OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G hands-on review

17 February 2022

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  • rKf
  • 17 Jan 2023

Ash Ketchun , 07 Jul 2022I recently bought a One plus nord ce 2 and I don't kno... moreI also face same problem

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    • The Observer
    • nid
    • 01 Nov 2022

    Here's a simple observation - walk down the street and say how frequently you see someone with earbuds or "cups" on the head, obviously listening to the music (or a podcast or a book...). Audio is probably among top 3 basic features of the phone, on pair or even more frequently used function. Yet, audio output is one of the most neglected features of the phone in most of the reviews. Moreover, I see reports on how speakers sound, clarity, detail, loudness of them, which is pointles, unless you're a kid in the puberty who has zero refference on the audio quality... Not to mention - who on earth is using a cell phone as a "ghetto-blaster" to enjoy the music... But almost every phone user now and then or daily plugs his earpieces into it...
    To conclude - can we get some decent feedback on what the phone sounds like when plugged in? It's DAC chip, abilities, frequencies and bitrate, volume/loudness, connectivity to peripheral devices, pairing with BT earbuds and such. Or at least a fragment of informations addressing, for example, it's gaming capabilities.

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      • Anonymous
      • XR2
      • 04 Sep 2022

      I am using this phone 2 month,now i facing hiting problem, how I solved this problem

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        • Ravish kumar
        • gM$
        • 31 Aug 2022

        Satyavir Singh , 13 Aug 2022What is the battery backup this phone.Battery backup 20 hours only

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          • Koirala
          • nC2
          • 21 Aug 2022

          I buy 15 days ago one plus Nord ce2 5 g now I'm facing a problem with my mobile when I'm going to crop the picture it takes more than 50 seconds

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            • Satyavir Singh
            • 56E
            • 13 Aug 2022

            Ash Ketchun , 07 Jul 2022I recently bought a One plus nord ce 2 and I don't kno... moreWhat is the battery backup this phone.

              I have used OnePlus One, still in proper wrkn condition, OnePlus 3 & 7. After all these flagships, Nord CE 2 feels and looks like a big shit. Performance is shitty compared to others. General ux is good, when browsing it's ok. When gaming it bit nasty and inconsistent. But can play for longer periods continuously, minimal heating and battery drains. All my phones always gave very good battery life. Asphalt or Pubg or CODM, no problem no issues. Thou photography or sound is a shitty affair, as told earlier. For that I have Apple and Samsung, this phone was just for pure gaming for me.
              P.S. I have played or been playing in a higher settings

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                • Ash Ketchun
                • gNR
                • 07 Jul 2022

                I recently bought a One plus nord ce 2 and I don't know why but the battery keeps draining so fast .Just touching the screen to look at the time consumes 1% battery and moreover my battery keeps draining even when I don't use it .I have applied all battery saving methods yet the battery keeps draining .What sjould I do now

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                  • DkR
                  • 03 Jun 2022

                  OnePlus Nord 2 5g set heating problems..

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                    • T4techdroid
                    • u14
                    • 02 Apr 2022

                    dbjungle, 22 Feb 2022LOL, yea. New phone with Android 11 out of the box. 6 mon... moreOne box Android 11 phones in 2022 is strange! Be aware about software updates, sime brands only comes with 2 or 3 years sw update.

                      Anonymous, 18 Feb 2022Nord 2 is better.. this has no OIS and weaker chipset for s... moreThe Nord CE 2 and Nord 2 of course are not priced the same, they are products that are targeted toward different segments.

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                        • Jujbir Singh
                        • 0C4
                        • 22 Feb 2022

                        dbjungle, 22 Feb 2022I didn't even realize this thing was announced yet. I... moreOnePlus 8G phone ? Now

                          Anonymous, 18 Feb 2022Nord CE is now selling as low as US$240 for 8/128 in my cou... moreLOL, yea. New phone with Android 11 out of the box. 6 month old software. I guess current software is an upsale in 2022.

                            I didn't even realize this thing was announced yet. I guess I just wasn't inspired. Looks like a miss. I'll wait for the N20 and see if it's a bit better.

                              NeonHD, 18 Feb 2022My thoughts exactly. Appearance-wise this phone is ugly af.... moreRight

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                                • Anonymous
                                • tx3
                                • 21 Feb 2022

                                They really killed their brand image, now their phones are in the same level with Oppo, Realme and Redmi. They should've sold only flagship models.

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                                  • Wann
                                  • Khs
                                  • 21 Feb 2022

                                  Stupid oppo make one plus ugly, and this is the first disgusting one plus phone. Hmm

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                                    • Aazib Farhan
                                    • Dkh
                                    • 20 Feb 2022

                                    Realme 9 pro plus Much better than Nord Ce 2

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                                      • Tui
                                      • 18 Feb 2022

                                      Nord 2 is better.. this has no OIS and weaker chipset for same money.

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                                        • 7k3
                                        • 18 Feb 2022

                                        Ugliest phone i have ever seen in 2022/2021