Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra hands-on review

09 February 2022

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  • 15 Feb 2024

Samsung is not a great mobile device. Their software doesn't match up to other OS brand when.
Samsung is still using the old way of making money from their clients. Their mobile devices is still build on craping written software and more than the average customers have all something to say, about what either they hate about their samsung device or what lacks on their device.
If you can afford a better brand, for example an iPhone, where the company, actually take care and pride, in their design and functioning of their mobile device software and hardware suggest you go get you something other than a samsung.

Otherwise you will have headache with samsung forever.

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    • 09 Jul 2022

    Jijo, 10 Feb 2022No microsd slot. No 3.5mm jack! Paying premium but no ... moreAgreed.
    Why are people's so passive about paying MORE and getting LESS??
    There should be an outcry by the masses and boycott of these stupid smart phones that can't do what the OLD phones can do.
    But I don't see it.
    I suppose people just get what they are told is the "latest and greatest" and when they find out they can't plug their headphones in "oh well, they got me".
    And that's it

    Then you go out and find a phone that still has the features you want like 10T Lite and ATT won't support it.
    It sucks all around for the consumer.
    But it seems we're powerless .
    Gov'ts and companies just keep telling us what we want and shoving it down our throat.

      Maria, 20 Feb 2022No autofocus in the ultrawide camera of S22+ is a deal brea... moreAre you sure for you are saying!!!

        Hi dude i have a quest

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          • 12 Mar 2022

          Anonymous, 03 Mar 2022You're not wrong as a Westerner. But this site is not ... moreDude... I'm from central Europe and this guy CptPower is from eastern Europe, but I don't understand your comment. It has nothing to do with what I said. You just assume when I said that people need and want "western" company as well, that I'm an American in U.S. where everything is cheaper. For god sake dude, it's not without a reason. Google why are same phone models chepaer in U.S..

          But that has nothing to do with what I was saying. You missed the point.


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            • 11 Mar 2022

            So where is the S22 review? Only plus and ultra have been reviewed so far.

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              • 03 Mar 2022

              WastingMyTimeAsUsual, 02 Mar 2022Maaan... you are really trying hard to bash every "we... moreYou're not wrong as a Westerner. But this site is not for the Americans. It's for whole world and except America these phones cost double and provide nothing exceptional (maybe extra year uodate

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                • 02 Mar 2022

                AnonD-731363, 12 Feb 2022Man only real premium phone brand ever existed was vertu th... moreMaaan...
                you are really trying hard to bash every "western company" and what exactly do you think is gonna be achieved?

                You think people will buy Xiaomi or Nubia or whatever because you say all western companies are overpriced garbage?

                Why do you want all people to buy same things? Isn't variety a good thing? Every phone has almost the same hardwere these days but in softwere is the real difference.

                Why do you try so hard for us to buy only the cheapest best possible value for money devices from China?

                Do you think every person wants just that? What if someone wants more? Or something different?

                What does it means for you if I buy a Samsung, Apple, Sony or any other western company over Chinese? How will that impact your life? Huh? Will you explain me that? Because you're not just giving opinions. You are arguing to the point you don't leave until you "win" a debate.

                There is no winners or loosers maaaan. Just opinions from different prospective because you know what? People are different and everyone has their own experience and opinions on everything. Are we alowed to have different opinions without some guy who deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same western brands and trying so hard to win in a debate? Please, can we?

                Okay I'll be direct. Tell us. What do you want? What is your goal here?

                That Samsung, Apple and other go bancrupt and be gone so that we have a choice only from China or Taiwan? Huh? What exactly do you want to achieve? As you can see I have many questions as I just can't comprehend what does all that nonsense between west and east means to you and how much you fight against it.

                I wish you all the best for many many years on this forum. Peace

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                  • 25 Feb 2022

                  Anonymous, 17 Feb 2022I disagree with everyone who said S22 is not innovative jus... moreAre you on crack? You call that innovation? Search what the means before posting random BS!

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                    • 24 Feb 2022

                    Loudspeaker is bad

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                      • 23 Feb 2022

                      So 108 hours of battery life on Exynos chip, I wonder what the difference will be with Snapdragon.

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                        • 23 Feb 2022

                        Anonymous, 10 Feb 2022Can pre-order green S22 256GB here in Norway.Lucky you! I would love that combination too! :)
                        Whatever, S10e will stay with me for one more year. Maybe S23 will be my Valentine....

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                          • 23 Feb 2022

                          Daige, 18 Feb 2022What's this obsession with glass backsides? Glass is S... moreBe quiet we can demand what we want

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                            • 22 Feb 2022

                            Darknoor, 17 Feb 2022They know very well about all that but they want to squeeze... moreUsb otg instead of micro sd, micro sds arent reliable in the long term usage. 5 years above, most of micro sds i own from san disk arent readable. Cloud storage? Bro you can add NAS storage with 8TB of your own cloud. Check out wd cloud share drives. Micro sd is in the past, move on to NAS, if not, its your own fault for not having the right ecosystem setup.

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                              • 20 Feb 2022

                              No autofocus in the ultrawide camera of S22+ is a deal breaker for me surely :-( I do not want the Ultra either.

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                                • 18 Feb 2022

                                Ive ordered the S22 +, because the akku of the S22 ist definitively too small.

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                                  • 18 Feb 2022

                                  Jojje, 17 Feb 2022Why would you want high crappy digital zoom? Optical zoom i... moreAdd on's I have one with lights that acts as a microscope. I have another that acts like a telescope. I have a kit that has a telephoto, extreme wide angle an macro. Not phone specific. Use on three generations of phones.

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                                    • 18 Feb 2022

                                    What's this obsession with glass backsides? Glass is SLIPPERY, makes it harder to hold the phone, it's a huge fingerprint magnet, it makes the phone heavier and also more brittle. Yes, even Gorilla class can break. So why demand glass backsides all the time? I only see downsides. Oh, keep your "premium" touch finish...but don't expect the phone to stay when you accidentally leave it on the arm rest of the sofa. Ooops, it slid down. Fast. And now it's broken. On two sides. Happy happy joy joy...

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                                      • 18 Feb 2022

                                      great phone will make atechnologian revolution

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                                        • 17 Feb 2022

                                        Michael, 13 Feb 2022What *cheap* phones are available with high zoom of 100x di... moreWhy would you want high crappy digital zoom? Optical zoom is the way to go if you want any sort of quality.