Poco X3 Pro long-term review

13 December 2021

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  • babi

dany.love, 14 Dec 2021Hello.I live in Germany and I bought the original Poco X3 p... moreIt's far from bad for the price, the camera isn't the main focus of the phone so I think you just bought a wrong phone, for the same price, redmi note 10 pro will suit your needs better

dany.love, 14 Dec 2021Hello.I live in Germany and I bought the original Poco X3 p... more120HZ*

  • James

I got the 256 8gb variant for 200$. This phone has everything u need,not the best in terms of camera and display. But essential hardware features are kept,like SD card slot,NFC,IR blaster and headphone jack. Software is packed with features also. This is a no brainer mobile.

  • Alex

Guy's help me i updated my poco x3 pro and now i do not have trash bin in my gallery

  • Maru

I had bought my poco x3 pro on August 17,2021..now after I'm using for almost 4months now I'm facing problem on my device problem like Network disturbance, camer Hang and Charging issues . I have shown my device problem to service center and the results got more worresn . As for my opinions i felt like i have wasted my money on a wrong devices.

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone a good 5/6 months ago it was a buggy mess at first with terrible battery life and weird scrolling as well as it heating up like mad although after like a few weeks with one or two minor tweaks I managed to resolve the issue with my battery lasting a good 2 days of moderate use

  • Anonymous

dany.love, 14 Dec 2021Hello.I live in Germany and I bought the original Poco X3 p... moreJust a tip you could install a GCAM APK I'm currently rocking one which is marginally better during the day but it way way better in low light conditions you don't need root as well so it's definitely worth it

  • Anonymous

Bla, 14 Dec 2021Gsmarena.com, this phone has two serious issues which you h... moreDon't ever compare indian variant with global. Indians got absolute trash units. Not only with Xiaomi. It is the same with all smartphone companies. For exemple, Oneplus Nord 2 indian variant(DN2101) blast twice in India but there is not a single blast in global variant(DN2103). Poor indians LOL

  • Anonymous

EricDVP, 14 Dec 2021my friend you are a fanboy redmi note 10 pro vs flagships... moreI'd like to know what are you smoking. Your comment is complete non-sense.

  • Black fungus

Best money spent this year 5 months soo far perfect

  • Juraj Anka

Hello I have this phone and Im much happy for the price and the 3,5mm jack and sd card. Camera is good. Maby some smal things can be bettre.

  • Anonymous

G4BZ, 14 Dec 2021Its been a month since i bought PocoX3 Pro 8/256GB(FrostBlu... moreYes, battery is not good.

  • Anonymous

dany.love, 14 Dec 2021Hello.I live in Germany and I bought the original Poco X3 p... moreplease download Google camera 8.1 (moded).
Use Astra photography and See the difference. Thanks me later.

  • dany.love

Hello.I live in Germany and I bought the original Poco X3 pro 256 GB with 8 GB Ram.
The phone is good and it charges in 1 hour.
160 Hz display is insane.
The camera is very very BAD.You can not take photos in the night.99% of the YouTube reviews are lies .
I get better photos with my Samsung Galaxy S7.
First and last time I buy a Poco phone.
I wish you good luck friends.

  • Bla

Gsmarena.com, this phone has two serious issues which you haven't covered. First is the tendency of the screen to have ghost touches and/or flickering. Secondly, it has a very poor PMIC leading to sudden hard bricks which can only be fixed via an RMA.

The issue is so widespread that Indian service centres are not readily taking the phone for a repair as they've run out of stock of spare parts.

I am on 12.5 7 stable version(global) with security updates for November. Perhaps the device GsmArena is reviewing is an India version?

  • Frank

Peter Van Hawk, 14 Dec 2021Used this phone for about 4-5 months,i absolutely love it,,... moreWhere did u get ur gcam?

  • Anonymous

They forgot to mention the ghosting and the pixel smearing. In the original review, it was pretty much apparent.

  • Anonymous

UI is rubbish and the screen sometimes have issues (tinting, flickering etc.). X3 GT is better if you have the cash

  • Anonymous

its a poco x3 with snapdragon 860 chipset, the phone throttled hard and run at 60% of its performance due to weak cooling system