Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro long-term review

27 August 2021

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dnana9, 01 Oct 2021This phone can range anywhere from good to excellent depend... moreAt this pont just get a pixel lol. Custom roms make it feels like a pixel wannabe. A poor man's pixel.

  • Anonymous

abwx, 14 Nov 2021Good photos are better than poor photos, poor photos are be... moreYou're obviously not the mainstream market Xiaomi is going for. Try Sony

always = 10 seconds for Xiaomi


Good photos are better than poor photos, poor photos are better than no photos.

I need macro photos. They don't need to be great, but they need to usefully show small details that can't be resolved with normal smartphone cameras.

Currently, I use a Sirui macro lens with a Moment smartphone case. Good and solid, and more than adequate results.

I came and read this review to see if this phone would meet my macro needs. Nothing else needs to be wonderful, since it will not replace my Pixel 6 Pro in everyday use.

But what do I discover? You couldn't be bothered to report on the macro capability, the primary standout feature of this phone.

Why? Because the cool kids have decided that if the images don't meet their artistic sensibilities, then the phone should not have that camera at all.

Smartphones aren't just toys for the young and restless. Some of us use them as tools. To accomplish meaningful tasks. We don't appreciate being told that the tool we need isn't cool enough, so you won't tell us how well they'll do the job we need. Rather, you'll try to get the manufacturers to stop including macro, so we'll have to lug an extra camera-type camera around or keep carrying accessory lenses. (Both of which are frequently poorer solutions because they aren't thin like a smartphone.)

Please, grow up. Take some responsibility for your jobs as reviewers, and review all the features, not just the ones accepted by the cool kids.

  • Cj

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021This phone got call recorder, but the call recorder will vo... moreBy law you have to inform people you are recording them. If it is a court matter it will be thrown out.

  • CJ

Judging by all these comments, it seems that you all gamers and use the phone excessively. By the looks of it for a person using it for day to day tasks wont have any difficulty. I will never use Samsung again went through 4 of their devices in 6 months, sensor issue, LCD issues, battery issues, speaker issues and the list goes on. I do not game I am a ticktok watcher and a facebook scroller, so now and then I will watch a youtube movie, before you all jump on the band wagon about Samsung. In all honesty show me a device that will not give you hassels. Heuwai was my go to device but they only last 6 to 9 months before completely giving in.

  • Cee

Guys I just bought my Redmi note 10 Pro a day ago,the phone is cool, listen,I mean dooope, photography on another level,worth my cash.

  • Anonymous

Scolion , 05 Oct 2021So can I call Redmi note 10 pro a gaming phone? Definitely

  • JohnnieL

Iam using Redmi note 10 pro in South Africa I haven't yet received the update Miui 12.5 or should i still wait?

  • Scolion

dnana9, 01 Oct 2021This phone can range anywhere from good to excellent depend... moreSo can I call Redmi note 10 pro a gaming phone?

  • jou mama

I like phone very much i buy it it very good

  • Anonymous

weirdchamp, 25 Sep 2021Never had one of this problems , phone is working great and... moreLoL!

  • dnana9

This phone can range anywhere from good to excellent depending on how you use it.

1. Want to stay with stock MIUI in a region where they serve ads (like India) without any tweaking? Prepare to have a 5/10 experience in performance and general irritation and a 9/10 experience in camera and media consumption. So overall, 7/10.

2. Prepared to debloat stock apps and adware through adb commands? Prepare to get a 7/10 in performance and a 9/10 in camera, media, battery. Overall, it elevates it to an 8/10.

3. Prepared to unlock your bootloader, flash an AOSP custom ROM and constantly stay updated on safetynet passing, installing the best available ANX camera and GCam? Prepare to get a 9/10 in performance, Pixel like smoothness, screen, battery life and every day usage, and maybe an 8.5 in camera (stock MIUI might have a few more optimizations).

I am on stage 3 as of now, and if you have the time for custom ROMs, I can assure you - this phone would be a significantly better purchase than anything up to 35k in price.

So, to summarize, would I recommend my Mom or Dad or someone super busy who needs a phone to just work out of the box get it? No way. I say, stick to a Moto on a low budget, or a Samsung or OnePlus if you can spend more.

But for power users who have time to spare, the features you get on this phone, elevated by a quality AOSP ROM makes it the best 250 dollars (or 19k) you can spend on a phone in 2021.

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021It's a very bad mobile I got problems with it and wor... moreYes alot alot bugs, you are right, it freezes, doesn't find contacts, phone rings but you can't see anything or accept it, i am struggling with it

  • weirdchamp

Dextro, 03 Sep 2021Thank you for your you saved alot of lives. Never had one of this problems , phone is working great and smooth for its price . You all expect something like s21 with this price . Complaining assholes

  • Anonymous

It's a very bad mobile I got problems with it and worst choice.some times phone diller is not working properly just imagine what if any emergency call !!! Totally fade up with this fone.worest choice.

  • Anonymous

This phone got call recorder, but the call recorder will voice out and inform to caller and receiver. WTF such problem phone 😡

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Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021Hello, I have noticed two vertical lines in the middle of m... moreMine's got something similar too. It's a bit of a lottery with AMOLED screens—grey can be a tricky colour to display evenly seeing as each pixel produces its own light. It shouldn't affect your everyday usage because you'll probably only notice it in very dark ambient lighting, and only on a specific shade of grey. You can try get a replacement, but that won't guarantee a fix. Xiaomi's probably had to make compromises with things like quality control as a means of getting the price down. Other brands might be a little better, but if you're happy with the rest of the phone and the issue doesn't bother you all that much, I'd just stick with it for now.

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Murugan, 04 Sep 2021It doesn't have NFC I think it depends on the region you buy it from. Some markets will, some won't.

  • Anonymous

It's a very bad mobile I got problems with it and the camera also not so good as it been hyped worst choice