Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE review

18 Sept 2021

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  • 16 Mar 2024

That's all I can say! so fantastic

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    • 31 Jan 2024

    Binj, 21 Jan 2024Worst phone ever! 31k and waste of money! Xiaomi 11 lite 5g... moreI faced similar issues. The problem is that the finger print scanner / power button is jammed by repeated use. After recognising this I stopped using the fingerprint scanner to lock and unlock the screen. Use pin number instead. To lock the screen you can use 🔒 widget in the home screen and touch that widget instead of pressing the physical button.

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      • 30 Jan 2024

      Binj, 21 Jan 2024Worst phone ever! 31k and waste of money! Xiaomi 11 lite 5g... moreThe phone doesn't shutdown. Bro, you've tampered with your phone. Visit the repairer.

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        • Binj
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        • 21 Jan 2024

        Worst phone ever! 31k and waste of money! Xiaomi 11 lite 5g is one of the worst ever model out of all the phones..the phone shuts down and doesn't switch on.. l it shuts down itself for atleast 10 Times a day.. it's not even 2 years since I bought this phone! Xiaomi bad service ever. Din except this from them! Can't return and donno what to do with this crap

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          • XG7
          • 06 Jan 2024

          Anonymous, 08 Dec 2023My experience is soo bad this is the second time my phone s... moreBro mine shut down as well, no signs of life, no nothing. I couldn't bring the phone for reparation cause they were on holidays but do you have any idea as to why this happens?

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            • 08 Dec 2023

            My experience is soo bad this is the second time my phone shut down after updating and won't turn on even after i force reboot and all.. it won't charge .. and now i need to go have it fix again -_-

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              • 11 Aug 2023

              Polish user, 27 Jun 2023No I am back to my pocophone F1, because the xiaomi 11 lite... moreDude you are the one kidding here. You seem like someone paid you to talk bad about Xiaomi. It has face ID and IR. What point are you even trying to prove? It won't get scratches because it is glass back you dumbass. I am not taking Xiaomi's side but the things you are saying are just senseless. Almost ever phone's battery lasts 1 day. Do some research you stupid. And no phone company allows you to install custom roms. You just seem like an 8 year old girl trying to spread hate because you just want to.

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                • Polish user
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                • 27 Jun 2023

                No I am back to my pocophone F1, because the xiaomi 11 lite 5g NE is reall not woorth the money it costs:
                -display has good colors, but i can see single pixels
                -it is castrated: no jack, no fm radio, no ir for face unlock.
                -the camera is very bad - all pictures are blured - F1 with GCam is much better.
                -battery lasts only for one day
                -material is not resistant against scratches even in an protection cover.
                -there is only limited availiablility of custom roms
                Why was I so stupid to buy this sh...t? Xiaomi are you kidding with this expensive brick?

                  I bought MI 11 Lite NE 5G 18 months back and after recent upgrade to MIUI 14.0.4, I was shocked and found that my mobile is without any audio output not even in outgoing or incoming call. I want to MI service centre in Gurgaon and they told me that motherboard need to be replaced which will cost me 15876/- I am now ruing my decision to buy MI lite 11 NR mobile and want to warn everyone about the quality of MI phones as they might have hidden some bug in their upgrades which will render your mobile useless until you pay them hefty sum for repair. Best of luck to other MI mobile owners

                    I haven't receive the mi ui 14

                      Anonymous, 13 Dec 2022Xiaomi 11 Lite Ne 5G Model in India has the feature VoNR or... moreIt does in MIUI 14 update.

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                        • Eric
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                        • 11 Jan 2023

                        Good Day, is this phone compatible to Apple watch? TIA for the reply.

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                          • 13 Dec 2022

                          Xiaomi 11 Lite Ne 5G Model in India has the feature VoNR or not? Please tell...

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                            • 22 Oct 2022

                            Gandalfdenvite , 25 Aug 2022"wrongly hold", I hold my Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE ex... moreit's auto off!, mine work 100% and it's not "unusable phone" you crazy.

                              Anonymous, 30 Jun 2022Worest phone, not repond camara, videos. Dont choose. Amazing phone . So light only 158 gr. 5g . 6.55 inches. 33W super fast charge. Up to 2.4GHZ 8 core CPU. 256 GB ROM. 8GB RAM. It's the best phone ever made by human being in my opinion.

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                                • Ali Nayeb
                                • a3a
                                • 01 Sep 2022

                                I purchase this phone Mi 11 NE light 5g and love it. This is the only phone on the planet with these 3 important attributes at the SAME time :"" 1- only 158 gr with 6.55 inches . 2 - 122 hours endurance rating (good battery with 33w - in 59.9 min 95 percent charge) . 3- 8 GB RAM + 256 GB ROM + 5G. ""
                                It's better than s 22 with 168 gr and much better than iphone 13 with 174 gr (very heavy).

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                                  • Gandalfdenvite
                                  • 38F
                                  • 25 Aug 2022

                                  T4techdroid , 06 May 2022Screen stay , while calling hold the mobile such that the e... more"wrongly hold", I hold my Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE exactly as I hold any of the many phones I own, have owned, and Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE is the ONLY phone that do NOT keep the screen off during the entire phonecall, that makes Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE unusable as a phone!

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                                    • D0a
                                    • 30 Jun 2022

                                    Worest phone, not repond camara, videos. Dont choose.

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                                      • sansundr
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                                      • 18 Jun 2022

                                      I used 8 months this phone.net work support not at all good.Its not support BSNL 4g network.always support bsnl is 2 g network.if any body interst to buy this product (bsnl subcriber) think twice.I also compliant the service center.no use

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                                        • 07 Jun 2022

                                        Khan, 13 Mar 2022Bro.this Device is good and what about camera ? I am confus... moreMy Question is Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE is back panel is plastic body, so phone in pocket is comfortable or not?

                                        I have so many reviews, phone is bend in pocket, so please confirm.