Xiaomi Redmi 10 review

29 August 2021

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What a joke 50mps and no eis !!!!
So No EIS, No buy, Xiaomi are pushing their customers to see other brands, Realme 8 64/4 is far better than this crab .

The Realme 6 is actually a better device for the same money, if not less.

  • yung alfa

gsmarena. helio g80 support 90hz at full hd.
even it support 64mp as seen on the samsung a32 so helio g88 is not a major upgrade over helio g80.

I actually think the camera seems pretty awesome. It looks natural and with some slight color tuning it would be great, this looks way better than the usual overly processed images that look like oil paintings with artificial colors and halo sharpening artifacts.

I do wish the phone was a bit smaller, Redmi 10 is bigger than Redmi Note 10 which is kinda wrong.

  • Anonymous

Thanx gsmarena good comparison

  • Anonymous

ok phone but dissapointing performance from the main 50Mpix camera.

I would say for that price u can buy the realme 6 - still a great phone and takes very good photos and performance is better as realme ui is very clean and no bloat almost installed.

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2021When is this phone likely to be available in Nigerian phone... moreJust import it online

  • ruby

Dudenoway, 29 Aug 2021Well. Tbh this year xiaomi failed to impress for once. And ... moresoon

Well. Tbh this year xiaomi failed to impress for once. And like the poco m3 the redmi 9t are basically same. Just cuz it has 90 hz isn't rlly better. Realme 8 for example has better perfomance better camera(even though the redmi 10 has 50 mp camera but it's gimmick) and a better display with faster charging at same price. Plus availability is limited with redmi 10 too. So
Final rating:7.25/10

  • Anonymous

When is this phone likely to be available in Nigerian phone stores?

Redmi use to be a 100$ phone too costly Now

  • Anonymous

Looks pretty decent, but I still prefer redmi note 10 over this. Too bad they stopped making it.

good specification and no nfc? or indian version has it? i saw in official FB page it has and price is ok if $150 without NFC.

  • Indy

Cannot recommend this one to anyone if it runs miui