Realme GT Explorer Master review

13 Sept 2021

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  • Ivan

Good battery, good screen, good camera. Im totally happy with my buy. No zoom only digital. Night shots simply amazing. Difficult situation absolutely coped with fill light and night mode. My friends got amazed with the outcome photo. To me most importantly the battery must not be a worry emptying especially during important events during the day. With extremely intense use i am still able to have 10% left. Sd 888 always heats up and battery finishes too fast. The top up is for this phone is 30mins to 100%. To me i have found my perfect solution.

  • Realme Official

nanagdad, 27 Oct 2021Does the Realme GT Explorer Master have screen translate t... moreNo Screen Translate tool option in the smart sidebar because it's Chinese Version. And No 3 finger translate either because you'll need a Global ROM with Google Lens. Maybe it will be released Globally but I highly doubt it.

Does the Realme GT Explorer Master have screen translate tool in the sidebar?

I just hope you have also included the standard Vivo X60 for comparison since that one also has the SD870 and also a camera centric device.

  • Shams

Product is ok but his service is worst million time call but no response

  • Abhi

Realme GT mqster expolrer edition which which country sim card and band support please anyone who have this phone ple reply my question

  • Anonymous

Ram type?

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2021This is what happens when you haven't used the phone. ... moreThe sample photos have been taken using a relatively new firmware version. They are not from the Mi 11 Ultra review article from April, but from the Nokia 808 camera revisit back in July, presumably after GSMArena installed the so-called "DxOMark camera optimisation" update as well as several succeeding ones (which I could tell from improved colour and texture renditions).

As far as I could tell, Mi11U only has 2 options for night mode - off or on, and there is no difference in image quality between shots taken using the automatically enabled night mode and the manually enabled night mode. Also, Realme uses a much shorter shutter speed for every single night mode shot compared to Mi, whether it is automatic or manually enabled.

  • Anonymous

Nick Tegrataker, 16 Sep 2021I never said Mi11Ultra's photos have "poor" ... moreThis is what happens when you haven't used the phone.
The MI 11 ultra has got so many updates improving the current camera performance.

Besides details at night depends upon exposure time. Realme does auto night mode for longer time than MI 11 ultra.
MI 11 Ultra has different time intervals for night mode which we can choose from.
If you want better textures in extreme low light areas, just go for higher time interval night mode

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021In which area, it is better than MI 11 Ultra? It cant be

Nick Tegrataker, 15 Sep 2021Notably texture renditions in extreme low light.Where did you notice poor textures in extreme low light? Care to give a link?

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021In which area, it is better than MI 11 Ultra? Notably texture renditions in extreme low light.

Fanboy of All brands, 13 Sep 2021Next Realme GT 2 should have 1. Snapdragon 898 2. Same ca... moreOnly in your dreams

  • Anonymous

Nick Tegrataker, 14 Sep 2021This has got a pretty damn good main camera given the price... moreIn which area, it is better than MI 11 Ultra?

This has got a pretty damn good main camera given the price point - it shoots good looking photos during the day of course, but its low light performance really puts S21 Ultra to shame and the phone takes even better-looking photos than Mi 11 Ultra in some situations even though the latter uses a sensor that is literally twice as large.. and it manages to do all this without resorting to extremely slow shutter speed. While the shots still look a bit too oversharpened to my taste, I'm quite impressed with the amount of textures it retains in its night time photos.

Kudos to Oppo, I'm looking forward to see what this company will be able to achieve with a larger RGBW sensor in the next Find X series flagship.

  • Anonymous

AndEx39, 14 Sep 2021When watching 4K 2160p 30fps (main camera) - Realme GT Expl... moreALL phones can have AF and exposure set to infinity and fixed. Tap and hold in the middle of the screen, and wait until both are locked. You can do it on ALL phones.

  • Anonymous

MagicMonkeyBoy, 13 Sep 2021Even though I am a red magic owner. I will be honest. I am ... moreChinese brands are way ahead of their non-chinese counterparts

The daylight image quality is average at best. Lots of purple fringing which have plagued the past realme phones is stll here and the images are extremely over sharpened.

  • MG

WHERE the HECK is the slow Mo videography capabilities????