Apple iPhone 13 mini review

16 October 2021

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  • Anonymous

Razr 5G Fan, 18 Oct 2021I don't want to be stuck with only 4 GBs of RAM foreve... moreYou don't even know what future proofing is. iOS requires very little amount of resources unlike Android. That's why, iPhones run much smoother compared to Android competitors. Android phones might be better in other fields. But Apple is an absolute champ in terms of software optimization and performance.

  • Anonymous

Hers a question, does filmic pro on it have access to the ProRes API? I basically don't want a big phone with ProRes.

Is there any infrared sensor?

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Anonymous, 18 Oct 2021Sony invented the compact flagship category? I am sure S3 M... moreThe S3 Mini and S4 Mini were not flagships. They were mid range devices that looked like the flagship.

  • Anonymous

Milo Benz, 17 Oct 2021When reviewing compact flagships, how can you possibly omit... moreSony invented the compact flagship category? I am sure S3 Mini and S4 Mini were released before Z1 Compact.

I don't want to be stuck with only 4 GBs of RAM forever. Already got 8 and I'm happy with it. Phones with 4 has been standard for 5 years already. The 12 and 13 mini lacks the future proofing. Could feel very dated in 2 to 3 years.

Dudenoway, 16 Oct 2021That's the software AI. It produces randomly generated... moreDeep Fusion is just a bad copy of Google camera's auto hdr algorithm.
Google algorithm can't yet be matched by Apple.

The same is true for other things....

Google Chrome better than Safari.
Google maps infinitely better than Apple maps.
Google assistant much better than useless siri.

  • KC

My point:
1. Ya A15 throttles when it gets hot.
2. It's "handicapped" on 13 mini.
3. It still performs better than most androids even when it is throttled and handicapped.
4. A15 generates less heat, uses less power, runs at higher speed than Snapdragons, unless we know the exact cost of both, else A15(even handicapped version) is just simply better than a SD.
5. Watch more teardown then you will know, most flagship Android phones uses lots of cooling material and tech to keep themselves cool, while iPhones use much lesser cooling solution but perform better.
6. iOS is NOT better than Android
7. Getting an iPhone 13 mini

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kobalt1963, 18 Oct 2021I'v'e had both 12 Minis and 13 Mini and my batter... moreYes, people cant stay 5min away from the phone, then complain about battery endurance.

I'v'e had both 12 Minis and 13 Mini and my battery generally lasts all day. I am not a phone gamer, don't make a lot of calls, but I do play a lot of music and check various sites throughout the day. I love the size.

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Paddylaz, 17 Oct 2021It is, yeah. iPhone 7 : 5.9cm iPhone mini 12/13: 5.7cmThat’s the screen width. Ok thanks.

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Anonymous, 16 Oct 2021It is called sharpening. To make texture better than it re... moreNo, it's not just sharpening. I have access to an iPhone 13 Mini. Its digital zoom can produce totally wrong details due to machine learning / deep fusion, etc. Gsmarena's iPhone 13 Pro review shows the same issue, I mentioned it in the iPhone 13 Pro review comments.

The more I test the iPhone 13 Mini, the more I notice what crazy nonsense its digital zoom produces. I just took a digital zoom photo of a picture. The picture showed a giraffe in front of a tree. The iPhone thought that the long neck of the giraffe is a tree trunk, so it replaced the part of the neck that was in front of the tree with green and it replaced the part of the neck that was below the tree with a brown tree trunk.

I also have the Pixel 3a and its digital zoom is terrible because it produces wrong detail as well (in contrast to traditional digital zoom), but the issue with the iPhone is much, much worse.

And in some cases the iPhone produces extremely unnatural results due to totally overusing a Lightroom-like clarity effect.

Pretty much the same phone as the 12 mini but battery life is one hour longer for video playback and browsing the web. My 12 mini didn't have awful battery life when I had it but that's because I turn off 5G as I see no difference with 4G just like I don't care about 120 Hz.

People are gullible to think this will be Apple's last mini iPhone. It will show up again by 2024 as the new iPhone SE. Apple uses the same chasis for years just like they used Lightning port for 9 years already. The 13 mini looks like a nice phone. Not for me.

Flip 3 and Razr 5G are cooler to use. Smaller too when closed. Screen is 100% protected as well. I just can't stand Face ID and iOS. So boring to use iOS. Pretty much the same handcuffs that I remembered from 14 years ago.

Great review. It's convinced me to get one!

Many iPhone users just want a basic, smaller iPhone.
Nothing fancy and don't 'need' the newer features though a decent camera would be nice.
There's nothing wrong with 'needing' a smaller sized phone but there Is something wrong when other people complain about how those people should not want a smaller sized phone.
The latter people should mind their own business!
Unfortunately, the trend is towards larger sized phones. There's also nothing wrong with the basic iPhone 12/13 size which may eventually become the smallest iPhone available and be carried forward towards the iPhone 14, just not the mini size.

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Dudenoway, 17 Oct 2021What he meant was that both chips were a disaster. Prob the... moreExynos of S20 is way worse.

  • Paddylaz

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2021The iPhone 13 mini is narrower than the iPhone 7, that I cu... moreIt is, yeah.

iPhone 7 : 5.9cm

iPhone mini 12/13: 5.7cm

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2021888 is not new 810. 888 = performance loss to decrease ... moreWhat he meant was that both chips were a disaster. Prob the worst chips in any aspect other than perfomance.

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2021The S21 is much larger and does not compete with iPhone 13 mini. The s21 is still compact. I also mentioned zenfone 8. And u must have smool hands if 6 inch or 5.8 inch Is not compact for you. *Also the s21 doesn't compete with iphone 13 mini*. In a sense it does. The iphone 13 mini wasn't released back then. But it's pricing is similar and can be compared. No phone is supposed to compete with y or z brand.

  • Anonymous

The iPhone 13 mini is narrower than the iPhone 7, that I currently own. But is the screen estate narrower as well or only the straight edges that make it so? Because if the screen is narrower as well, typing becomes even less comfortable than on the iPhone 7.

  • Matti

I definitely didn't like the 60Hz iPad Mini screen (even disregarding the jelly scrolling) compared to my 120Hz 2018 iPad Pro, but with the 13 Mini I seem to be okay with the lack of ProMotion. Maybe it's the smaller dimensions, with content having to 'travel' a shorter perceived distance? Dunno. Opted for the 13 Mini over the 13 Pro in the end. Only been a week, but so far I'm happy. Can finally use a phone comfortably in one hand while holding a beer or walking the dog with the other.