Google Pixel 6 review

17 November 2021

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  • 11 Jan 2022

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022The phone is fine but it has serious problems catching sign... moreit is only because of december update. read news!

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    • 09 Jan 2022

    The phone is fine but it has serious problems catching signals either consider wifi or cellular network, this product is the worst in the segment when it comes to Network connectivity .

      I have had this phone now I guess for a couple of weeks, and it does some things good and does it most everything else terrible. Terrible. I did do the update. Update bad move. Don't do it and it has been a terrible experience. I got the phone from the magenta company and I went past the buyers remorse things so I'm stuck with this thing. It drops a lot of calls. 5G does not work. Absolutely positively anywhere and I also have a OnePlus n200 that I gave to my grandson and that phone smokes this one on download and upload speeds. That is really a hard pill to swallow. The camera is okay. Nothing to ride home to Dad about. I'm sure once they get all the bugs worked out of these things probably be the end of April before we see another update doing Google. They've been really dropping the ball lately. Thank you for letting me vent and I hope I did not deter anybody from buying one of these and I'll just leave it at that

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        • 04 Jan 2022

        Haplo, 12 Dec 2021Endurance rating doesn't tell the whole story. For my ... moreagreed. The battery endurance has been great on this phone. I don't know how gsm arena calculated the final number but it seems a little unfair. I had the Huawei P30 Pro prior to this and its pretty much on par.

          Satyask, 01 Jan 2022I hate to say the Pixel 6 fails on the basic functionality ... moreGoogle have admitted the basic phone function is not good and has promised it will be fixed in January's dont want to dismiss it so quickly, Samsung, Apple and Sony also have there fair share of issues.....The Pixel 6 is the 1st all Google built mobile phone.

          I have the Pixel 6 and apart from the signal issue it has been a great phone (signal fault started after December's update) i moved back to Pixel after having the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The Pixel holds its own compared to the Note 20 Ultra.

          Google have promised 5 years of updates and support, that alone makes it well worth having

            I hate to say the Pixel 6 fails on the basic functionality of a phone. Switched from Galaxy a month ago when the previous phone broke and constant Signal issues even when I am next to a Mobile tower.

            Raised the issue with Google and submitted bug reports many times, who accepted the issue and promises after promises that fix is coming. Frustrated missing so many important calls over the last month and my business losses.

            I have waited enough and decided today to request for a refund from Google (bought from Carphonewarehouse who declined to refund as it is more than 28 days since bought)

            Sharing my experience here for aware of the network issues with the Phone.

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              • 28 Dec 2021

              Fr33man, 16 Dec 2021got this one for 500 euros in france with no contract and I... moreWhere from in France did you find it?

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                • 28 Dec 2021

                Haplo, 12 Dec 2021Endurance rating doesn't tell the whole story. For my ... moreMe too , day and half at least...

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                  • 16 Dec 2021

                  got this one for 500 euros in france with no contract and I love it for what it offers for middle ground phone pricing with high towards flagship specs.

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                    • 12 Dec 2021

                    Anonymous, 28 Nov 2021So I decided to get new google pixel 6 thinking this will b... moreHahaha it is so funny. You have everything available in phone. Including back and recents button in system/gestures.

                    This is so written by an Apple fanboy 😂😂😂

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                      • 12 Dec 2021

                      Mir, 12 Dec 2021Endurance rating is poor. I dont know why gsmarena hesitate... moreEndurance rating doesn't tell the whole story. For my use case it lasts 2 days easily, with plenty of juice to spare.

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                        • 12 Dec 2021

                        Endurance rating is poor. I dont know why gsmarena hesitate to write this.
                        Camera bay edges are full of dust or lint.
                        Back Design is soooo outdated and pethatic.

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                          • 09 Dec 2021

                          I just changed from an iPhone 11 pro to pixel as my speaker went on my iPhone, similar issue to my MacBook, not hating on Apple, used Apple forever for Dev work just stating same issue with Mac and iPhone, only day 2 of pixel (I have used android before and pixels so not new experience) but phone had been so fun to use, magic eraser is kind of fun and performance and battery has been great, deal I got from O2 in the UK made the device £500 which is half an iPhone pro and don't see any performance difference if that helps anyone.

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                            • 03 Dec 2021

                            Good quality

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                              • 30 Nov 2021

                              Haplo, 29 Nov 2021That's funny, because all comparisons I've seen s... moreIPhone image processing is too artificial especially in skies and other things with no option to turn back to natural color profile in images

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                                • 29 Nov 2021

                                RandyRiffin, 29 Nov 2021You'll see in Marques brownlee's review, the Pixe... moreThat's funny, because all comparisons I've seen show that iphone 13 (note 13, it was different before!) has more punchy colors then Pixel 6.
                                Too much HDR? I guess that's what's called "Pixel look". Wouldn't say it has too much contrast. Too much sharpening, perhaps.
                                And well, I wouldn't even compare the vanilla S21 with Pixel 6 camera, because its not a worthy competitor. S21 Ultra could be (but I still chose Pixel 6 over it). In my opinion Pixel 6 wins in main camera performance. Of course, S21 Ultra wins in telephoto and UW (but for me 70-80% of the value comes from main camera).

                                  Anonymous, 19 Nov 2021I just want to know how iphone delivers much better results... moreOne word. Efficiency.

                                    Haplo, 19 Nov 2021I can agree with the design being... less polarizing and mo... moreYou'll see in Marques brownlee's review, the Pixel 6's cameras is actually a bit too HDR-y and contrasty, if you have a look at cameras comparisons between Pixel 6 and S21 and iPhone 13, the Pixel 6 has too much contrast, and sometimes colours are unrealistic, the IPhone is the opposite with lifeless colours and low dynamic range. The S21 is the best middle ground, with a decent healthy level of contrast and saturation.

                                      Haplo, 19 Nov 2021I can agree with the design being... less polarizing and mo... moreI'll tell you the way I listen to text. I play the video or song OUT LOUD. There you go, now way you can't understand the text. Now regarding the software, Pixel 6 is fast but S21 is just faster, even a year old hardware is faster. Now will you see that difference clearly? Probably not, unless you are a serious gamer.
                                      My Pixel 3a has Snapdragon 670 and clean android for 2 years now, so I'm guessing everything runs SMOOTHLY and fluidly. Wrong, it is as janky and laggy as can get, from google feed to scrolling twitter. Reality is that you need good software AS WELL as good hardware.

                                        Haplo, 28 Nov 2021Well, I have high respect for Mi 11 Ultra, its large camera... moreThere is AI mode option in camera settings of MI 11 Ultra if you don't like the natural color output