Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro long-term review

27 August 2021

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  • 6p{
  • 27 Aug 2021

I have already used redmi note 10 pro but battery timing not good this phone

    Why no words or comments about radio signal reception,
    we are evaluating a cell phone, true ?
    Best regards

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      • Mikio E. Funamori Jr
      • Eaj
      • 27 Aug 2021

      I use this phone also but I did not encounter the weak wi-fi signal issue. Anyway the Redmi 9T of my wife suffers that problem. It might be hardware issue of some phone they release. I hope they test the wi-fi signal reception of their phones before releasing. Anyway it is not an big issue because of 1 or 2 bars signal drop, it does its job pretty well when close to the router.

        rizki1, 27 Aug 2021the best phone of 2021 but wait, why in the link it said... moregood catch there

          Can anyone recommend me a good phone I'm currently using Y9 Prime 2019 and I want a good camera, good skin like EMUI and good enough performance to play Genshin Impact at decent speed and price around $350

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            • Good guy
            • 6Pf
            • 27 Aug 2021

            Great review IMO you guys should do more phone long term reviews cause these are better for making buying decision than reviews and are you guys going to do P50 series and Magic series review?

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              • Chet
              • n16
              • 27 Aug 2021

              I'm also having a WiFi issue where I get an alert that the phone is "connected with no internet" I have great WiFi, but get this several times a day. I suspect it's something to do with battery saving functions but I've tried turning off everything I can find, anyone else having similar issues?

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                • fJ5
                • 27 Aug 2021

                Great review!

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                  • 27 Aug 2021

                  Xiaomi, just put inside of this device a better chip, like 1100/1200 or an 778/870, add 100$ more and sell it!
                  OIS and a better UW won't upset me also!

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                    • Izwan
                    • xwT
                    • 27 Aug 2021

                    My Redmi 9T also suffers the same issue with the Wifi. At home and in a different room, while the signal level is at maximum, the link speed is very poor. Sometime I only get about 1-2mbps of link speed even though I got full wifi signal. At work, I have to switch off mobile data when connecting to the office's wifi. If I don't do that, the phone would automatically disconnect from wifi every now and then. Turning off mobile data seems to work. I never had to do that with any of my previous phones. Mobile data speed also isn't that great to begin with. My phone is only a few months old and I'm already planning to replace it. My next phone won't be a Xiaomi it seems.

                      the best phone of 2021

                      but wait, why in the link it said 'galaxy s21 ultra long term'??