Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G review

16 January 2022

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  • Anonymous

BS phone. It's launch price is higher than the regular S21 currently. Had it not been for the Huawei ban, Samsung S series sales would be nowhere to be seen.

  • Mike

I just received a S21 FE and was disappointed to learn there is no FM tuner (after being told by sales staff that this phone does have an FM radio). Note that the specifications listed by GSM Arena is not clear that there is no FM radio. The FM radio was the deciding factor in my purchase over the Pixel 6. Had I been given correct information, I would not have bought this phone. Otherwise, this is a very nice phone, but there is a bunch of bloatware that the Pixel 6 supposedly doesn't have. I like the build quality, the color (muted olive green), and the fact that it comes with Android 12 right out of the box. The package that I got included Buds Pro for an additional $30 and they sound great! Just wish they stayed in my ears better. Perhaps I should get some ear muffs to help keep them in?

  • Raz

More comparing to s20fe:
Both have optical fingerprint sensor - 👎
s21fe have much more PWM - 👎

  • Anonymous

Slime2, 18 Jan 2022I keep reading about poor battery life in the Samsung FE ph... moreJust realize most people, especially on the Internet, are dumb and their opinions are even dumber. And you would be the dumbest if you take those dumb opinions seriously.

  • Anonymous

At 550€ it becomes unbeatable.
The basic S21 is slightly better, because it has a better display and 2 GB more RAM. It is also more compact. Although this FE model may have one more major update than the S21, since it already comes out with Android 12 (so it should be updated up to Android 15, presumably).
Samsung offers well-crafted updates and long software support, a well-maintained UI. It is unbeatable in the android world.
So no comparison to Realme or Asus. Samsung is way better.

Slime2, 18 Jan 2022I keep reading about poor battery life in the Samsung FE ph... morewe are so much into phones/virtual networking now a days. feels like we are going to turn our society into the one showed in Wall-e.

T the Tinkerer, 17 Jan 2022That's because you had the exynos version. The snapdra... morepossible. I think 865 is overall a better chip than 888. I bought a iphone 11 afterwards and I am totally happy. it has very good battery life and performance.

  • Anonymous

Another overpriced garbage phone, terrible battery life, missing SD card, audio jack. S20 fe it's much better.

  • Anonymous

Is it possible to change photo resolution or video resolution in the camera app? Or is it max res always?

Samsung fan, 17 Jan 2022No matter taxes and price,but does it worth it with the fea... moreOf course, if you don't like features of this phone, design and price, you shouldn't buy it :)). Thankfuly we're living in time when the ultra luxury Z Fold 3 is cheaper than what phones that could barely send a text message cost just 20 years ago. It's nice problems to have.

  • Raz

Compared s20fe
Design, proximity sensor - 👍
No sd card, price -👎

  • Anonymous

Regarding no charger in package , there's actually an easy remedy for that if companies actually cared for nature and consumers and ready for small cost.

Provide a coupon worth, what charger is worth , this way consumers , who don't have charger or don't have compatible charger can redeem this coupon for charger when buying in the stire , those who do have charger , can exchange for appstore, playstore, samsung store credits. but this adds costs. doesn't reduce it and saving money at your expense is what Apple was for it and what those who followed, were for it as well.

Overpriced = Misfired

  • Anonymous

Slime2, 18 Jan 2022I keep reading about poor battery life in the Samsung FE ph... moreI read it as a plot to a thriller movie, and gotta admit the climax absolutely amazed me 🍿 as I arrived at the part where it says :

"They told me they were texting each other"

[deleted post]Sounds like we have a few guys upset that not all are buying into the fake news spammed by Google.
I always thought Apple was the lowest you could get in tech, turns out Google doesn't give a single f k. Undermine "its own" ecosystem for small personal profits.

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2022No dynamic display RateThat's still not enough to practically negate that extra 500mAh. Adaptive/variable RR battery savings are marginal, at best.

  • Elon

Nobody wants this, so many better options with more features and lesser price!

The only good FE was th first one (Note 7 replacement) and after that it became a gimmick, especially this one.
FE was supposed to have SD chips worlwide and they didn't even do that now.

  • Anonymous

Slime2, 18 Jan 2022I keep reading about poor battery life in the Samsung FE ph... moreLooks like you hardly use your S20 FE and it can't even get past 48 hours before needing recharge. Thanks, you just inadvertently confirmed the FE's poor battery standby with your self-righteous rant.

  • Slime2

I keep reading about poor battery life in the Samsung FE phones. I have the S20 FE 5GUW version in the US with Verizon as the carrier. I get almost a full 48 hours out of the phone before I have to put it back on the charger. You know how? Because I don't use it every hour of every day. I have a life beyond my phone. I occasionally check my email and texts, make a few phone calls when necessary, but otherwise my head isn't pointed down at my phone every minute I'm awake.

I was on vacation in Sydney, NSW walking down Pitt Street and two girls were walking side by side with their heads down looking at their phones while they were walking right at me. I stopped and they both walked into me. One of them said "Sorry" and I asked them to be careful and who were they texting that was so important. They told me they were texting each other. YOUR PHONE IS NOT THAT IMPORTANT.