Oppo Reno6 5G review

11 October 2021

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  • Anonymous

Camera very bad

  • Aswathy

Good phone , good looking , easy to handle.

  • Anonymous

So the backs made of textured plastic, buts its more slippery then glass according to this review. 🤔

I really like how you can customize the size of the icons, which I couldn't do on the google pixel 2 xl, which is really weird.

  • N0S

I think gsmarena should remove the plastic film screen protector before reviewing phones. On photos, the screen looks denim-like and so fade.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2021Useless chipset MTK how come oppo using low class chipset h... moreCalling it useless when it's literally performing well.

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2021Useless chipset MTK how come oppo using low class chipset h... moreDimensity 900 is better than SD765, do research and learn and stop displaying ignorance here

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2021Useless chipset MTK how come oppo using low class chipset h... moreWhy do you people always have this archaic notion that, once a phone is not powered by snapdragon, it's not good? This Dimensity 900 is a new chipset from MTK which is as good as SD750 or even better, chill bro!

  • Dharit

do not buy oppo Reno 6 pro
1 Software issue activate automatically do not distribute mode
2 While Calling voice break
3.Screen gurad given by company doesn't set with device
This is also very cheap device

10 days issue not resolved yet by company

  • Anonymous

Useless chipset MTK how come oppo using low class chipset however other phones are dying to compete each other using snap dragon

  • adzam

if i am not mistaken some countries outside of China are selling the Pro Plus version and rename it as Pro.

  • Anonymous

Bad speaker and too costly. There should be no reason to favor this over Realme and Vivo offerings. Also, at that price OnePlus steamroll it. It must have been placed 100 euro less.
Why Oppo insist on those bad speakers is beyond me...


It's good for me. Because it smart phone...

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021Finally another person who recognises that we had much all-... moreThe reno 1 too

dbjungle, 12 Oct 2021Are you able to completely disable beauty mode? Not just t... moreThere is always a slight ish buety mode no matter what you do. Even if you deprocces the photos it's in the algorithm.

Are you able to completely disable beauty mode? Not just turning off the setting or changing it to "natural". Does it completely turn off and present true to life photos on both the front and back cameras?

  • Anonymous

This would've been a good choice for me to upgrade from my similarly designed (flat chamfered edges) Z2 Plus, but it doesn't have the 3.5mm jack, and the review came a bit late, not to mention I was expecting a bit better from the Dim900 considering that GSMA had mentioned b4 that it had the G78-MC4, but now it's the G68?!
Anyways got me a X7 Max-12/256 for cheaper than this and it's certainly more powerful, but I don't like the design very much.
And what's with this copying iphone thing? As if they have patented the flat edges as well like they did with their some stupid early patents about the rounded screen/corner,etc.
My 4 year old phone had a similar design and was a great compact device, just check out the Z2 Plus.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021Compared to 2 years old Reno2, this phone is still worse in... moreFinally another person who recognises that we had much all-round better phones 2 years back. As I've said multiple times b4, the Reno 2 was the best mid-ranger of its time, giving every feature!

  • Just for LOL

rizki1, 12 Oct 2021Oppo has done a big strategy in marketing that's why i... moreBBK (Oppo, Vivo and Realme) gives attractive incentives to resellers if managed to achieve monthly unit target, that is why most mobile shops will recommend these brands. Tip for buying these brands is don't buy when first launched. Wait for about 3 months and their prices will drop dramatically.

A friend of mine bought the Reno3 Pro when launched for about USD500. Barely 3 months later, Oppo launched the Reno4 Pro with better specs (Snapdragon 720G vs the underwhelming Helio P95 in the Reno3 Pro) at about the same price. He then tried to sell his phone after using for 5 months and he was offered only about USD200 for it by the shop he bought it from. He said the battery life starting to get terrible and camera not up to his expectation for a USD500 phone as the reason to sell. Don't fall to the hype of these BBK brands.

  • Arksmc05

I'm using it for the past 24 hrs.
Display is good
I do Like the boxy design, feels good to hold, it's width is same as iphone 13, a cm taller
For an average user Performance is good
Battery is not bad(need some more time to understand about it)
One peculiar thing is, it remains cool even if personal hotspot is running!