Sony Xperia 1 III review

05 July 2021

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Tann Hauser, 13 Jul 2021Give yourself a break nicker. Vanity is a burden. Im not d... moreSony Photo Pro app does a lot of smearing sadly. On Youtube there is a video comparing Photo Pro app and gcam on Xperia 5 ii and it shows gcam does not go overboard with NR or sharpening and holds on to details in grass much better. Ppl sometimes overlook this coz Sony's colors are nice but trained eyes can see the stock camera processing is far from perfect.

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One OS update btw lol

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Anonymous, 17 Jul 2021It's poor compared to other flagship phones.Exactly lot of Sony ppl here suddenly lowering standards, completely forgetting that this is a flagship. Presence of headphone jack and hybrid micro SD slot isn't going to sell this phone

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Anonymous, 17 Jul 2021I wouldn't call it poor when looking at the 4k display... moreIt's poor compared to other flagship phones.

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Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021You like the poor battery life?I wouldn't call it poor when looking at the 4k display (just why Sony...)

Mediocre sure, poor would be something phones from few years ago had, I still remember the days some phones achieved half of that and people called that "good enough"

(Charging my Nexus 4 up to 3 times a day when using 3G was not fun back in the day)

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That battery life makes sense for a 4k device.

  • Daniel

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2021You like the poor battery life?yes the battery life is good in fact it is the same endurance as iPhone 12 Pro not great but good I like the Sony Xperia 1 iii but not the price a 800 usd will be a good deal

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DANIEL , 16 Jul 2021very good phone i like the display the battery the 3.5 jack... moreYou like the poor battery life?

I'm not Sony's fan but I admit that this phone is such a hidden gem in the world of smartphone, atleast in my opinion. I have XZ3 with only 3300 mAh battery but I always manage to get 8 h+ SoT and 20 h+ standby with 20% remaining after I did debloating and some tweak in the settings. Also, I really love the Sony's professional/manual mode. You only able to take perfect night shot with technic and patience, which is kinda rare nowadays.

It feels like this phone treating me like professional user.


very good phone i like the display the battery the 3.5 jack but the photos are soft the night performance not great the front camera not good the sound quality not great and it is overpriced

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handyman, 15 Jul 2021I do not understand that the phone only scored 4.0 in the r... moreThe rating is supposed to be compared to this year's phone, not last year.

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Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021Lmao , the Sony engineers must cringe watching and reading... moreExcept, enthusiasts don't buy phones for enthusiastic purposes. They buy it to use. That's why most of them have apple or a Samsung

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021Lmao , the Sony engineers must cringe watching and reading... moreIf you wish to ignore everything I explained in my preceding comments and still proceed to claim that I'm talking nonsense because "well bro Sony is trying their best to make photos as realistic as possible" then be my guest smh. I specifically pointed out the issues with visual proofs and yet some people are being too lazy comprehend them, simply unbelievable.

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021Someone is obviously jealous of Sony Xperia 1 II became the... moreYou just won the award for the most thoughtless & ridiculous comment of the year in my book, congrats. Why do you think I would care about how many fans Xperia 1 II on this website had let alone jealous about it when I literally have 5 II in my favourite phone list lmfao.

"You're nagging over minor camera and photo issues"
I criticise just about every single shortcoming on ANY devices regardless of brands, as long as I deem them to be logically reasonable enough. If you think they are "issues" then you're supposed to complain about them, not sweep them under the rug like how you're doing so right now.

"All other brands are saturated"
So essentially what you're saying is: you've only used Sony phones before and never touched other brands. Gotcha.

SpiritWolf, 14 Jul 2021'Details are sharper on Xperia but Xiaomi covers nearl... moreIf you read our prior conversation you will realise that I was referring to the UWA cameras on both phones.

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2021Have you ever heard an app that doesn't support 120Hz?... moreTheres no problem about apps/games/video supporting at 120Hz. The real question is 4K at 120Hz. Barely any use. Previously Sony only optimized photo/video to fully utilized at 4K.

4K display in smartphone not needed, but some will appreciate it. I for one definitely will choose 1080p over it, for battery life efficiency, performance etc. such as Xperia 5 series. I have no problem on the 21:9 screen ratio, in fact I love it. Just wish is brighter. Working outdoor in a construction site definitely a plus for me if its brighter. Outdoor camera shooting are one of aspect. A lot of reviewer pointed out how dim Xperia OLED display is in bright outdoor condition compared to others.

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Anonymous, 15 Jul 2021Have you ever heard an app that doesn't support 120Hz?... moreWhat does Sony mean by select apps then?

It is really unfortunate that GSM Arena mislead its readers about the Xperia 1 iii capabilities to do 4K@120, this creates a bad image on the phone and may influence prosperous buyers. I do appreciate the fact that they came out and retracted themselves, but many readers will not go back and re-read the original review (the damage is done). Reviewers should really do their research and contact the companies to clarify any doubts they may have before just writing and doing video reviews, because there are people that swear by these reviews and are influenced by them as well. In this case Sony sent them the device so they could test it, I am pretty sure that if they had any doubts about the device Sony would have clarified it beforehand. I just find it interesting that GSM Arena was not so fast in advertising the S20U camera issues, they rated that phone really high, or the rating they gave the iPhone which has a small battery and lacks a high refresh rate. I have been following GSM Arena for years but from now on i will take their reviews with a grain of salt.

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Shui8, 15 Jul 2021'only with select apps & content'. No clar... moreHave you ever heard an app that doesn't support 120Hz? Me neither. So 120Hz wiill work in native resolution as long as an app supports Xperia 1 III native resolution.

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Anonymous, 15 Jul 2021GSMArena had already put 4K 60 / 1080p 120 in the specs BEF... moreWhere?