Sony Xperia Pro-I hands-on review

26 October 2021

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  • AM Bunny

SpiritWolf, 26 Oct 2021Only really stupid people laugh without reason. And i guess... moreRun with the heard, you're still wearing Nike. Sony is an innovator rather than a mass seller. Samsung makes great phones, especially the flagships intended for masses. Take a Note 20 Ultra from 1 year ago, it still can outrun and behave perfectly in comparison with many other newer models.
Respect Sony but drop the hate player.

  • Anonymous

Too expensive. Should be around USD 1200 max

[deleted post]Only really stupid people laugh without reason. And i guess that You are definitely too young to remember what was Samsung when they expanded to electronics. Actually, still pretty much garbage, as You illustratively said. Not so long ago Notes exploded left and right. Samsungs camera? Just sad joke. Etc. Oh, and if I AM a fanboy, that would be old Nokia. 808 is still my favourite phone.
But then again, I have had 2 Sony flagships in my life compared to zero Samsungs. I don't like to run with herd.

  • Anonymous

"While Sony is technically correct by saying it is using a 1"-Type sensor inside the phone, the sensor area that is effectively used is smaller - even if the pixel pitch remains at 2.4µm like on a 1" sensor."

Can't wait for Sony to correct you guys yet again

  • Prav

Superb design

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2021Sadly a little overpriced like all Sony smartphones nowaday... moreI hope it's clear that I like Sony. I'm very glad they're back to making unique hardware for enthusiasts again, I just don't like the accordingly high prices. For me that makes it a little unappealing, unfortunately.

  • Anonymous

Sadly a little overpriced like all Sony smartphones nowadays, but it is unique and doesn't make compromises. No obnoxious notch or punch hole, no edge display, no overly rounded corners, it's just a nice package. If I had the money I would've gone for an Xperia 1 III or an Xperia 5 III, but the first is too expensive and the second wouldn't arrive for another half month, so I chose the Zenfone 8. Not perfect, but a good choice nonetheless, those speakers are unbelievably good and even go head to head with some bluetooth speakers!

There is no need for carrying a standalone semi pro camera anymore. Sony made sure of that.

The pricetag tho...
Not for a common smartphone Joe definitely.

But all in one camera/smartphone package definitely.

Sony is used by now to making excellent pricey hardware for tech enthusiasts, be it cameras, walkmans, soundsystems, concept devices, etc., ...and now feature excelling smartphones.
And will always have a certain type of customers for them.
Some Sony fans will understandibly be angry for Sony going the expensive niche route in smartphones, but it is what half of Sony tech is all about.

I dont get the anger of non Sony fans tho, this is not a product they should be looking into in the first place.
You wont find these Sonys products on common store shelves mind you, so you need not worry about pricetags and comparissons.

That would be a really good phone, but for this price tag... meh

Iphone comparison is relevant, but it is absolutely not worth the 500+USD price difference over the iphone or any other flagship phone...

travis999, 26 Oct 2021And even the rx100/7 isn't that much of an improvemen... morePhone is phone

  • Anonymous

Nick Tegrataker, 26 Oct 2021To me, it is definitely a missed opportunity that the senso... moreYou claim this even when article states iphone abuses sharpening.
Zero knowledge months after months.

Apple and google use more sharpening than all other brands combined.
To fool people into thinking it is all texture.
Try to make 12Mp looks like 100MP.

Stop spreading misinformations.
Even Pinocchio feels horrified by the amount.

  • Alpha

Vinto, 26 Oct 2021For a high-end flagship smartphone that is ALSO a professio... moreI wanted the Sharp, but then it wasn't available..I HAVE TO get this one! Absolute beauty!

Hmmmm sorry but comparisons done from the manual control by photographers cleary shows that Iphone 13 Pro Max has a serious competition... Maybe not the best point and shoot camera out there but, maybe among the best smartphone camera out there

travis999, 26 Oct 2021And even the rx100/7 isn't that much of an improvemen... morePhone is phone

  • Anonymous

Can come to a conclusion only after the comparison. I feel all the three, this beefy Sony, the S21 Ultra and the iPhone produce similar images, but with a few tweaks. The S21 likes to have vibrant and pleasing photos, this Sony, as far as I have seen, is just...DSLR-ish and the iPhone, a bit underwhelming or overwhelming photos, depending on the situation. Overall, among these three, only the Sony is fit for the ' a phone in a camera' award, while the two are phones with great camera systems!

For a high-end flagship smartphone that is ALSO a professional photo and video camera... OK, shut up, take my money !

  • shino03

[deleted post]Samsung user here. Please, this is a "REAL" pro device, NOT made for the normal people like you.

I am highly considering buying this phone as I want to have a camera that is pocketable and always with me.

  • Lightning Mcqueen

A night mode is it brightens up the pics in nights shot while trying to preserve the details as much as it can computationally, while long exposure has plenty of time to preserve as many detail as possible and information. It's like an auto gear car for people who doesn't want to shift gear here to cause accident and wants convenience & simplicity, while the manual gear car is for people who wants a bit of fun to shift gear around, feeling like a professional race car driver and more focused on driving. However, here's a plot twist, night mode will give you consistent result while long exposure may not if camera shake is involve.

And even the rx100/7 isn't that much of an improvement over my 3rd hand little Leica,identical design to the Sony rx100,but only cost £100.
No phone can approach it for quality ,and it's tiny,takes up same space as a small power pack in your pocket ,and with a usable 60x zoom too,handy for the bird shots I take.

  • Venusthightrap

Why can't they just make a good normal phone that doesn't cost more than my gaming laptop? The narrow displays have to go. No way to use this phone to read anything, like a normal human. Hello Sony? Are you listening? Hello?