Apple iPad 9th gen (2021) review

06 October 2021

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  • JohnIL

I've used iPads from the first one, and they all do just fine for consumption devices. My recent purchase a 9th gen is just as good although Safari gives me fits a lot. Also, I bought a Smart keyboard that works OK but not worth the money. It also depletes my iPad battery faster too.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1014095, 09 Oct 2021Big ugly bezels and nasty ugly curved design The curved design was beautiful since it was introduced with the iPad mini 1. it is very classy and has more character than the blocks that all the other iPads are.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021I love the form factor, the size, the speed of ipads. I ha... moreYes it is really great and does not bend like the newer iPads. Only the Apple Pencil charging is a bit annoying but at least it charges fast enough.
I don’t even know what they could improve in the next generation really. Maybe Touch ID 2, anti reflective coating, P3 color gamut. But A13 is already plenty fast, of course they could do all of the above and add an A14. But a bigger upgrade for most people imo would be to reduce the price further, for example to $299 or $279 with that A14. It’s just so good already, hard to improve that much. Oh and a flash would be nice.

  • IoannesR

I'm tech savvy and needed a tablet to work. I chose the iPad 9, cause it was cheaper and does everything I need with stellar performance...

Denver Gordon, 16 Oct 2021iPad is still the trusted tablet in my opinion. Xiaomi pad ... moreEvery new ios update is buggy. And long software support from Apple involves delivering 10 year old features late. Isn't is embarrassing that a budget Tablet has more software features and functionality than your overrated iPad OS??

  • Denver Gordon

iPad is still the trusted tablet in my opinion. Xiaomi pad 5 tried really hard making it a great tablet but it will all end up in software optimization and updates. The only update you’ll get from xiaomi is to get a new device and miui is buggy as hell as for my experience. So if anyone ask me what tablet to get, better get an ipad.

  • mary

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021I love the form factor, the size, the speed of ipads. I ha... moreHey if you are that big a fan, just get the 256gb edition. You will not regret it. And it is not a luxury ammount of memory these days.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021So... the Xiaomi Pad 5 review describes its hardware perfor... morelol, xiaomi pad 5 , ipad wanna be ..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021I have an expensive 2019 Samsung tablet and a very old iPad... morebefore u open the box , android device already slow , and it getting worst when got update .... thats why those android user always keep bringing "apple throttling" thing ..

  • Anonymous

I love the form factor, the size, the speed of ipads. I have multiple android phones, still have the epic Nokia n8. The classic iPad is the best and I hope the keep making this form factor with the home button, the 3.5mm jack, the lightning cable. Yes even the lightning cable which I used to hate but now have a ton of it after several generations of iphones and ipads. Apple please keep this form factor, I love it. There is enough underpowered junk out there with high screen to belzo ratio. Apple has the higher end versions with the geek configurations. I don't care, I love the form factor and same interface as my kids can use it and my mother, it's simple and it works. The speed is more than adequate even on the older iPad but the storage is crippling. Was thinking about getting a 128gb model for next ipad but 64gb might be enough as 256gb might be more than I need.
I love the iPad, best tablet on the market and I'm a samsung person. I would not even consider a higher end samsung, would rather have a budget ipad instead. Keep making this form factor and just refresh the internals a bit every few years. I wish samsung would do that for 1-2 lines of their phone lines while keeping micro SD card support rather than basically copying iphone for their flagship.
Did I mention that I love the bar ipad? Used worth bluetooth keyboard (cheap) and with Bluetooth mouse, it's the tablet/ computer that I take with me for family trips. Love it

  • Anonymous

so are they gonna get rid of the home button or nah

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2021The review misunderstands why Apple keeps this same design ... moreLOL.

  • Anonymous

The review misunderstands why Apple keeps this same design for so long. This iPad model is often rolled out en masse in companies, businesses, schools etc. These organisations have invested heavily in equipment for that model (e.g. cases, stands, cables). Changing this iPad model too frequently would result in unnecessary, higher annual costs to these organisations.

  • AnonD-1014095

Big ugly bezels and nasty ugly curved design

  • Anonymous

Anonymousse, 07 Oct 2021This is the ipad that is the best for most people and the o... more*cheapest

  • Rakesh

AppleFan250, 08 Oct 2021I guess iPad isn't so environment friendly after all a... moreHaha so funny. U will still buy it

FarFan, 08 Oct 2021I'm impressed that apple is last to keep 3.5mm jack in... moreBut with the Mini now even have the headphone jack removed, it's just a matter of time before the vanilla iPad get the same fate.

[deleted post]GSMArena never do sponsored reviews or even sponsored advertorials, so you won't be ever seeing one.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021So... the Xiaomi Pad 5 review describes its hardware perfor... moreDid they really call Xiomi flagship grade? Xiomi is more likely flagship raid. They have stolen all ideas and design from the iPad Pro.

  • Anonymous

As usual, lots of anti Apple people here churning their poison. The iPad is, however, the device to have if you don’t want to spend a lot. And you don’t want to buy a new tablet every year. And judging from my “ancient” iPad Air 2 from which I type this, getting an iPad it will most likely be fully useful and get all the latest updates 7 years later. Not to mention that after all this time, and after having used it heavily as my main computer, the battery can still last from anything between 6 to 10 hours depending of the kind of apps I use. I wouldn’t think for a second to fall for an Android tablet, especially those Chinese copycats.