Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max review

05 October 2021

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Y'all must understand Android phone makers or Apple don't care about you no matter what you say. All they care is profiting from all of you, money is all they care, you the consumer don't matter. People can't seem to understand this.

Android-Authority, 05 Oct 2021It's not just the weight but the overall in hand feel.... moreMost people uses a case, so grip and fingerprint is not an issue. I like the wider screen too. Only issue is weight and 12MP main camera. I prefer a 20MP sensor with 3:2 shooting mode. IMX718 Could have been a smarter choice

Just to give my 2 cents , Apple just provided a phone that fanboys would drool over, even if its 2 years late if compared on what present Android flagship can offer. I mean in just computational standpoint, the A15 is a monster, but everything else spec wise, this is a boring phone and nothing to offer from an android user perspective, but its a big jump from everything you have from last year pro max version and I share the same excitement as the reviewer.

Nick Tegrataker, 06 Oct 2021This is nothing to do with sensor size, there are a few pho... moreDude, photos taken from an iPhone have less contrast. What clarity boost are you talking about? You obviously don't know anything about photography.

i0S.- Never.- Again, 05 Oct 2021The cons of using a smaller cheaper sensor. This is nothing to do with sensor size, there are a few phones from 2020 or even 2019 that come with a smaller sensor yet render finer details than iPhone 13 Pro at the base and near-base ISO levels (Exynos S20/Plus, Mate 30 Pro). The thing is that Apple applies too much clarity boost and noise reduction to the point where virtually all very fine details are exterminated, which they should absolutely not need to.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021obviously you doesn't understand analogy...Your analogy is terrible.
A sports car costs $300k and above.
IPhone is as cheap as 400$.
Even for the expensive model, most people can simply save up for few months and buy a 1000€ iPhone. They can't just save up for a few months and buy a ferrari.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Did I said anything about people cannot prefer android, im ... moreEveryone wants a ferrari? No man I want a buggati.
Someone else might want an Aston Martin or Lamborghini.
IPhone isn't the only flagship around just like ferrari isn't the only sportscar around.

You also need to also follow the context of the conversation.
Some guy accused gsmarena comment section of being android biased.
You need to understand the reality than around 80% people prefer android and don't want anything to do with ios. They are perfectly happy with their device.
If they had the money, they'll spend it on Android flagship, not iPhones. But on Android, a 200$-300$ device gets the job done, so they don't bother spending more on an Android flagship as they aren't looking for unnecessary power, just like you won't buy a sportscar for day to day driving around the city.

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ABC Media, 06 Oct 2021First of all iPhone is no ferrari. Over 200 million people... moreobviously you doesn't understand analogy...

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[deleted post]Did I said anything about people cannot prefer android, im saying it is not right to compare sales number this way. Everyone wants a ferrari, but why is ferrai sales much lower than toyota? They are just different product to cater to different needs and requirement.

[deleted post]First of all iPhone is no ferrari.
Over 200 million people bought iPhone in 2020.
The amount of people who bought Ferrari is far far less than that.
So your comparison is bizarre.

Secondly, the whole world doesn't need to afford a flagship phone, a 200$-300$ Android phone can do the job pretty effectively embarrassing the 1000€ iPhone in many areas.

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2021Powerful chip does not mean the support for 8K@30 or 4K@120... moreOK 8k is not possible with 12mp.. Correct.. but who told Apple to be stuck on 12mp?? It was their decision and they have to be considered responsible for the same.

What about 4k120?? I am sure the chipset supports it. Why isn't it there??
What about 960fps video recording??
Even budget poco x3 pro does 1080p 960fps with imx 682 and its good quality because of flagship ISP.

i0S.- Never.- Again, 05 Oct 2021Only Youtubers you can trust are those who are buying these... moreTrue, but that is equally true for all brands. The reviews released straight after launch by reviewers who have received review units are not reliable

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Android--Master, 06 Oct 2021All that A15 power is useless as yet again this year they c... moreAs if Android chipsets didn't throttle as well. Also it's a phone, not a computer. You can't add tons of cooling when the weight is already 30% up compared to what we had a couple of years ago.

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HaterzSuckkkkk, 05 Oct 2021Review the 13 pro, gsmarena! It's the best out of t... more13 Pro is counterpart to S21, not 21 ultra

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Android--Master, 06 Oct 2021All that A15 power is useless as yet again this year they c... morePowerful chip does not mean the support for 8K@30 or 4K@120 is there.
Also the sensor needs to be able as well.

How do you want a 12MP to record 8K?

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How have they made it so heavy at 240g!
Is it made of lead?

The similar dimensions and battery of the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE which is 158g

Android-Authority, 05 Oct 2021The iOS optimization narrative gets destroyed every few mon... moreAll that A15 power is useless as yet again this year they can't keep the cpu cool.
No 4k@120fps either or 8k video recording for that matter, despite the capability of the chipset.
This is what happens when you cheapen out on hardware or downright refuse to give users what they want. Thank God for Android coming in and saving us from all these restrictions and lackluster hardware/software provided on iOS devices.

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i totally agree with the pros and cons that you said
But apple now makes cheaper phones that samsung , if you compare the s21 vanilla launch price (1000$) with exynos and plastic back and the iphone 13 with a15 and much better build for 799$ its actually reasonable ,
But because of how strict ios is , and how one ui has many ads and so many useless bloatware, I will not buy either samsung or apple for now ,the 60hz on the vanilla iphone and the plastic cheap back and Exynos overheating soc combined with one ui are the real deal-breakers that push me away from both of these 2 companies
But for ipad its really good ,I may buy in the future an android phone and an ipad with ios

Review the 13 pro, gsmarena!

It's the best out of the bunch.

The pro max offers more battery life, but it's been proven that the pro also offers great battery life, while being smaller and cheaper than competing flagships like the s21 ultra.

Dudenoway, 05 Oct 2021Haha jokes on you that's cuz it wa stuck in 120 hz and... moreThe iOS optimization narrative gets destroyed every few months due to bloopers like these.
One phone to launch in a year with 4 variants maximum, they still couldn't get 120hz optimized, even after being 4 years late. All of this points to a company which has simply stopped bothering.