Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G review

24 August 2021

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  • Anonymous

The trade off of battery reduction for a tiny size reduction nobody will notice is stupid.

Quit making phones thinner and reducing battery size, camera sensor size, taking away features that are useful standards, and charging more regardless.

Phones used to be so much more innovative and enticing. Especially from Samsung. Now it's just marketing numbers and following Apple trends.

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever. A whole new experience. Once bitten can never go back to boring normal phone. Battery life is ok. I got 7hrs SOT over a uptime period of 14hrs

  • OM

JamesBay, 17 Oct 2021I really should have read the reviews before getting this p... moreI also tested my Zfold3. Went out at 1pm with 85% batt
Turned on Data (front screen) & few times I used the unfolded screen.
Went home at 8pm with 35% left.
I played Mobile Legends 13% at 930pm

I used dark theme mode
On notifications settings, i only enabled some apps (fb, ig,viber and gmail) to save battery from other apps running on the background.

I wanted the s21 Ultra with great specs. I got tempted with the fold3 though I am happy. Just not as good as the s21's batt. And with spigen case made the fold3 thicker and heavy.

I really should have read the reviews before getting this phone. I am NOT happy at all and can't get back my S21 Ultra that I traded in for the Z.

First, the battery is horrible. I used to get 2 days from my S21. The Z gets me maybe 3 hours of usage tops. Never ending charging.

Second, the touch function on the big screen is bad too. The screen material or touch sensitivity doesn't work. I have to keep hitting the back button or the same key twice when typing.

Lastly. The pen for fold doesn't work very well either. This may be due to the screen material though.

What a waste of almost $2000!!!!

  • Anonymous

I charged my new fold 3 and got better charge times than the review. At 30 minutes it was at 43%, 60 minutes 83% ,90 minutes 100%. Not sure if improvements were made since launch or something went wrong with their test.

They forgot the xiaomi mi fold tho:/

  • hwklap

I sold it cos I found a big downside about the screen.. It was horrible when I try to use it outside under the sun.

overall it is a great phone, Thank you for in-depth review.

i cant understand how it possible the score is 4.4 while Z fold 2 got 4.5.

  • Design Counts

iFold, 12 Sep 2021Iphone user here. Fold was never an option, until i got hol... moreMe too. They had one mounted on a stand in an O2 store here in England, and although you could not fold it all the way open or shut, you could fold it almost open, and the screen is amazing. Very bright and responsive and it turns it into a productivity device. Got rid of iPad Pro 11" so going to get a Fold 3 to replace it and my Note 9. Why have two devices when you can have one?

AresinUAE, 26 Aug 2021Seems like theres a lot of great engineers and product desi... moreGreat comment

SV, 27 Aug 2021For the amount you pay for this phone, it is pretty ridicul... moreWhatever!!@

  • Gleoni

I consider that the FOLD3 is far from being a $ 1599 phone

  • AlphaKnight

Lu, 31 Aug 2021I don't even see it bro. If the screen is brighter tha... moreIts visible when phone is turned off.

  • iFold

Iphone user here. Fold was never an option, until i got hold of the demo unit one day. In a blink of an eye, unconsciously signing a pre order form. I got it for $1100, once u unfold you can never fold. Best decision since vaccination.

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021Don't just look what is on paper. Try it then you feel... moreI can't try it out here but I'm waiting for the Fold 4 to see if they can remove the crease and put better cameras into the phone. Also I think it looks too narrow.

It's mainly the price that I don't like. It's way too expensive and I think the under display cam is experimental at best. I don't want to pay that amount of money to become Samsungs guinea pig:)

  • Anonymous

Naima Kennedy, 06 Sep 2021If the price was 700 dollars then maybe but for the current... moreDon't just look what is on paper. Try it then you feel it. I move from iphone 12 pro max. No regret. Alot best thing that I never experienced on the standard candy bar phone. Camera during day time, can't tell the difference, not as good during night.

Sinnaoi, 03 Sep 2021Same here with me. Never thought I could do so much with a ... moreCorrect! Ive had the fold 2 for over 6 months and sold it right after the Fold 3 was announced. Used the money for prebooking the Fold 3. I never thought i would miss the Fold experience as much as i have - for almost 3 week of wait i had to rely on my other slab phone and it just felt so different.

If the price was 700 dollars then maybe but for the current price it's not worth it at all - way too many compromises.

Lu, 31 Aug 2021That what I was thinking until I got one for a 5-day test. ... moreSame here with me. Never thought I could do so much with a foldable... The phone is simply amazing. That's it... not going back now

  • Anonymous

Of course make it an unnoticeable amount snake and reduce battery size. Just keep it a little larger with a battery bump. Whether it's tiny or up to two 3,000mah packs and a little larger display.

It should also have 4 speakers. 2 for a device of this size and only as good as others doesn't cut it.
4 speakers and a headphone jack and I might actually be sold.