Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G review

16 January 2022

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  • Anonymous

So I've sent GSMarena a message on this website and an email since they posted this review, but no response. They did the stability test with the phone starting at 13%. On all Samsung phones I've used, performance drops after 15% and is terrible after 5%. Looking at the other benchmark scores as well being so low, I can only imagine these tests were done in 20 minutes by someone in a rush, which sucks a lot considering how many people use this website when making a choice, and they re getting straight up bad info. Shame on you.

RANVIR, 21 Jan 2022samsung has disappointed most of their fans again...i was w... moreYes, all of that + the horrible material that makes you feel like it is a toy phone.

  • Dgg

Hats off to Qualcomm, every new chip has worse battery life.....Apple is Killing you. Android saddled with these guys and Google with all the ads

  • S22 Forever Edition

As soon as I realize there is no microSD card slot, I stop rading about the misfortunate phone. When it comes to the 3.5mm jack - I could not care less, in fact, better not to have 3.5 jacko. if the charger is missing, then the phone sould be cheaper. Am I right or am I right, you be the judge!

AhmedSLL, 22 Jan 2022You live in the USA and you've got the sd version, tr... moreyeah. I bought one and ended up selling the exynos version after 4 months. still paying monthly for the phone though.

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2022sd gen1, sd 888 and exynos 2200 are terrible at power mana... moreHave u used a sd 888 chipset b4 or u just read that crap online

  • Roger

Omer, 17 Jan 2022500 euros?? Where did you see that? Over here (Netherlands)... moreU got it for around €500 including buds 2. Here in Holland

  • Anonymous

Zalrasyad Z., 23 Jan 2022exynos 990 is terrible for sure but the exynos 2100 is way ... moreAhmedSLL was replying to Slime2 that is using a S20 FE with Snapdragon. Slime2 been saying his S20 FE has good battery life, so AhmedSLL suggest he tried a S20 FE with Exynos 990. Maybe you should read the comment thread a little before trying to act 'smart'

got the 256GB/8GB RAM for just $589 here in Malaysia to replace my S20 FE. sold my S20 FE 5G for $430, so i ended up spending just $159, no regrets.

AhmedSLL, 22 Jan 2022You live in the USA and you've got the sd version, tr... moreexynos 990 is terrible for sure but the exynos 2100 is way better. some say its just as good as the sd888. plus what does the 990 have to do with this phone anyway, international markets get the exynos 2100 not 990 🤷‍♂️

  • Anonymous

Love phone but be careful it does not work with Dexcom G6 app for diabetics

Slime2, 18 Jan 2022I keep reading about poor battery life in the Samsung FE ph... moreYou live in the USA and you've got the sd version, try the exynos 990 and you'll be shocked.

  • Anonymous

What's the difference between G990 and G990B?

The S21 FE will be updated to android 15 or 14? due to the fact that is coming with android 12.


samsung has disappointed most of their fans again...i was waiting for s21 fe from last 6 months and wanted to purchase it but now it's of no use because it is - s21 be (ban edition).

1. very expensive.
2. no charge in the box.
3. imp no snapdragon processor in india. why only usa and china gets snapdragon processor?
4. no 3.5 mm jack... still most of the cars don't have bluetooth option... at that the 3.5mm jack plays very important role.
5. one of the most imp slot is memory card but no memory card slot in s21fe... sorry s21be ban edition.

  • Anonymous

sd gen1, sd 888 and exynos 2200 are terrible at power management, still sd 865and 870 are the best value for the money performers without compromises

  • Slime2

Haiol, 20 Jan 2022Big mistake!!!!!!!Yes, I've made my own fair share of mistakes. Mainly because I'm old enough to remember when there were no mobile phones or PC's or the Internet. We got along just fine before this wonderful technology became a reality. The trouble is that too many people, especially young people, are consumed by this technology. They're not out playing football (soccer here), basketball, throwing the frisbee around, going fishing, etc. They're too busy Facetiming or using Duo, playing Halo, or just sitting around and texting. The one thing Social Media is not is social. You're not with anybody.

I'm sorry if I offended anybody in this forum. At the same time, I meant to point out there is life out there outside of your 6.7 inch diagonally-sized screen.

  • Haiol

Slime2, 19 Jan 2022I loved my self-righteous rant. You know why? Because eve... moreBig mistake!!!!!!!

  • Slime2

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2022Looks like you hardly use your S20 FE and it can't eve... moreI loved my self-righteous rant. You know why? Because every word in it was true.

First of all, in terms of your rant regarding battery life, I always let my phone battery completely discharge about once a month in order to allow it to continue to store as much charge as possible. That takes about 48 hours to get to 0% charge.

Secondly, the fact that so many in this forum can't put their phones down for a period of time is a sad commentary about technology today. I still get three print newspapers delivered every day. Why? Because I enjoy actually reading a newspaper or a book. A little newsprint on my fingers means that I actually did something. Any idiot who gets their news from social media deserves the misinformation they are presented.

Lastly, I have a life away from my technology. Unfortunately, many of you in this forum do not.

Mike, 19 Jan 2022I just received a S21 FE and was disappointed to learn ther... moreOh for god's sake. Just download some fm tuner from google play.

  • Anonymous

T the Tinkerer, 17 Jan 2022That's because you had the exynos version. The snapdra... moreSD888 is made with the same Samsung 5 nm process as Exynos 2100