Realme 9 Pro review

16 February 2022

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  • 01 Aug 2022

Leo, 07 Jun 2022Realme 9 pro 5g is waste of money don't buy it. I am u... moreIts because you dont know how to use a smartphone

    Leo, 07 Jun 2022Realme 9 pro 5g is waste of money don't buy it. I am u... moreBut mine didn't run into such brutal problems.

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      • Leo
      • tR3
      • 07 Jun 2022

      Realme 9 pro 5g is waste of money don't buy it. I am using since 4 months, lot of lagging issues also ott platforms not working properly. Even after multiple complains there is no update. I trusted realm but it's worst.

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        • Joey
        • 7kk
        • 20 May 2022

        Anonymous, 05 Apr 2022NoYes it comes with a cooling system

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          • ypc
          • 05 Apr 2022

          Lahanesh, 04 Mar 2022Does realme 9 pro has any cooling system?? No

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            • 05 Apr 2022

            Ninad, 29 Mar 2022My real experience of realme 9 pro after using it for 1 mon... moreIn realme 9 pro using omnivision sensor. How it's working...?? Is it good then realme 8 5g

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              • Ninad
              • 7kb
              • 29 Mar 2022

              My real experience of realme 9 pro after using it for 1 month.
              I wanna to mention rigorously that this mobile nailed it. I like this mobile phone very much.
              It's charging is superb, camera quality out door is superb indoor camera quality suks little bit.
              But gaming is smooth

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                • sxs
                • 28 Mar 2022

                Realme 9 pro+ compatible to wireless charger

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                  • Ashgan
                  • 7kF
                  • 11 Mar 2022

                  No mention of gorrila glass

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                    • Vikas
                    • Dkp
                    • 06 Mar 2022

                    Very goo phone and perfomance
                    Camra good
                    Battary good
                    Loking good
                    All of good

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                      • Lahanesh
                      • rJJ
                      • 04 Mar 2022

                      Does realme 9 pro has any cooling system??

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                        • 03 Mar 2022

                        How to zoom front camera

                          Anonymous, 17 Feb 2022Colour reproduction is based on calibration, not screen typ... moreNot 100% false but not true either. The good and bad quality LCD actually exist. As far as I know, Realme often using the decent one.. For example, their entry level 8i has support for DCi P3 color gamut, which is good. I compared it with Sony's 2K OLED screen along with other non DCi P3/sRGB supported LCDs. and yes, in HDR content, Sony with OLED and HDR support indeed far ahead but in day to day use, the differences between Sony and 8i is almost a tiny except the level of deep black, when the other non DCi P3 screen looks worse..

                            Nikojas, 17 Feb 2022I'm also using a52s after oppo x2 neo. A52s is quite b... moreSo far I've already used two Realme devices, 3 Pro and now 8i.. also couple of Samsung devices. So here's my opinion: In term of customization, RealmeUI 2.0/3.0 is a bit superior than OneUI. Also it normally support Full Camera2api for Google Camera user, which Samsung doesn't have. In other side, OneUI is more user friendly but still.. not for advanced user. The lack of camera2api support is the reason. In term of security and software support, obviously Realme is far behind the One Ui. The OTA often comes late, plus they never updating their website for manual firmware support, which is unfortunate. So average user will happy with OneUI. But if you can't lived without Gcam, Realme is your best buddy and savior.

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                              • Dkr
                              • 26 Feb 2022

                              Video quality is very poor

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                                • Prasoon
                                • gMC
                                • 22 Feb 2022

                                How many 5g bands does realme 9 pro have.

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                                  • RKC
                                  • D09
                                  • 21 Feb 2022

                                  Moto G71 is there. Definitely better than 9pro with LED screen

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                                    • tsB
                                    • 20 Feb 2022

                                    Nikojas, 17 Feb 2022I'm also using a52s after oppo x2 neo. A52s is quite b... moreHi. It's hard for me to give a correct answer to the question due to Realme UI on the Realme 3 Pro is Version 1.0 based on Android 10 which is very old and the hardware on the A52s is far more responsive than that of the 3 Pro.
                                    But would be much prefer Realme UI over One UI 4.0
                                    - You can enable Sim Data monitoring in more detail, realme UI will show data used/left in each days. I have 6GB/day plan and Realme UI let me limit data usage to exactly that number. One UI 4.0 can only do so in monthly manner.
                                    - Setting catagories in One UI 4.0 is arranged better than in Realme UI, but Realme UI let me find the setting I need more easily, One UI 4.0 just keeps showing unwanted results for some weird reason.
                                    - Realme UI will show used/free Ram. One UI can't.
                                    - Realme UI screen brightness slider is situated some centimetres above the phone's chin which is perfect to adjust using the thumb. One UI is right down the bottom, harder to adjust.
                                    - Realme UI swipe gestures is more responsive.
                                    - Switch to one-hand use is more easier on Realme UI.
                                    - Three fingers swipe down to capture screenshot is better than swipe palm across the screen.
                                    But One UI 4.0 is more features (better night mode, better widget...).
                                    You should have an hands on first then decide yourself as other people opinions are usually biased.

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                                      • Raz
                                      • tDG
                                      • 19 Feb 2022

                                      Samsung M52 much better

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                                        • Asvinkumar
                                        • Dka
                                        • 19 Feb 2022

                                        This phone is realme Google dialler is not proper working