Motorola Edge 20 Pro review

20 September 2021

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  • Wrathgor

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021No headphone jack no buyJust get a proper bluetooth earbuds. Been using a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for 2 years and now I don't care about 3.5mm jack.

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021No headphone jack no buyUsed to have that mentality,until I bought one..
Now I don't really care..
Bluetooth earphones actually have their advantages..

  • Anonymous

No headphone jack no buy

So the new trend is using 8mpx for zoom cameras and then upscaling to 12mpx? Like why? Xiaomi was able to put a 48mpx sensor in 5x periscope but other brands can't?

  • Anonymous

This is an ideal phone for me, though I would have loved to see a 3.5mm jack, but I guess everyone is moving on, I'm not even sure why moto is, they don't even make tws earphones.
I have used a couple of moto devices some things I hope they got better is at Wifi calibration, always getting reconnected especially on 5ghz,
anyway they always build well, the display and performance looks great on this one,
I personally prefer a side mounted fingerprint scanner, saves a lot while getting a tempered glass( some glasses even have a fingerprint hole cut out, really weird),
I don't mind the missing stereo speakers, the speakers should be loud enough, and I mostly use earphones while gaming or watching media, which brings back to the missing 3.5mm jack, kind of a weird loop, but yeah the latency is getting better and better with the wireless headphones, and I personally prefer a wire free life, just hopefully the latency gets better,
The Battery is always great on moto phones, peek display, no bloatware, etc, and they managed to get the bulky shape out, kuddos to that, it's weird that they removed the wireless charging, going down from their previous model, but yeah lesser price, so maybe acceptable, it's very slow anyway, but if we don't give new tech time and appreciation it doesn't evolve over time.
Camera looks great obviously it should be great, but night time photos are really bad. maybe it'll get better with otas or gcam, let's see.

Shadocx, 21 Sep 2021So why care about the Motorola G100 when the Poco F3 has st... moreDepends on your priorities. The g100 has better cameras and a headphone jack and expandable storage and a good proximity sensor. We all have different priorities and preferences. Personally, I'd prefer a headphone jack over stereo speakers for example.

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 21 Sep 2021The Poco F3 is a better choice, it just lacks a periscope l... moreThe software ux experience of the Moto is miles ahead of the poco...

I can agree with speakers, not the rest you mention, the Moto is much better

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Fun fact, prices for this guy are all over the place. In Po... moreThe Poco F3 is a better choice, it just lacks a periscope lens and USB 3.1, this Motorola can't even get basic stuffs like a display with 800+ nits and stereo speakers, even a Redmi Note 10 have those...

sohail shafayat, 20 Sep 2021poor web browsing time, poor camera, boring narrow/tall des... moreDisplay doesn't go past 800 nits of brightness, no stereo speakers and it doesn't get loud either, this phone makes 0 sense to me, it has display output through USB C port but any phone with USB 3.0 and higher, have that.

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021If you don't care about the camera, the OLED, 144hz bu... moreSo why care about the Motorola G100 when the Poco F3 has stereo speakers and 120Hz OLED?

  • dumass

notafanboy, 20 Sep 2021Waterproof? Lmao. Pretty sure waterproof phones don't ... moreyou got me there bruh! im gonna kms right now! yolo!

Qidamin, 21 Sep 2021As I am in China I am really tempted by the edge 20 pro. St... moreYeah, might be the same selfie cam as on the edge s pro. I got the Edge s pro as I live in China as well and it was good value for money. The only significant weakness for me of Moto phones in China is software localisation. I am used to using nfc on previous phones from Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi for public transport but moto doesn't have their own wallet app at the moment that supports transport cards. The phone has nfc so they might update it later but they don't seem to have one yet.

  • BanB

i jumped right to the last page of the review, where the reviewer mentioned that the S20 FE has only a 2x tele camera, while actually it's a 3x tele camera. The reviewer also mentioned that no competing phone has a something to counter the "Ready for" in the Moto, while actually all S line Samsung phones (including S20 FE) support "Samsung DEX mode" which is probably better than "Ready For" just because it's been there much longer. I've been getting the feeling for some time that Gsmarena seems to favor Moto phones that don't really provide actual value, I hope I'm wrong!!

  • codres

This phone looks like the winner of the category DOA (Dead on Arrival).

  • Anonymous

700 Euro and no OIS on main sensor.. insanely overpriced.. even my Oneplus Nord2 I paid 400 Euro for, has a main sensor with OIS..

these motorola edge 20 line up is a failed phone.

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Browsing time is fine, 90% of current gen phones are around... more12 and half an hour is not fine, practically it will last only 2 hours. And the narrow screen is sick

  • Qidamin

Aierlan, 21 Sep 2021Yeah, it's priced not much more than the Redmi k40(Poc... moreAs I am in China I am really tempted by the edge 20 pro. Strangely the selfie cam is said to be 16mp on the Chinese version.

  • Anonymous

you lost me at 6.7''

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2021Fun fact, prices for this guy are all over the place. In Po... moreYeah, it's priced not much more than the Redmi k40(Poco f3) in China. Moto is the brand offering the best price to performance ratio in China at the moment for snapdragon 870 phones. Probably because they are only really starting to sell in the Chinese market this year. The base variant's current proce is jist $340