Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max review

05 October 2021

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2021Is it possible that the display calibration was done after ... moreThat is what all do.

Samsung does not properly calibrate their phones because they know clients do not care and like punchy/vivid.

  • Max

If 13ProMax have brighter aperture f/1.5 (vs f/1.6 Ipone13) and bigger sensor 1.9mm (vs 1.7mm Iphone13), then why both phones have the same shooting parameters ISO640, 1/40s in Low light?

Just some fun facts:
The iPhone CPU now has more cache than the state-of-the art desktop CPUs that cost almost as much as the entire iPhone itself
Just the four efficiency cores in the iPhone are about as fast as the 2019 13" MacBook Pro
The iPhone GPU is faster than the Iris Plus in the $1799 four-port 13" MBP

Is it me or the photo quality is abysmal? iPhone 12 pro max takes much better photos.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1016461, 05 Oct 2021 moreIs it possible that the display calibration was done after they were bought from Samsung so that's why Apple has better color calibration compared to their supplier?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2021Is that the highest score for a phone review?I think it matches the S21 Ultra but I’m not sure

  • Anonymous

Best phone of 2021 💪

  • Anonymous

Apple still doesn't seem to make good decisions in which conditions they should use the tele camera instead of a crop.
And they rather should have used a 50mm or 65mm equivalent tele camera, but with more megapixels. The tele camera of the 13 Pro Max only has an effective diameter of 3.2mm, whereas the 50mm camera of the Vivo X70 Pro Plus has 4.5mm.

  • Anonymous

Looks like Apple isn't messing around this year and this is an absolutely stellar phone. I'm very impressed by the battery life. Even if they finally enable the 120hz refresh rate, the battery life will still remain superb. The A15 processor is a beast. And together with the superb build and pretty colours, good job.

  • AnonD-1016461

[deleted post]They use best in market material that Samsung it self doesn't even use for their phones
This shows how strong is apple
Apple booked most of TSMC's nods that they basically have 0 problems with chip shortage but Qualcomm struggles and jumped to Samsung nodes and look at Qualcomm now overheating and throttling chipsets
The only reason that people hate Apple is basically because they make best phones in market that their lovely OEM can't (even their OEM support material for Apple)
And hey Google pays apple to use their search engine on safari and you say Google ban apple?🤣🤣🤣

  • IphoneSupremacy

Hail the King.
Destroying competition.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1016461, 05 Oct 2021 moreWow thats sadism from Samsung, hope they change that practice.

  • Anonymous

Most likely we have hit a brick wall on current camera tech.

Unless Quantum Dot sensors replace current CMOS, the camera quality is moving forward.

We are now seeing mostly a 10% improvements year on year.

  • AnonD-1016461
Samsung is cheaping out on it's flagship phones by making best display for Apple and still some defend Samsung just because it's not apple

  • Anonymous

Is that the highest score for a phone review?