Back to iOS after years of Android use

31 December 2021

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I was searching for a genuine pro and I found nothing.... Lol guess I will have to say away from Apple now....

    I’ve always been able to put the cursor at any point on a word in iOS, it’s not that difficult. You can also hold down on the space bar abs slide the cursor anywhere you want. I guess you just need to learn about how the software works - like tapping the top of the screen will get you back to the top of a page.

    Keep trying. You’ll get it.

      Truecaller doesn't work well in ios i guess missed this point

        Anonymous, 12 Jan 2022Yeah, but that's a good thing they copied. If you look... moreYou're an Afoole full of it when I can easily listen to pirated music on my Android on an fully customizable music app that's better than iTunes. Apple don't allow you to copy squat I bet I have not used Apple for 8 years and counting.

        The only Apple product worth buying to me is the iPad which captivates kid and may help me out with my biz.

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          • 25 Jan 2022

          Android so powerful right.great right. Nice

            Android.Authority, 20 Jan 2022These are system apps we are talking about, not regular app... more... it's as easy as long pressing the app and tapping the 'X' button.

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              • 21 Jan 2022

              never tried it in iPhone but I see it's available on the Apple store: Microsoft SwiftKey. I've been using it on my android devices since 2013 on every phone. row number, long press for symbols.. and highly customizable :)

                Android.Authority, 20 Jan 2022These are system apps we are talking about, not regular app... moreYou can. Are you stupid? iOS/iPadOS has offered this feature since ages ago.

                  sa11oum, 17 Jan 2022Having options would be being able to delete the app right ... moreThese are system apps we are talking about, not regular apps.
                  Can shitty iOS remove system apps??

                    What also bothers me on iOS:
                    - no way to disable gps (privacy) from the control centre. I need to go in 3 menus to get there
                    - I have an Apple Watch and with this pandemic, using a mask the FaceId unlocks the phone based on the watch, but this works 50 % of the times… it’s a cold weather these days so I am also wearing gloves. It’s horrible when I have to manually input the code..
                    - the back thing, that’s true, but I encountered it just a few times.
                    - and also maybe that there are settings for each app in the main settings menu, instead of in each app (it’s dedicated settings).

                      Very good points made on both like and dislike sides.
                      In my personal opinion, iOS is just annoying software that for the sake of so called "smoothness" implement roadblocks and one way streets at any corner of UI.
                      There were some nice touches in iPhones I used back in the days but still it was too little to keep me hanging.
                      I like the diversity of Android options out there where Sony's UI and OnePlus oxygen were my favourite. Too bad oppo is killing the original Oxygen UI based on cyanogen mod.
                      This was better optimized than Google's vanilla android.

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                        • 18 Jan 2022

                        Apple is still far behind in the game, Samsung particularly has had tech for years that Apple is implementing now. Yet still charge a premium for those bricks you call phones, I've had both and I'll choose Samsung any day.

                          Android.Authority, 13 Jan 2022To me iOS is just a second rate OS that tries hard to be be... moreWell said🏳🏳🏳

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                            • 17 Jan 2022

                            I am confused if I buy Iphone 13 pro 1 tera storages one for me and one for my wife, or buy mercedes AMG 2009
                            both options same price

                              Anonymous, 17 Jan 2022Having options are good. Maybe it's people like you wh... moreHaving options would be being able to delete the app right from your smartphone and not having to use adb, lol...

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                                • 17 Jan 2022

                                sa11oum, 11 Jan 2022This is the kind of comment that always makes me smile. It&... moreHaving options are good. Maybe it's people like you who Google caters to now so we end up with a kiddie friendly geek hating Android OS.

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                                  • 17 Jan 2022

                                  Anonymous, 12 Jan 2022One thing the reviewer didn't mention, is that on iOS ... moreFanboy stories. . . 🙄

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                                    • 17 Jan 2022

                                    nickname optional, 04 Jan 2022Not at all. Only fanboys with low self esteem, that wrap th... moreWell said 👏🏻👏🏻

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                                      • 16 Jan 2022

                                      Once you have broken an iPhone's screen and have to pay that by yourself, you will return to android phones.

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                                        • 14 Jan 2022

                                        I don't know the qualifications of the author... but after reading the initial part I feel gsmarena folks should hire better folks.