Realme Pad review

22 September 2021

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  • 28 Dec 2021

When using the 3 button navigation can the order of the buttons be changed so that the back button is on the left and recents is on the right?

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    • rAM
    • 24 Dec 2021

    4k H.265 10-bit videos can be played in hardware? Can someone please shed some light on this? TIA.

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      • Sunil
      • f}t
      • 29 Nov 2021

      shivasharmaarya, 15 Nov 2021My realme pad has yellowish tint on side of bezel while vie... moreYes i facing same problem i dont know this is hardware issue or software if u found any solution pls confirm me

        My realme pad has yellowish tint on side of bezel while viewing white. Please let me know if anyone facing same or any resolution.

          HaterzSuckkkkk, 26 Sep 2021what about the regular iPad? It destroys this. the he... moreLook at the price difference between realme tab and ipad, it's massive so What sense does it make to compare these two. And if you ever owned an iPad(I do) you should know it takes an arm and leg for repair cost alone, if you know what I mean.

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            • sxr
            • 10 Nov 2021

            no gallery for ipad realme?used 4 / 64

              Anonymous, 23 Oct 2021My realme pad jelly scrolling issue and yellow tint from on... moreI use the 4GB memory variant and have no such issues.

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                • 23 Oct 2021

                My realme pad jelly scrolling issue and yellow tint from one side of bezel.
                Is this okay?

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                  • 22 Oct 2021

                  Lin, 22 Oct 2021I will order one unit because I no play game,and other.Good... morenow never .. stop plz

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                    • 22 Oct 2021

                    I will order one unit because I no play game,and other.Good choice for me...

                      RameshK, 23 Sep 2021Does anyone know what bluetooth audio codecs this tablet su... moreAAC, AptX and LDAC are present so far

                        HaterzSuckkkkk, 28 Sep 2021It's $329 dollars. Please. This may be cheap, but i... moreHaterzSuckkkkk, I don't understand why you bore so much hate for Realme and their value products. I am from India and really like some of their products if not all. Recently along with this Realme Pad I also bought their first ever laptop, the Realme Book Slim. Granted this laptop is an Apple MacBook impersonator, but then look how well they they copied and how good the laptop is for its asking price. Renowned Youtuber Dave2d's review was an eye opener for me. He said this laptop will disrupt USA & European markets if ever launched.

                        Here in India, Realme have big presence and we are fortunate to have both Intel Core i3 (8GB) & Core i5 (8GB) variants for ₹45K ($600, €520) & ₹57K ($760, €660) respectively. What is even more impressive is now during our festive season, Realme's online retail partner Flipkart is selling the Core i5 variant for the price of Core i3 after various cashback's & card discounts and all!

                        I actually paid ₹45.247 ($601, €520) to get the Realme Book Slim (Core i5, Real Grey) variant without any exchange. My jaw droped at the specs for 600 bucks:

                        1) Premium all metal build just like Apple MacBook.
                        2) Awesome 14 inch, 2K Display supporting 100% sRGB color gamut. 400 nits peak brightness for a laptop is outstanding.
                        3) Intel Core i5-1135G7 (11th Gen)
                        4) Intel Iris XE Graphics
                        5) 8GB LPDDR4x @ 4266MHz Dual channel RAM. This is very high speed RAM @ 4266MHz, equivalent to 12 GB variants of its competitors.
                        6) 512GB Samsung Gen3 SSD with one of the highest read and write speeds. User up-gradable with the PCIe Gen3/Gen4 slot.
                        7) Thunderbolt 4 port + USB-C 3.2 Gen 2
                        8) 3.5mm Headphone + Microphone Jack (A rarity)
                        9) WI-FI 6 & Bluetooth 5.2
                        10) 6952 mAh (54Wh) 4-cell Lithium Polymer battery
                        11) 65 watt fast charger which is as small as a phone charger
                        12) 3-level Backlit Keyboard, identical to MacBook
                        13) Huge trackpad
                        14) Two HARMAN Speakers with DTS, decently loud
                        15) Clean Windows 10 Home with ZERO bloatware. Free Upgraded Windows 11.
                        16) Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Student pre-installed

                        What is even more impressive is the Realme Book (Core i5) variant have received Intel Evo certification. Which mean sleep to wake time is under a second with the Fingerprint Power Button.

                          harianilchandran, 22 Sep 2021Best thing about this tablet is it doesn't have any so... moreThe Realme Pad just blew my mind at how much it is offering at such less asking price. I recently got hold of one of 4/64GB memory configuration at Flipkart BBD sales. I had to pay just ₹13,680 ($183, 158 euros) after card discounts for this Wifi + LTE enabled model.

                          Things I like:

                          1) Premium metal build, good design. Slim. No "DARE TO LEAP" logo at back.
                          2) Bright & beautiful 10.4" display. Colors just pop and viewing angles are great. Realme have not cut any corners with this IPS panel. Even with (2000 × 1200) & 224 ppi I observe no pixelation issues.
                          3) Mediatek Helio G80 may not win any races now, but will plough the field from day to night. Good SoC for its price.
                          4) 4GB RAM have no lagging issues while browsing.
                          5) 64GB internal memory + 1 TB memory card expansion capability. So no worries about memory running out.
                          6) 3.5 mm audio jack. A must have to enjoy any type of multimedia experience without disturbing others.
                          7) Awesome 4 speaker system, very loud and clear with Dolby Atmos. Just blew my mind.
                          8) Great battery backup with a 7100 mah battery, G80 is an efficeint chip.
                          9) 18 watts wall charger included, charges fast.

                          In short, a very all rounded package with a lever of quality unheard in below $200 tablet segment. Full marks to Realme

                            batman, 29 Sep 2021With just 100$ more, you can get a base ipad now with apple... moreThe ipad onyl selling point is a13. But the cons outweigh the main selling point.

                              batman, 29 Sep 2021With just 100$ more, you can get a base ipad now with apple... moreYup, I agree. I think this is the reason why realme also don't want to release their own sd 860 model, just like what xiaomi mi pad 5 did, it has the same price as the ipad 2021. As long as Apple would not increase their prices for the base model, they should not be worried in getting dethroned

                                Dudenoway, 25 Sep 2021As I explained. Good quality tft can match a regular ips lc... moreI have budget S amsung Tab A 10.1 from 2019. Clearly, it has a usable display (TFT one). It's quite bright too. The only thing that bogs down the good display is the sub-par internals. Also if you have the budget and you want an android tablet, Samsung's flagship lineup is really good with a sorted UI (due to their presence in the segment all these years).

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                                  • Tano27
                                  • L8x
                                  • 02 Oct 2021

                                  HaterzSuckkkkk, 27 Sep 2021regular iPad is $329, hahaha. Check the website. This price is only valid for the United States, in other countries the cost increases and in some cases, ostensibly almost double the price of its original cost.

                                    Anonimo, 29 Sep 2021I have been using an Android (Huawei) tablet for almost 5 y... morewhat kind?

                                    Is it one with a helio g80?

                                    Ur probably using one with a flagship to midrange chipset. Not one with low-end cr*p like this.

                                    The realme pad is literally a display that scrolls websites and watches videos(with slow loading times).

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                                      • batman
                                      • 7tU
                                      • 29 Sep 2021

                                      With just 100$ more, you can get a base ipad now with apple A13 chip... thats insane.
                                      imagine what a base ipad is capable of. sadly the import taxes and etc cost change the whole story
                                      in USA, where the ipad is 300$, the realme doesn't even exist.
                                      in europe n asian countries, the base ipad costs more around 500$, where realme is selling.

                                      is it value for money, considering ipad is just 100$ more? NO, not at all, it sucks.
                                      but its all we got.

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                                        • 7kb
                                        • 29 Sep 2021

                                        A 5 year old Ipad unfortunately runs more smoother than a 2021 Realme Pad. The Display on the iPad is Vivid , Clear, Detailed and Crisp compared to Dullness in Realme Pad Display. An old iPad comes with better features than Realme Pad out of the Box. The only best thing about Realme Pad is the Speakers which beats the iPad in comparison. The Realme Pad still lacks G sensor capabilities which are required for Gaming Experience. The Realme is a good product when compared with other Android Tablets in Market, but is no competition as yet to iPad's, reason being iPad's come built in with own Chipset and own Os made for eachother, but in case of Android, it's an assembly process of matching different types of Chipset with available latest Android OS.