Google Pixel 6 review

17 November 2021

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  • 19 Dec 2023

Megavel, 16 Mar 2023I think you've got a bad device my friend that's ... moreI felt reassured after reading your comment because I was afraid of GSMArena comments

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    • Dan
    • HK@
    • 13 Dec 2023

    Two day battery and does everything well.

    Good value.

    Glad they sorted the heat issues.

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      • Faizan
      • J7U
      • 11 Dec 2023

      It's very good phone I love this phone especially the camera of the phone keep it up Google

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        • Zavi
        • CbF
        • 17 Jun 2023

        Worst phone you can think of buying.
        The camera is good , but that's about it all the other useless features will never be used.
        The phone heats up a lot, specially in countries like India even in a room when it's just on standby.
        The battery is the worst , even worse than those cheap phones, it also charges very slowly.
        The performance is not that good and there are some very big bugs that will lead you to waste a lot of time.
        Don't even think if buying this phone , worst mistake.

          Ellie, 02 Dec 2022Most awful phone I ever had. I was a big fan of pixels, lo... moreI think you've got a bad device my friend that's basically the obvious truth. To you-all out there it's best you always ignore GSMArena comment section and just get a phone you do like. I always stalked here for months before getting my pixel 6 and tbh got so scared to get it cause of the awful comments but finally did, updated also and it has been the best decision made. It feels so good you could take your phone out there and no one's gonna try guessing it as some other brands, Very Unique build quality, Smooth, top notch quality cameras even iphone 13, 14 $eries users still get blown away when ever they see my camera outputs both on Social media apps like snapchat cause the results are just amazing.Battery lasts up to a day+ on more than an average use, And with a bit of heavy use i prolly get to charge later in the evening of every day or at night. A 30watts Anker charger does so well I'm charging it and I'm not a fan of very first charging speeds also. So, there you have it if you ever wish to get a pixel 6, go get one yourself and use it yourself..
          Extras: For gaming, I'm a gamer, PUBG precisely and after updates it does so well and the stereo speakers are very much ok for me also. Yea we know every phone tends to get warmer up after a few hrs ago gaming but that doesn't halt the performance a good cooler would take this to a whole new level.

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            • 07 Mar 2023

            Shid, 11 Jan 2023What did you do with your pixel?return it

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              • Shid
              • 3HJ
              • 11 Jan 2023

              Satyask, 01 Jan 2022I hate to say the Pixel 6 fails on the basic functionality ... moreDid u get your refund?

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                • Shid
                • 3HJ
                • 11 Jan 2023

                Lorla49, 18 Sep 2022Had the google pixel 6 since February now.. Changed from a... moreWhat did you do with your pixel?

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                  • 11 Jan 2023

                  Albedo , 14 Dec 2022Considering to buy Pixel 6 over pixel 6a. Current phone I&#... moreDon't do it

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                    • srr
                    • 14 Dec 2022

                    Don't buy this phone!
                    It's amazing, speed, camera, battery life... but if fails at its main purpose... phone calls!
                    Signal drops during every call after 30-50 seconds, and eventually the call is interrupted.
                    I have it for almost 1 year, but after an update in august, everything went south regarding the signal during the calls.
                    Tried every workaround, I joined the Beta program, I have submitted a lot of bug reports... but no fix so far.
                    Tomorrow I'm going to buy an S22... actually with heavy heart because pixel 6 is an amazing phone... but it fails as a phone..

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                      • Albedo
                      • 6sE
                      • 14 Dec 2022

                      Considering to buy Pixel 6 over pixel 6a. Current phone I'm using is Xiaomi 11T which I know has more features 8gb Ram 256GB 120Hz screen. I always wanted to use Pixel phone. Can someone give me an update what's gonna be better? Has the fingerprint thing now resolved? How's the latest update? What's better 6a /6 or 7?

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                        • dude
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                        • 09 Dec 2022

                        ja, 17 Nov 2021why does the Pixel 6 have a real GSMArena speaker test, but... morebecuse who cares

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                          • Lame
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                          • 09 Dec 2022

                          So you have to choose between no telephoto or a shitty curved screen?

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                            • Ellie
                            • 3Aq
                            • 02 Dec 2022

                            Most awful phone I ever had.
                            I was a big fan of pixels, loved the 3a and after 3 years, pixel 6 was the one to get.

                            Phone is terrible, camera keeps crashing and automatically the phone turns off and opens up again. It overheats for no reason, battery lasts less than a day with normal use and updates did not fix any bug issues. I contacted Google pixel and Currys in London where I picked it up and nobody assisted me. Won't get a pixel ever again.

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                              • PE3
                              • 18 Oct 2022

                              Hi GSMarena,
                              Love your reviews but can you include the ability to cast or mirror to TVs out of box as part of your review? The Pixel phones are terrible in this area. Thanks.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • IWR
                                • 23 Sep 2022

                                Hey GSMarena! I believe this phone does not support HDR10+. Is there an error in the spec sheet ? Please confirm!

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                                  • Lorla49
                                  • mpB
                                  • 18 Sep 2022

                                  Had the google pixel 6 since February now.. Changed from a Samsung S10. First couple of weeks using it was a struggle, because I was so used to having my Samsung. I had to take it to some techy people to help me get the settings right for me. I couldn't connect to my works WiFi without a separate app, couldn't work out the back button, couldn't scroll through screens. Just frustrating! Finally got the settings sorted to actually be able to work the thing the way I like it.
                                  Next, the camera! Shockingly bad. Never seems to focus, you can't be too close to anything. My Samsung took pictures with excellent detail, this thing can't find your feet! Looses all focus, no picture quality, or detail. Sometimes it has a wee think about whether it's going to take the photo at all, so if your trying to take a action picture, good luck to you, cause it's never going to capture it. Truly shockingly bad.
                                  Also shockingly bad, and I'm sorry to say this is all my GOOGLE apps! Yes really! My GOOGLE pixel, doesn't work my GOOGLE apps! Gmail won't push notifications, my Google maps won't talk to me during navigation!
                                  Want a bigger laugh? Surely it couldn't get any worse right? WRONG. Finger print scanner. Worst feature ever. This has been so so so bad, I've stopped using it completely. My old Samsung never missed a beat, this thing couldn't find my thumb print with a map and a flash light.
                                  Now just to top things off it's turning itself off and on (resetting) a couple of times daily and always when I need it most, the FAQ says to update, and reset or return to factory settings. Aye, that didn't work.
                                  So, I'm now 6 months into a 2 year plan, and my old Samsung has been dusted off and brought back out of retirement.
                                  My review, spend the extra, buy a major brand (Samsung of iPhone) and actually have a phone that works.

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                                    • Mike B
                                    • 4jV
                                    • 12 Jul 2022

                                    ElioX, 11 Jan 2022it is only because of december update. read news!Try signing up for the beta modes for your messaging and phone apps. This fixed the connectivity issues I faced with my Pixel 3a XL.

                                      Progjunkie, 08 Jan 2022I have had this phone now I guess for a couple of weeks, an... moreI'm sorry. Did I just hear you say 'grandson'? Congratz! I'm surprised you made it this far.

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                                        • Ahmed Medhat
                                        • XyM
                                        • 15 Apr 2022

                                        I’m In Egypt using Japanese model I love the phone by I have one issue
                                        Volte is not appearing in the options so once I receive any call the phone switches to 3g or H+ do you have solution
                                        Other than that
                                        phone is very good to be honest
                                        Battery life is very good and screen on time is perfect for me
                                        Signal and connectivity is excellent no issue
                                        Camera selfie and main are very good, however selfie camera sometimes is going to let you down