Sony Xperia Pro-I review

02 December 2021

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  • Anonymous

Why can't they just use all the censor area for one great camera and omit those 2 useless instead. We DON'T need 3 compromise cameras.

  • Fact

Pete, 24 Feb 2022They can say what they want about battery life - as someone... moreFact I been using sony phone for more than a decade.. quality/performance and uniqueness of all sony phone is awesome from T630>p900>p910>p990>p1i>X2>Z ultra>Xperia C5>Z3>XA2 ultra >Xperia 10 plus> Xperia III 2

I also use Samsung, asus, nokia and motorola phone but battery drained fast and there's a lot of useful features.

  • Stephane

GSM Arena Always the best, well balanced test. Congratulations. Hooe soon Sony Xperia 1 IV (or other name) news or release (May?) Do you think a new Pro will be release end 2022?

  • Anonymous

AlexP, 04 Apr 2022Lol. Galaxy S21 ultra, Mi 11 ultra, pixel 6 pro and oneplus... moreExcept very few are gonna spend that much money on another Sony Android phone.

  • Din Islam khan

Almost every phone is using Sony for cameras
Sony xperia pro i๐Ÿ˜

ABF Media, 08 Dec 2021"Maybe go learn how EIS works and why this phone would... moreGood luck with your phone which has Sony sensors ๐Ÿ˜„

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2021Lol. It's camera is not even flagship quality. Galaxy ... moreLol. Galaxy S21 ultra, Mi 11 ultra, pixel 6 pro and oneplus 9 pro all easily loose before this phone.

ABF Media, 13 Dec 2021It's not and no one cares about your therotical result... moreIt's not and no one cares about your therotical comment that don't live up in real world.

Alpha, 13 Dec 2021Sure with artificial colours, overly processed HDR garbage ... moreI like your comment

Mark, 13 Dec 2021I just got my Xperia Pro-I a few days ago, I am replacing m... moreAre you talking about 4k video?
Of course it will be overheating like any different brand

Dudenoway, 13 Dec 2021Sony still isn't that big in cameras. It has a good ch... moreAlmost every phone is using Sony for cameras

Dudenoway, 13 Dec 2021Exactly anyway. Its just an excuse for these fan boys. I can see difference between 4k screen and 2.5k and many others. Think about you Samsung and apple fan boys

TheLastOracle, 20 Dec 2021Mobile sensors don't even reach 14-bit in signal, they... moreHalf of camera sensors on Samsung flagship are Sony ones

  • Pete

LOL, 05 Jan 2022It's for the most hardcore Sony fanboys with too much ... moreThey can say what they want about battery life - as someone who currently owns both a Sony Xperia 1 and a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (and have run Sony+Samsung phones side by side for a while) I can say without hessitation that the Sony's easily outlast the Samsung's in terms of battery life in real world use. And it's not even close.

I have no idea why this is, but my Sony phones always seem to overperform on battery life, and they maintain excellent battery life for years. By comparison my Samsung devices often struggle to meet the battery life claimed in reviews, and their battery life seems to degrade quite noticeably after about a year of use.

I use the Sony as my work phone and Samsung as my private phone, so I run then side by side each day. I don't play games or watch videos most days on either phone, so the type of usage is similar. By the end of each day the Sony is usually at around 60% battery, whole the Samsung is usually down to around 30%.

  • Huawei Photographic

Does any @sonyxperia phone 1III, 5III, PRO I, II,III, IV, V? maybe in 2030? ๐Ÿ˜‰ camera app supports burst mode for RAW+JPG files with full manual control like for example Lumia950XL and other discontinued lumia phones or dslr.

  • LOL

It's for the most hardcore Sony fanboys with too much money to burn.

So hardcore they'll even put up with this shortcoming, quote:

"Battery life is below average."

Forget about the cameras and other specs, if your expensive flagship phone is not having excellent battery life... just quit.

Battery-Storage-Screen, the top three features that shouldn't be compromised for any phones at any price range. Have a slower chip, have crappier cameras, have a cheap plastic body if you want to reduce the costs. Don't compromise the battery, storage and screen quality.

SpiritWolf, 02 Dec 2021Your photos are pretty horrible (if You really want GOOD mo... moreX3 GT has excellent camera module for the price.

The comparison tool shows how the xperia needs a lot of work.
And by the way, computational photography is everywhere.
Search for Sony's Alpha 1 mirrorless.
It incorporates computational photography.
Xperia needs it and does itโ€”right before you press the shutter.

Doesn't mean it has huge sensor with comprehensive manual controls that a camera doesn't use computational techniques.

Sony Alpha 1 is Sony's flagship mirrorless camera and it was dubbed as the "future of computational photography."

Alpha, 04 Dec 2021Its $1800 because it has exceptional camera tech and featur... moreThe camera is worse than in $200 phones. It's not the level of nova 9, S21 Ultra or P50. Not even level of midrange.

Video guy, 02 Dec 2021Dont expect anything. Manufacturers should put better sen... moreMobile sensors don't even reach 14-bit in signal, they hover more around 10-but and 12-but in some instances. The new Samsung ones do 12-bit in upressed HDR, which is great for dynamic range, and the high bit depths can be superb for editing and working on in post, including increasing details In image without too much deterioration.

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2021Sony is a small company now?Sony Group is huge, Sony corp. is relatively big, but (former) Sony mobile devision within Sony corp. is a tiny one