Xiaomi Pad 5 review

16 Sept 2021

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Android tablet.... Good direction..... Up coming Samsung galaxy tab S8... Crazy

Still a better option than the new ipad mini... If you don't mind OS

I think Android device manufacturers are stepping it up this time than previously where it seems like everyone has left the tablet but thanks to Coronavirus.- Work from home...

For me in the UK.. I wanted to get this tablet but looking at the price. £350+ for the 5G model. I can get a Samsung galaxy tab S7+ (second-new) at that price which is still better option if i get it at the same price.. FB marketplace have a lot... But great Job Android is making good moves...

  • bisi

Write when it is available in the global market otherwise this story is irrelevant for all of us

  • kiko

TabMaster, 18 Sep 2021if you want 4:3 garbage go buy an ipad...4/3 is much more convenient for almost anything.

  • Anonymous

TabMaster, 18 Sep 2021if you want 4:3 garbage go buy an ipad...Not everyone wants apple's crappy ipad os lol

Sx02, 17 Sep 2021Samsung s6 lite has DexThanks, somehow I missed that. I will correct it immediately!

My only gripes with this tablet is no micro SD card for expanded storage and earfones jack otherwise a good tablet

  • TabMaster

regs, 17 Sep 2021Another 16:10. Unusable in vertical orientation. Is it real... moreif you want 4:3 garbage go buy an ipad...

  • Lol

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2021Widevine L1 ?Yes for global version

  • Fhd

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2021Widevine L1 ?Yest it supports it

  • Anonymous

Widevine L1 ?

  • dbs0

Not including Micro SD support/expandable memory in a media device is a real deal killer

  • MaK007

and cannot do DeX.
Tab s6 lite now support dex after android 11 update.

  • Sx02

Samsung s6 lite has Dex

Xiaomi did it (again)...
For €300 it's a great proposition.If you're after affordable Android tablet with great specs...look no further,I guess.👍

Anyone have any sites that are doing the preorder and shipping to the United States? I bought my mother one from GizTop last month but would like to take advantage of the early bird discount to get one for my gf. Goboo has a 299€ preorder but they don't ship to the states.

zodiacfml, 17 Sep 2021you wasted my time on the Lenovo Pad Pro consideration. The... moreXiaomi Pad 5 has no direct competitor in Lenovo line-up within the same generation and same pricepoint. Lenovo's current 2021 line-up are the:

Lenovo Pad Plus (2021) around 280USD and Lenovo Pad Pro (2021) around 436USD here in SEA.

Pricewise, Xiaomi Pad 5 is much more comparable to the Pad Pro 2021.

Here's a comparison of the 3:

What hasn't been shown in the comparison was that all the 2021 Lenovo variants have video-out support via type-c enabling users to use any monitor/TV you wanted as external display and you're not just confined with smart TVs via wireless casting (higher latency compared to wired) with the Xiaomi Pads.

Another 16:10. Unusable in vertical orientation. Is it really that difficult to design 4:3 tablet with UFS memory, decent CPU and Windows on it?

GG, 17 Sep 2021compare the specs..! if you just want a large functional ta... morebecause this mi pad 5 released before ipad 10 and realme pad, if xiaomi released after these two maybe xiaomi will follow their spec.