Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra hands-on review

09 February 2022

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Anonymous, 17 Feb 2022I disagree with everyone who said S22 is not innovative jus... moreIt is like saying the screen is an old tech. What is next? No bluetooth? No physical buttons? These are old too.
Unless they provide an alternative, this is valid. They do not offer free cloud storage nor earbuds, but they ask you to pay quite the money to get these. That is not right. We used to get chargers, option for headphones (which are usually included) and expand storage.
We still pay for these yet do not get any. How is this not bothering you?

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    • KiX
    • 17 Feb 2022

    I disagree with everyone who said S22 is not innovative just because it doesn't have 3,5 jack and micro sd.

    In fact, both features are actually old innovations from pre 2000s era. Its like saying electric cars is not innovative because it doesnt use gasoline even though gas stations are easy to find everywhere.

    Today innovations, are actually:
    - longetivity phone usage through OS optimization and long software support
    - rational fast charging speed for longer battery life
    - beautiful UI and new software feature
    - good after sales service
    - wireless charging
    - camera result optimization
    - official phone service center that easy to find
    - good integration with blutooth accesories
    - good inter devices syncronization/ ecosystem

    You would find only Samsung and Apple fullfil these.

    It's your choice to use phone with either old innovation or new innovation.

      Anonymous, 16 Feb 2022They sure can't put a Micro SD and headphone jack in t... moreThey know very well about all that but they want to squeeze every last penny off your pocket. And do they believe we will be forced to buy their adapter and earbuds?
      We get cheap knockoffs from unothorized Aliexpress vendors so jokes on them lol

        Anonymous, 16 Feb 2022Yeah! Just add that to your bag along with the headphone ja... moreBeware tho, Samsung phones are picky with the AUX adapters (like a crapiPhone) and won't let any dongle work.

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          • 16 Feb 2022

          bunyip22, 12 Feb 2022Premium devices seek to put everything in. If you only want... moreThey sure can't put a Micro SD and headphone jack in the phone. My A52s has them. paid ~500 for the 256/8GB model and it's pretty sweet. it has a FLAT (although still curved) display as well! This will likely be my last Samsung phone if they remove the headphone jack from midrangers. Especially a Micro SD card.

          Cloud storage? Maybe if it was 100% free and had end to end encryption so that even the company can't read the files. Guess what? It doesn't. And it takes internet to do that and I can't access it immediately whenever, wherever. A Micro SD that is 256GB will cost around 30 dollars. You want 512gb compared to 256gb in a Galaxy S22? That'll be an extra 100$ for something that you still can't upgrade in the future.

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            • 16 Feb 2022

            Darknoor, 16 Feb 2022Here is a trick: Buy a USB flash drive that supports USB 3.... moreYeah! Just add that to your bag along with the headphone jack to USB-C adapter, which adds features that are on older models!

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              • 16 Feb 2022

              I want a phone with the form factor and flat display of the S22+ but with stylus and 3.5 headphone jack. I also need 512gb + dual sim (internal memory or sd). FM would be also nice. Feature and size / weight distribution in the S22 series does not work for many people
              When can I order a phone with customizable feature set?

                Kuba, 10 Feb 2022No SD card no buy. Keep my S20.Here is a trick: Buy a USB flash drive that supports USB 3.0 and has a double sided (USB C and USB A) port and use it to free space from time to time as an easy to remove SD replacement!

                  Anonymous, 10 Feb 2022The best offers are always in US. Rest of the world always ... moreAnd with the insane 15% vat Saudi has now, oh boy do we pay extra. Luckily, for the first time ever, we are getting the SD chip here at last.

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                    • 16 Feb 2022

                    2022, i'm stuck in google pixel 5A,. just watching android reviews..

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                      • 15 Feb 2022

                      AnonD-1033007, 15 Feb 2022There are phones with 3mm jack and SD cart slot if you miss... moreCrying in the comments could be detrimental, though.

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                        • 15 Feb 2022

                        There are phones with 3mm jack and SD cart slot if you miss those features SO MUCH buy them and leave flagships alone.
                        Those features were dropped out long time ago, crying in the comments won't change Samsung's and Apple's mind.

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                          • gBV
                          • 15 Feb 2022

                          I just looked at the 10x comparison between the S22 Ultra and Xiaomi 11 Ultra at techradar. The S22 Ultra is extremely bad! Really awful. It seems that at 10x, the algorithm detects where people are and blurs everything around them. Looks extremely artificial.

                            💪S22 Ultra 5G 💘❤️❤️😎👍

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                              • 15 Feb 2022

                              Once again Samsung chose to copycat off of the iPhone with no storage card it's bad enough they took away headphone jack but if they think this is the way to go they're wrong they should have at least made the storage card available on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra & then let the other two models not offer it/ let the consumer decide what they want to pay for SD card storage capability/ very disappointed Samsung I would have purchased the ultra but not now/ I'm sticking with my Samsung Galaxy S10+👌

                                Anonymous, 14 Feb 2022Too small battery, missing SD card, audio jack, phones belo... moreTrue, well said. Was expecting 5500mah.

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                                  • 15 Feb 2022

                                  Note9 User, 13 Feb 2022"Another useless gimmick is lack of 3,5mm jack and SD ... moreLol, for years you've argued against me about the benefits of the MicroSD card & 3.5mm jack.
                                  Now that your wish to have them removed has been granted, you're asking for them back! Lol.

                                  Well yes and no.
                                  I gave up on 3,5 mm jack long time ago but some people needs this as mandatory since some taxi driver friends cant have wireless earphones cuz they deplete too quickly.

                                  In case of SD card i dont care from 512GB+ disk space.
                                  Anything lower is just not enough.

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                                    • sUS
                                    • 14 Feb 2022

                                    Qazck, 10 Feb 2022Samapple are the only devices worthwhile. Classy software... more>it doesn't need to have top bezzles
                                    >it doesn't need to have a headphone jack
                                    >it doesn't need expandable memory
                                    >it doesn't need headphones in the box
                                    >it doesn't need a charge in the box
                                    >it doesn't need to be less than $1000
                                    (YOU ARE HERE)
                                    >it doesn't need a charging port at all
                                    >it doesn't need any storage
                                    >it doesn't need to last more than a year

                                      The vanilla S22 for me, please.

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                                        • 8kP
                                        • 14 Feb 2022

                                        Too small battery, missing SD card, audio jack, phones belongs to the rubbish. Very disappointed Samsung.