Sony Xperia Pro-I review

02 December 2021

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This phone is only for Sony diehard fans and camera pro's who like their camera to work as a phone too...

Everyone else (98% of people) don't bother. Buy an iPhone 13 Pro/S21 Ultra/Mi 11 Ultra and you'd be good to go.

    • D
    • DMX
    • JQn
    • 02 Dec 2021

    Now you have the same thing that LG ends up dying, times have changed, the same for HMD global with Nokia, staining and ridiculing such an iconic brand as this! they don't know how to work these days

      • T
      • T the Tinkerer
      • kgR
      • 02 Dec 2021

      Oh, Sony. You used to be a battery endurance champ. Yup also used to lead the pack in no nonsense Android. You also used to offer the only compact powerhouse flagship. How the mighty have fallen...

        • S
        • Street Puppy
        • 0p}
        • 02 Dec 2021

        24mm has glass. Not sure if all elements or just the first.
        Not clear on their website.