TCL at CES 2022: 30 V 5G, 30 XE 5G, Project Chicago, NxtPaper 10s

05 January 2022

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Good thing there are cases.

    I am still waiting for nxt paper

      Anonymous, 05 Jan 2022Too bad clamshell design does not allow decent battery like... moreI think it can be decent BUT with 60hz screen and midrange chip which would consume less power. Make it plastic and you get the first A line foldable.

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        • 06 Jan 2022

        Is it possible to turn the light all the way off

          Marco M, 06 Jan 2022"For one, the panel is TUV certified for low blue-ligh... morewell thanks for your info.

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            • 06 Jan 2022

            If TCl can pull the foldable to a good price, maybe could be my next phone. The 765 is still more than capable, and they can probably bring the price down.

              rizki1, 06 Jan 2022that tablet screen looks dim and blueish, is camera effect ... more"For one, the panel is TUV certified for low blue-light emissions. TCL actually applied a rather heavy-handed matte coating to the display, which they claim reduces blue light emissions by over 50% compared to regular glossy screen devices. TCL promises natural color reproduction and clear viewing angles."

              So the display probably isn't very blue-ish, unless there is a cold/custom color temperature setting someone toggled.

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                • 06 Jan 2022

                The clamshell is the most interesting but overall TCL phones look a bit plain.

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                  • 06 Jan 2022

                  Just like the Oppo Find N, these foldables look cool and are good to pressure Samsung into releasing better products but from I've seen these other Non-Samsung foldables are inferior. Many software aspects forgotten about. No app support for the folding display. Samsung worked with several companies including Google, Microsoft and Spotify to create "folding" versions of their apps for the Fold and Flip. None of these other companies have done this. Like cool you have nice hardware but your software is garbage with nothing to take advantage of the extra screen real-estate.

                    that tablet screen looks dim and blueish, is camera effect or TCL use cheap panel?

                      The more clamshells, the better. But I still think Samsung and Motorola make better flip phones than Huawei and TCL. Motorola mastered the design. Samsung did everything else right except the cover display and battery life.

                      Glad to see TCL releasing Project Chicago soon to be called Flex V. I want to see more competitors for flip phones. I thought it would be canceled but glad TCL will go through with it. The flip phone is not for me but I like to see more options for consumers.

                        Flex V has SD 765G? Does that mean an affordable (relatively) foldable?

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                          • 05 Jan 2022

                          Too bad clamshell design does not allow decent battery like regular form.

                          Flip 3 has foldable version of the s21+ screen, but inside it brings battery with 1200mAh lower capacity.

                          I think for this type of phone, ratios 16:9 and 18:9 would be better for wider phone to give more room for battery. Also single cam system.