.II and report the screen brightness, and I believe it to become roughly in line with what GSMA states.

  • Anonymous

sam, 07 Jul 2021but he used the same "improper" meter to the othe... moreThe other phones can't reach such high max manual brightness levels either, so basically speaking his interpreted readings are all off the mark.

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 06 Jul 2021I dont trust the source of the claim of the brand. And I t... moreGet off this site if you don't trust Gsmarena

  • sam

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2021Technick used an appropriate illuminance meter that measure... morebut he used the same "improper" meter to the other devices, so that would mean those 1000+ nits from the other devices is incorrect, right?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2021Technick used an appropriate illuminance meter that measure... moreI meant Technick used an "inappropriate" illuminance meter

  • Anonymous

Tann Hauser, 06 Jul 2021You dont divide with pi for flat screens, that goes for con... moreTechnick used an appropriate illuminance meter that measures illuminance or lux. The proper device is a luminance meter that measures cd/m2 or nits, which I am sure is what gsmarena uses. See this video here which uses the proper meter:

Now stop being deluded.

  • InHK

The 1iii retails in Hong Kong for $9299(unlocked). That's way cheaper than buying it from the US, UK and EU. Equates to £870.

Sawsan, 07 Jul 2021Sony make some of the best mirrorless cameras/lenses around... moreI feel like they will join LG much sooner than we think & it makes me sad :(

Love Sony phones but can’t help but notice that they are missing something just can’t put my finger on it

  • Von

Sony would never release a device they think will compete with their other department. Sony is still a very conservative japanese company. They lost walkman due to phones being capable music players. They won't gamble with their cameras and even with the PlayStation. You see most competitors would approach Sony to build a custom solution for their mobile cameras. But Sony would only do the bare minimum to call it an upgrade.

Mike , 06 Jul 2021At 1300$ they could at least have put in their imx800 1inch... moreNah, that's not what Sony does. They would rather utilize last year excessive stock sensors. Xiaomi or Huawei will do it first. Sony - maybe in two, three years.

  • Sawsan

Sony make some of the best mirrorless cameras/lenses around and THE BEST imaging sensors anywhere, so it remains a mystery why they can't use some of that expertise to produce a camera phone that's at least competitive with the best; they certainly charge as much as, if not more, than the best! At this rate, their sales will continue to dwindle until they join LG and leave the smartphone market.

  • Anonymous

Bodygard, 07 Jul 2021I don't understand why at least in camera quality and ... moreAbsolutely agree

  • Anonymous

I'm done with sony every year i hope they improve
They do improve their game but not enough, especially if you put against the competition, using xperia xz3 solid phone, now gonna swing to another brand, Samsung is the way to go to.

  • Otto

I have a question for the reviewers: apparently, the Xperia 1iii does not deliver the best image quality when used as a "point and shoot" device because it seems to be constructed around a dedicated, "pro" - camera software that is much more complex but also allows for much finer control over important imaging parameters.
So, could the reviewers comment on the impact the usage of all the controls the pro camera app offers on image quality?
In other words: if I manually tweak all the fine parameters, do I get an image that is competitive with the Galaxy S1 ultra or iPhone 12 max?

I don't understand why at least in camera quality and display quality Sony isn't on top of the game...unacceptable. They should fire a lot of people from the software department and get good people, technicians and engineers.

Nick Tegrataker, 06 Jul 2021He VERBALLY stated nits but his digital LUX meter clearly s... moreYou dont divide with pi for flat screens, that goes for converting lumens (not lux) to nits of a sphere, a lightbulb. You got your conversions all wrong.

Hes got his lux sensor, with its own calibrations, has been reading out lux and converting to nits, on numerous devices, including 21Ultra,OP9Pro etc, and has a constant ratio of nit measures between them.

So if his lux sensor says it brighter than 21Ultra outdoors, that means his same lux sensor measured for ex 21Ultra less lux than on Xperia, thus less nits, any equation you wish to apply for convertion.
But yours is wrong. "One does not simply divide lux with Pi and get Nit."