Oppo Reno6 5G review

11 October 2021

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  • Anonymous

This would've been a good choice for me to upgrade from my similarly designed (flat chamfered edges) Z2 Plus, but it doesn't have the 3.5mm jack, and the review came a bit late, not to mention I was expecting a bit better from the Dim900 considering that GSMA had mentioned b4 that it had the G78-MC4, but now it's the G68?!
Anyways got me a X7 Max-12/256 for cheaper than this and it's certainly more powerful, but I don't like the design very much.
And what's with this copying iphone thing? As if they have patented the flat edges as well like they did with their some stupid early patents about the rounded screen/corner,etc.
My 4 year old phone had a similar design and was a great compact device, just check out the Z2 Plus.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021Compared to 2 years old Reno2, this phone is still worse in... moreFinally another person who recognises that we had much all-round better phones 2 years back. As I've said multiple times b4, the Reno 2 was the best mid-ranger of its time, giving every feature!

  • Just for LOL

rizki1, 12 Oct 2021Oppo has done a big strategy in marketing that's why i... moreBBK (Oppo, Vivo and Realme) gives attractive incentives to resellers if managed to achieve monthly unit target, that is why most mobile shops will recommend these brands. Tip for buying these brands is don't buy when first launched. Wait for about 3 months and their prices will drop dramatically.

A friend of mine bought the Reno3 Pro when launched for about USD500. Barely 3 months later, Oppo launched the Reno4 Pro with better specs (Snapdragon 720G vs the underwhelming Helio P95 in the Reno3 Pro) at about the same price. He then tried to sell his phone after using for 5 months and he was offered only about USD200 for it by the shop he bought it from. He said the battery life starting to get terrible and camera not up to his expectation for a USD500 phone as the reason to sell. Don't fall to the hype of these BBK brands.

  • Arksmc05

I'm using it for the past 24 hrs.
Display is good
I do Like the boxy design, feels good to hold, it's width is same as iphone 13, a cm taller
For an average user Performance is good
Battery is not bad(need some more time to understand about it)
One peculiar thing is, it remains cool even if personal hotspot is running!

  • Flo

No evolution after recent oppo reno 5 g. No jack audio. Just a new look like a iphone. πŸ‘Ž

  • Donho

Reno 6 5g Pro. Moisture in rear lens despite never touch water b4! Only 24 degrees in room at night sleep! VY disappointed, ask to bring to agent only after 1 Month of use.. #&:#

911soham, 12 Oct 2021Wish you could publish the review just 2 days back... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈdon't worry. With some updates it will be great.

  • Anonymous

Oppo Reno6 5g ...500€
Nord2 5g, FAR better camera and CPU ...405€

Go figure..

  • Jehan

Currently in UAE
Temperature is more during using in summer.

  • Anonymous

Compared to 2 years old Reno2, this phone is still worse in camera department and lacks headphone jack. In performance it's not that much better either. Screen is better and that's it. 2 years of "development".

  • Anonymous

rizki1, 12 Oct 2021Oppo has done a big strategy in marketing that's why i... moreBecause they get money by selling it. Portably more so than many other brands.

Same s*** selfie camera on my findx2pro
And on x3pro too
1100eur devices
X4prl will again have it
Oppo lost their minds

Oppo has done a big strategy in marketing that's why it's expensive. They have made billboards/banners, tv advertisements, shelves for their own phones in the phone store, and the craziest thing is that the shop owner recommended this brand. No wonder oppo is number 1 in my country Indonesia. not just oppo but vivo and realme also in top 5.

  • 911soham

Wish you could publish the review just 2 days back...

  • Anonymous

Oppo has been lacking this year. I'd say that the only good new phone they have is the Find X3 Pro and that phone itself has its downsides but the main wide camera and ultrawide is very good.

Plus their recent pricing has been very uncompetitive, you know you're pricing is wack when Samsung midrangers become a choice when buying.

By looking at the pix backside looks like the galaxy A phones while the sides are iphones. Nothing original by the looks of it

Fanboy of All brands, 12 Oct 2021Poco F3, Nord 2, Realme GT Master or A52s 5G is an better c... moreObviously, OPPO smartphones are overpriced IMO, even their flagships.

SpiritWolf, 11 Oct 2021I don't get it. How one generic slab can be more beaut... moreMaybe, because it has flat sides like the latest iPhones?

  • No name

Too expensive phone..for this price ,i can got better phone..

Poco F3, Nord 2, Realme GT Master or A52s 5G is an better choice for me at this price range.