Poco F3 long-term review

16 November 2021

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  • Zack M

I've been using this phone for months, and I love it!

Still phone of the year for me

MichaelD, 17 Nov 2021It's not possible that you are using this phone for al... moreThat post was me, I really had to look back my order to know how long I've been using it. Legit feels like a year but turns out it's been only half a year lol, it's mi11X Indian variant by the way and right now with the miui 12.5 enhanced update, no bugs whatsoever. Just the black crush and a little bit of green tint on low light environment (not that noticable) which miui team has already adressed on their twitter account...

  • Anonymous

Nvm it's actually Oppo A57. I forgot the name a bit.

  • Anonymous

ABigNo, 16 Nov 2021Mark my words. The Oppo you are using only getting updates ... moreWow, is that so? I had an Oppo phone since 2016 and it's around 2018-2019 when I realized it doesn't update its ColorOS. It can't even reach Android 10 because it's stuck in 6. Also the phone is Oppo A52 which is low-end because it's a bit cheap.

  • Anonymous

Android.Authority, 16 Nov 2021If it's a Chinese brand, then it is automatically infe... moreHunty, who said anything about Chinese brands being "inferior"?
Did you miss the part where I said that I'm using an Oppo phone?
Oh and yeah, it's because of shills like you, Xiaomi won't improve their GARBAGE MIUI, because apparently, it's SuPeR SmOoTh!1!1!
I don't hate Xiaomi, I actually applaud them BUT their software is still terrible.
If BBK/Oppo managed to completely revamp ColorOS, then so can Xiaomi.
Trust me, I owned a Realme 5 Pro and ColorOS 6 was a nightmare.

  • Anonymous

If it had a decent main camera instead of 3/4 bad ones, this phone would have been unbeatable.

Sadly, marketing takes priority over functionality.
And being able to put "triple" or "quadruple" camera on the spec sheet is a must these days.

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2021I've been using this device for almost a year, now the... moreIt's not possible that you are using this phone for almost a year since it's released and started selling about 6 months ago.

I bought Poco F3 couple of months ago and I love it. I had many phones including very expensive ones(iPhone 11, Galaxy S20) but I like Poco F3 the most. It's not very expensive so I'm not very scared if I break it or lose it but it have most features expensive phone have.
I have black version but I don't really care which color it is because I wear case and it's not transparent silicone ones because they get yellow really fast.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2021best phone.. nuff said Your a best phone...

  • ABigNo

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2021There are a couple of reasons why people (like me) despise ... moreMark my words. The Oppo you are using only getting updates timely in the first year. You will be lucky if Oppo decide to give it 2 Android version updates since it is only a midrange. Oppo only focus on their flagship models while midrange and budget models are usually ignored after 2 years.

yeah i bought this phone after using k20 for 2 years and very glad overall

  • Anonymous

best phone.. nuff said

  • Stevie

had my poco f3 for a few months now, great phone, great camera, very user friendly

  • Anonymous

I've been using this device for almost a year, now the proximity sensor is way better after miui 12.5 enhanced update, no dimming issues, camera is really good on daytimes (I prefer it over note 10 pro max's camera, my friend has one). The issue right now is the black crushing issue and the green tint which the miui team already addresses on their official twitter account. I hope they fix this soon...

  • Bauhaus

I have one, bought it when it was launched. As a day to day user I can say that it does relatively well what's asked from a smart phone in that price range, however the main negative issue for me is the proximity sensor (I think that's how it's called). While on a call the screen unlocks due to the very low quality of the sensor, and your ear starts pressing options that shouldn't be possible/available. From what I've heard, Xiaomi is changing providers of this item, which is good news for future owners of this phone

  • Anonymous

Wow lovely pics of Malta :)

ABF Media, 16 Nov 2021"it's laggy even on phones with high end chipset,... moreIf it's a Chinese brand, then it is automatically inferior according to these people. They can never be the best even though Gsmarena wholeheartedly recommended Xiaomi phones in every category in their last buyers guide. If that wasn't enough... they also told other manufacturers to pull up their socks, yet these haters have a habit of repeating same lies every time with an intention to malign the image of these Chinese brands.
Luckily people are showing their love towards Xiaomi in the real world and no amount of trolllls on this site will change that.

  • szk

If you change your region for a short time sometimes the updates come sooner (like Switzerland for meas I live in Europe)

I was planning to get it, but then I’ve read it has no DC dimming, unlike most other AMOLED phones made by Xiaomi. That makes it more prone to causing eye strain, especially when using the phone in dark conditions. So I’ll probably get Poco X3 Pro, but it has a slower SOC so I’m still not sure. The Poco F3 GT would be a great alternative, but it’s only available in India, I think.