Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra long-term review

26 November 2021

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Should I buy the mi 11 ultra, mi 10 ultra, OnePlus 10t, or nothing phone 2 a at least a phone above android 12 or higher

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    • lorden
    • EqW
    • 16 Apr 2024

    Tj, 25 Mar 2024Is MI 11 ultra still worth buying in 2024 Any one still us... moreno, it overheats like hell in 2021, cant imagine nowadays

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      • Tj
      • X}k
      • 25 Mar 2024

      Is MI 11 ultra still worth buying in 2024
      Any one still using it till date

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        • Sachin mayekar
        • CbE
        • 21 Jun 2023

        My mi 11 ultra is not recording calls

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          • Johnny
          • mFd
          • 11 Nov 2022

          Thalisses , 27 Oct 2022Camera uses a lot of battery, performance can be affect. Wi... moreThanks for the reply. Basically do you charge it every night or day? What percentage of battery would have remained when you use it(normal usage) at the end of the day?

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            • Thalisses
            • yIB
            • 27 Oct 2022

            Johnny , 24 Aug 2022How good is the battery life on mi 11 ultra? Does it last ... moreCamera uses a lot of battery, performance can be affect. With regular use one full charge lasted all day. Also, be able to change this device in one hour it's very practical.

            But I end up here because I have a issue with back camera, I'm sure is the hardware, and questioning quality of power connectors of this device.

            I'm using Mi 11 Ultra for 5 months, never fall down. It's a really good device, maybe I had bad look :(

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              • Johnny
              • mFd
              • 24 Aug 2022

              How good is the battery life on mi 11 ultra? Does it last the whole day with normal usage of social media apps and camera? Planning to buy one so i am worried about battery life

                Anonymous, 05 May 2022Has anyone encountered issues with rear display feature not... moreit is ok for me on the latest update

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                  • Ali
                  • S0w
                  • 20 Jul 2022

                  Capturing photos of faces using the main lens at 1.0x, if the face is close to the top edge with camera in vertical position, the face is distorted and seems taller than usual compared to when the face is in the center of the screen. capturing in portrait mode does not show this issue as it is zoomed in.

                  Does anybody else faces the same thing? any solution? Why there is no SW fix for this?


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                    • Ronny
                    • RIE
                    • 20 Jul 2022

                    Rennie0907, 17 Jul 2022Run don't walk away from this piece of garbage: 1) ... moreYou aren't that bright are you? Netflix comes pre-installed and all the apps you mentioned are working well with Global ROM. You may have purchased the cheap Chinese version with China ROM or flashed with Global ROM.

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                      • Rennie0907
                      • p$F
                      • 17 Jul 2022

                      Run don't walk away from this piece of garbage:

                      1) no volume whatsoever through wired headphones (totally useless to listen 👂 to music with this overpriced garbage

                      2) Netflix is a no-go It doesn't instal on the device out of the box whatsoever

                      3) apps like Tinder do not work well at all on this overpriced @_££&#

                      4) ZERO software support - updates from Xioami? Half of what you get with Apple and Samsung

                      SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

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                        • Sunny
                        • rKn
                        • 11 May 2022

                        Anonymous, 05 May 2022Has anyone encountered issues with rear display feature not... moreThey moved the option to main screen just below the flash icon

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 3JM
                          • 05 May 2022

                          Has anyone encountered issues with rear display feature not working ( for taking selfies using the main camera), after a recent update to the software. The feature used to be there up until March 2022 and all of a sudden it disappeared.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • gCY
                            • 05 May 2022

                            The screen is absolutely gorgeous - very bright, full of detail, as good as the Galaxy S22 Ultra -

                            The only thing is the screen shape is not the more modern style of flat and sharp edges -.

                            But the entire package is:.
                            - high quality
                            - heavy to hold
                            - best in class camera
                            - flagship specs all around

                            And for me? I like the MIUI better than the competition

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                              • Anonymous
                              • gCY
                              • 05 May 2022

                              I have had the Mi 11 Ultra for about a month and half -
                              Can I have to say it's industry-leading still even though it's not a brand new product.

                              It can up to anything from Apple or Samsung no problem.

                              The quad curved screen not being flat looks not quite as modern as the competition but with the right case I think it can hold its own.

                              The camera is better than anything I've ever seen the quality of the build is very very high and it's a superstar power House.

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                                • Grammar Police
                                • d%K
                                • 01 May 2022

                                Anonymous, 03 Mar 2022Are your (.) and (,) buttons doesn't work on the keyboard?Does your English Language not work? Amazing how you criticize punctuation while writing in barely understandable pidgin English yourself.

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                                  • ron2000xm
                                  • XwA
                                  • 28 Mar 2022

                                  There is a big reduction in China in anticipation of 12 ultra and it starts at 3999cny (630usd). I am tempted though I already have 10 ultra. The one big difference between the 2 is the back display that one can use the main cameras for selfies instead of the front camera.

                                    Professional, 11 Feb 2022I don't believe you! Mi Ultra is awesome! Don't t... morei have better things to do than make up stories about phones, i said its my honest opinion, sorry i upset your precious baby

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • ndY
                                      • 03 Mar 2022

                                      Mini14, 25 Feb 2022That phone is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever encounter... moreAre your (.) and (,) buttons doesn't work on the keyboard?

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                                        • Mini14
                                        • 4ZN
                                        • 25 Feb 2022

                                        Anonymous, 13 Feb 2022Not sure how many people here actually own this phone. I ow... moreThat phone is the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever encountered I’ve had a lot of iPhones I’ve had a shit load of android phones and my LG flex like first series was better for me God damn I was so pissed off I started doing background I was going to prepare a team you know and you can get them in China the exact phone on the right size or IndiaMART or something you can get the identical phone anymore you want you can pay is like 245 for the max model I paid like $68 for I guess a shitty one but it’s still the phone I bought it and had it checked out the guy didn’t know the fucking difference so I mean what the fuck can I say why would I pay $1500 for some wack offs knock off piece of shit I’m thoroughly looking forward to this Google phone Apple phones they’re overpriced they have a couple good things about them they’re they’re easy to use but dumb the ones that you get from China they come with some extra special apps that we don’t have here I mean some real dark web type apps out in the open you have to run all sorts of shit just use them but if you can type CCCTV cop car cameras you can jam them you can record what’s going on yet everything to alert you against interference from the police and I think this is a very positive aspect of these apps are incredible know maybe I’m wrong and it you know I can get into basically anything I want any I know how a few were probably fucking hackers and shit but for somebody who’s more into it for music recording and shit this phone is goddamn you put too many apps on it’s about the fucking crash and of course bastard didn’t put some place to throw some extra memory because he’s selfish cocksucker and he probably blows his dad