Moto G50 review

30 July 2021

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When the POCO F3 GT review has come..??

  • Anonymous

junk phone... better options and faster phones exists for thsi price..

  • Magnificent Suleiman

Nicolas F, 30 Jul 2021> "And the USB-A to USB-C cable is a cheaper variet... moreThey're using cables with only two wires. I guess Lenovo can't spare the fraction of a cent that would cost a decent cable

  • Anonymous

Phone Reviewer, 30 Jul 2021What a terrible phone. Have you tried one?

Probably not, you´re just comment on the article.

chipset is little old
mediatek 6nm better choice

  • Anonymous

JoXim, 30 Jul 2021Yes, but... I was using X3 Pro for about a week and i can ... moreSo true,

It´s all about user experience that´s way i still prefer this G50 over it´s competitors, even with so called better specs.
Everything works as it should, no bloat, photos are great.
like a always say, samsung and xiaomis are for those wants a phone with bells and whistles.

  • Anonymous

Why do they compare this phone to the G10, when it should be compared to the G30?

I have one, and it´s preety good. yeah i know there several other phones with better specs, true.
But it´s not all about specs. Have you ever owned a Motorola? The clean software is very nice and responsive.
It´s light and nice in your hand, the moto G 5G or the moto G 5g Plus are taller and heavier.

The snapdragon 480 is really good and so would be surprised. 5G may not be so important today, but next year it will be, and buying a phone that is intended to last at least 3 years i want this.

Mikeromeoz, 30 Jul 2021I see a pattern, literally every £200-£300 phone reviews�... moreYes, but...
I was using X3 Pro for about a week and i can tell you that it is just ok phone, nothing more.
Hardware is ofc. Ok but software is a pile of big mess, phone recieved new 12.5 update.
It was overheating, stuttering and much more.
At some times CoD Mobile was barely playable.
Not much difference from X3 NFC which a owned for a couple of months.
But the camera on NFC is far more better in my opinion.
So i returned to my trusty Moto g 5g plus, great phone, which few weeks ago recieved android 11, and i'm on july security patch.
It seems Moto got better with updates, and the overall feeling is like night and day compared to every Xiaomi phone.
Specs are not everything, after using numerous Xiaomi and Moto phones i can tell you that.
My next one...Something from the Moto's Edge line.
Will never touch another Xioami phone, period

22niro, 30 Jul 2021Yup. But you gotta admire the Night mode algorithms these d... moreYes.

Phone Reviewer, 30 Jul 2021What a terrible phone. Yup. But you gotta admire the Night mode algorithms these days, making even crappy hardware pass off as - passable...

> "And the USB-A to USB-C cable is a cheaper variety that can only be used for charging and doesn't work for data transfer."

How is that even possible?..

Looks good

  • Muthu

Excellent review GSMArena!!! I liked the below paragraph in the conclusion very much.
Quote from the article - "We feel like these cheap 5G phones are merely intended to bolster carrier portfolios around the world and help promote their budding 5G networks rather than meeting any practical consumer needs and we find them hard to recommend over their LTE-only counterparts.". Absolutely spot on!!!

I see a pattern, literally every £200-£300 phone reviews' verdicts here recently never fails to mention the poco x3 pro. Nothing else in that price range looks good besides that shiny sd860 unless you need 5G, I guess.

Phone Reviewer, 30 Jul 2021What a terrible phone. I believe every phone has its special quirk

This might be my new gaming phone

What a terrible phone.

For the price it is not half bad